“Man created language out of a deep need to complain.”   Sophia (the first humanoid robot created by David Hanson Jr.)

“Many Lightworkers & Starseeds incarnated now were also present during some pretty magical times on Earth, like Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Sumeria. Many of us were healers, witches, wizards, and priests and priestesses in spiritual orders. So many of us are starting to have healing and psychic gifts and ancient knowledge return to us in this lifetime.”  Matthew John

This morning I listened to a talk between Matthew John and Lauren Galey of Quantum Conversations. It is always interesting to talk and hear about past lives on and off this planet; however, how does it actually help us? Well, Matthew tells us, and I agree, that we can decide to intentionally bring back our gifts from past lives when we were luminaries, priests and priestesses and visionaries and scientists and the like. While we only need to remember that we actually had them in a past life – we obviously need to actually practice them and continue to grow and expand. Otherwise those lives add little to our day to day lives currently!

Why are some of us who lived during those magical times or who lived previous lives on another planet not practicing our gifts? Likely due to fear or maybe simply to the lack of opportunity.  Maybe you were burned at the stake as a witch in a past life like I was or punished for practicing herbology or astrology or something against the grain of your society at the time. Sometimes a soul reaches enlightenment on a planet that never does, and sometimes a planet reaches enlightenment and yet many souls never do.

Matthew John does a great many past life regression sessions. Many of his clients had past lives in Lemuria and Atlantis so he learns first hand from them and their experiences. When they come to the part where the civilization is destroyed the stories are pretty much identical. There is a 40-100 foot tidal wave, the earth underneath opens up, the sky turns black and yellow. Matthew believes both civilizations likely ended through the misuse of technology. Misuse of lasers, nuclear energy and AI. While Lemuria was more obsessed with spirituality, they also had the high tech power to destroy themselves. Apparently, the Pleiadeans  took some of them to Telos, which I do believe as I have had visions of this. Atlantis was more obsessed says Matthew with science and was “hyper-focused on technology, weapons and AI. ”

Speaking of AI, I had a client in the past who was very, very concerned about AI. She was intelligent, young and conscious of how AI can be used to our detriment. I can’t say I disagree with her that if we have a downfall of humanity that AI might be a culprit, but of course, it is our continuing choice to pursue robotics as far as we can go.

Have you met, at least virtually, the first humanoid robot Sophia created by David Hanson Jr?  I have.  I have watched her a number of times on you tube.  Apparently she was created to look like Audrey Hepburn but to me I see more of a Jennifer Lawrence look. As a woman of my age, I can’t help but think of the movie The Stepford Wives where women in a community were all programmed to act like perfect 1950s housewives. Subservient to men, of course!  It will be ironic if in the future both men and women become subservient to AI. Is this not already happening?  You only are getting to read this blog if an algorithm lets you. And, I get a low  score for every blog because I write what I want – without an eye to monetization. I’m not trying to ‘sell’ something, which our culture doesn’t understand.

Sophia has been granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia, the first robot to be granted citizenship. And, while The Economic Times reports that Sophia has her share of detractors (don’t we all?) Hanson, the founder of Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics, believes that AI is the way forward for human beings.  Hopefully, we will choose a timeline where we do not repeat Lemuria and Atlantis. Predictions tend to be that by 2032 we will be a society obsessed with AI, faster and faster travel and obsessed with control.

Maybe we will be rescued, as many of us were in the past, by ETs. Maybe we will collaborate with them for our own rescue since Matthew estimates that 45 per cent of the Earth’s current population has done an ascension off-planet. The rest of the population Matthew says are Earthseeds – those souls for whom Earth is the first plane they have participated in. Food for thought. Especially as on the 18th of this month we are supposed to get a report to the U.S. Congress about UFOs that many of us have known about for decades but may soon be formally acknowledged. Yes, we do live in interesting times.

At the end of Matthew and Lauren’s conversation we were all offered a very brief past life regression. I participated. I have been regressed  a few times but I also do past life readings and regressions in my work as an Angel Therapist (R).  Anyway, my experience was going back to Atlantis (I already remembered before that I had a past life there as Livia, not sure of the spelling) and I was walking in crystal sandals. I enjoyed looking around as I walked. Felt very comfortable there. Then, to my surprise Jesus appeared. It went through my mind, “What is Jesus doing in Atlantis?” When I returned from the crystal cave I entered – I thought about the crystal sandals and realized that it was a form of walking reflexology. I also had a headache from the power of those sandals and likely the detox that just being in Jesus’s healing company brings.

So funny and interesting that just yesterday in ‘real life’ I was playing with my 2 and a half year old granddaughter who was lying on her back doing Uddiyana Bandha (A Yogic Purification from Classical Hatha Yoga) which I recognized as I have been a Hatha Yoga Teacher since 1987. She was also enjoying lying on her back and stomping her feet – which I realized today was to give herself a reflexology treatment of a kind. Maybe crystal sandals are in the cards for her down the road?

Namaste,    Aurora

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  1. Gillian June 5, 2021 at 7:28 pm Reply

    Maybe Cinderella appeals to us so much because of the crystal shoes? I also think Sophia has a Jennifer Lawrence vibe. 🙂

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