“Over the past year, we have been experiencing an intense amount of solar activity on the Sun which is affecting both the Earth and Humans.”   Carlini Institute

“The solar flares and photon waves from the Photon Belt are changing the fabric of our physical reality as they have a dramatic effect on our physical cellular level, causing our cellular memories to awaken and clear.”   Carlini Institute

At the atomic level, the smallest of the small, there is a master plan, and it is not random. For it will configure itself over and over to let life start everywhere! This means that life itself is sacred, just as you might imagine, and as your intuition tells you. Now you can see that the DNA molecule is the result of this design, and is not random at all. Perhaps it’s time to give it the respect that only a quantum thinker can? Can you imagine what it carries with it in order for it to create the mastery that is available to you?   Kryon (channeled by Lee Carroll)


Have you ever felt strange without really knowing why after a solar flare entered the Earth’s atmosphere? I experienced this recently. However, at the time, I was not aware of the connection between my sadness and solar flares that occurred most days for a week. Last week was busy for me with Angel readings, new activations, and a little gig I have at a Yoga studio in Kingston (Ontario) every few months or so where I give mini-Reiki treatments to 25 people in an evening. So, I thought maybe I had picked up some of the sadness of my clients which can sometimes happen (I’m an empath). However, I was guided by the Angels to a free gift that I had received from Peggy Phoenix Dubro (discoverer of the Universal Calibration Lattice & creator of the internationally recognized EMF Balancing Technique(R)) in my email inbox and to my surprise when I clicked on the link and watched for a bit – Peggy was talking about how she had recently (time of the solar flares) turned to her husband and said, “Steve, I feel like I am dying.” That hit a chord for me as I had said to Archangel Michael that I felt like I was dying. I had asked Arch. Michael if this was going to be a physical death – no – as I suspected – another transformation which began after my E.T. experience discussed in previous blogs. I am used to this feeling, yet, this did feel a bit unique to me in some inexplicable way. So, needless to say, Archangel Michael had led me to Peggy for recalibration after the disturbance to my Lattice after the massive solar flare of September 6th (which was called The Sun’s Monster x 9.3) which happened to be on my deceased parents’ wedding anniversary.

Hang in with me – this is going somewhere that may help you! Whenever something ‘new’ happens to me I realize that others are likely experiencing the same or some of the same. That is the purpose of these blogs – my free service – just as Peggy’s free service helped me. So, the Angels suggested I accept the free gifts which happened in quantum time, just the right time for me, and for 2 hours I participated on-line in a recalibration of my Lattice that had been bombarded by solar flares. Peggy led us through a 12 pattern recalibration after asking us to choose our own “Statement of Focused Intent.” Naturally, we recalibrate based on our own inner wisdom, so my focused intent was to continue to radiate unconditional love but through a stronger body. The flares had left me feeling physically exhausted.

Over the two hours I drank spring water and let Peggy and Archangel Michael guide me through a re-patterning of my Lattice. As a typical human I awoke next morning wondering why I felt so strong! LOL. So, am I suggesting you sign up right now for the same treatment from Peggy? No. I am suggesting that you slow down enough to observe what is going on with you on a daily basis as we ascend. The Angels are guiding each of us; however, we need to spend some quiet time each day to receive our messages so we can follow our guidance. Time in Nature and stillness is no longer a luxury in our lives, it is a necessity. We are all in a period of evolution and those of us who are awake or waking up are the pioneers of this New Earth. If you have not already realized – it is time to develop your intuition.

All of us are undergoing a kind of death. It is not a physical one; however, at times it does feel this way. It is the death of who we were that needs to occur in order to be who we are becoming. I have a few clients who say they do not want to change because they like who they are and who they were. I totally understand that. However, change is the only constant and we are all ready now to channel more of who we really are. Divine beings.

Time to move out of old 3D limiting beliefs and old patterns and dis-cover the divinity within. Everything you need is inside you. Humour helps a great deal. So does letting the energy just “be” for awhile – whatever it is – whether it is sadness or calmness or something else. Even sadness and calmness feels different these days does it not? I have been seeing new colours and light patterns for a number of years now. They are not colours I previously knew but much brighter tones of them. I can only describe them as HEAVENLY. As I go through some new activations I notice my clairalience (psychic smelling) increasing too. This is interesting. These ‘smells’ are not unpleasant but they are different. Do not be surprised if you find yourself experiencing similar variations of this.

The solar flares may have left you with some effects that are confusing to you. The solar flare of September 10th covered North and South America in high-energy light. The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Centre (SWPC) released a statement that warned of strong, high-frequency radio blackouts and navigation – system disruption, potentially lasting up to an hour. Our minds and bodies are affected too. We have long known that the moon affects us – when I worked in the ‘old days’ as a Registered Nurse we always prepared for emergency admissions at the time of the Full Moon and kind of ‘battened down the hatches’ at the hospital with security guards in a greater sense of alertness as we prepared for at least one event where police would accompany someone onto our ward in handcuffs. However, until this past week I was mostly ignorant of the effects of solar flares. Research showed me that there was a study done by a NASA scientist (Dr. Neil Cherry) of the Solar Dynamics Observatory that referred to studies done on violence during 1913 that measured the time between battles with regard to solar activity and the studies found that “there was a rise in human unrest, uprisings, rebellions, revolutions and wars between nations… as Wheeler further compared his findings with human history, he found a startling pattern that could be traced back 2,500 years.”

Heather Carlini of the Carlini Institute in Victoria, British Columbia, has done a lot of research on solar flares and activity and she helpfully lists some of the effects on the human mind and body: nervousness, anxiety, worries, irritability, lethargy, exhaustion, short term memory problems, heart palpitations, nausea, headaches and head pressure, insomnia, strange dreams, immense power surges in the body followed by energy drops, body aches and pains, dizziness, feeling of deep grief, ungrounded, visual disturbances, inner ear issues, throat and thyroid issues, cold or hot feet, tongue dryness, and many of us appear to be easily losing track of time and losing words and find the pace is dizzying during a typical day. Why are we feeling jittery and uneasy?  Heather says that solar flares break up old thought patterns so new ones can emerge. This sometimes makes us go from hyperactivity to exhaustion. Knowledge is, and has always been, power. Look after yourself, drink plenty of water and make sure your pets and kids are hydrated, activate your sense of humour, eat plenty of high life force foods – fruits and veggies, and as Heather reminds us – “This too shall pass.” Nothing is forever but our eternal souls.

Heather has been receiving emails regarding people experiencing these symptoms from: “Canada, U.S., South America, Japan, Greece, Malta, Belgium, Sweden, the U.K., and Australia.” So, you can see that we are not alone.

My laugh for today is that President Trump has apparently picked a new head of NASA. The first one to have no science or engineering background; however, he is said to be “a big fan of the moon.” Me too, I have always been a big fan of the moon! Now, I am also a big fan of the sun.

As we change dear ones we are going through an expansion of our bandwidth of emotions. Once we receive the messages within these emotions (energy in motion) we become much more comfortable. We are recalibrating in every way I feel. We can integrate these energies once we are conscious of what is happening. Take care of your body and if you feel so guided why not book a Reiki session for yourself with your local practitioner or sign up for some Yoga sessions or Qi-Gong or Tai Chi or any other gentle practice that will balance your chakras integrate and align your energies. These various modalities and many others help us align with who we truly are. Certainly the more time you can spend outdoors walking in Nature the better you will feel.  This ‘new’ energy structure we are birthing together amplifies our Presence as we move out of head-intelligence into heart-intelligence. All is well, as Louise always said. And, so it is.

Have you been working with your Wild Wisdom energetic posture that I gave you in a previous blog? Do you perform the spiritual service work recommended by the Angels that I include every now and then in my blogs such as sending the White Flame of Atlantis to North Korea? I hope so – because learning to work with and identify various energies is healing and empowering and leads to mastery. Remember what Jesus told us – whatever Christ can do – we can do! (Not exactly the Biblical quote – but definitely its meaning!)  The Kingdom of Heaven is within each of us. We each have a key. However, we must use it.

Who are you today? Whomever you are you chose to be here at this time on the planet as a sensitive, aware and empathic human being. A human who is committed to moving beyond victimhood – thereby helping to create the New Earth that Eckhart Tolle so clearly articulates. Each of us has some kind of understanding that is unique to us. Each of us has a golden key to unlock the mastery we had in ancient times. We have our own timelines. Patience and persistence is key to our recalibration and rebirth.

Love & Light,   Monica








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  1. hayley September 14, 2017 at 4:07 pm Reply

    Thanks for giving us so much to chew on! It will be difficult to see the sun the same way again 🙂

  2. Gillian September 14, 2017 at 6:21 pm Reply

    Yes, I’ve had a few unusual smells and lost a few words lately. I thought I just had the DTs [Donald Trumps ;)]. Thanks for the heads up about these symptoms.

  3. Jeanine May 25, 2018 at 10:08 am Reply

    Monica, thank you so much! I have followed Heather Carlini’s work (via her online institute) for years. Very helpful! Today, 2018-05-25 Heather’s website is giving me a Can’t connect because the server is not there message. I’m hoping it’s a temporary glitch. Has anyone recently accessed carliniinstitute.com ?

    Sending rainbows of Divine Love,
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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