“Sound and frequencies are the building blocks of Creation. ”   David Gibson

“I believe your soul itself is a pure frequency you carry lifetime to lifetime.”   David Gibson

We know so little in this universe, I am always open for more information and learning.”   David Gibson

The Angels directed me today to write about sound healing. Some sound healing is sound healing! As David Gibson, quoted above, says “the harmonic structure of sound is throughout nature.” As we know, sound affects us on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga does the same  (I am a Yoga Teacher) and my understanding of sound healing is mostly intuitive and comes largely from my own experiences, one of which was healing with sound; however, I have learned a little more this past week from Dawn Crystal and David Gibson, internationally known teachers who heal with sound.

I had a collective mini-session with Dawn Crystal. Dawn uses frequency and vibrations to help people heal in many weighs (Freudian slip! I am leaving it!) ways but in the conversation/session I listened to she was talking about helping people with weight issues. Some folks need help gaining weight, however, most people who seek her help are dealing with overweight issues. Empaths, like myself, tend to often take on weight as empaths are frequently drained by others and this slows their metabolism. In fact, Dawn talked with a caller from Indiana, Cindy, who had been carrying extra weight for five years. Dawn was able to intuitively trace this to her great-grandmother on her mother’s ancestral line. However, Dawn also told Cindy, “Your husband is like a child. He’s the needy one.” Cindy sounded a bit reluctant to admit this, but, she did. After Dawn did her clearing on Cindy (which cleared all of us since we are One) she said, “I can feel myself again!”  Dawn said “Great! You need boundaries with others.”  Angela from Berlin, Germany, phoned in. Her extra weight on her belly was traced to a past life where she was seasonally food insecure. She also found out that 6 generations back on her mother’s side the women all held weight on the belly. Dawn used her sound healing and cleared her of the weight of six generations in minutes. She also cleared her Covid morphic field – which since we are One, cleared us all. This is similar to what I do in Angel Therapy(R), there are so many methods of energy healing. Of course, the Angels use all of them.

Dawn’s childhood was not easy. I find that most of us who are passionate about helping others heal, had difficult if not traumatic childhoods, and we use them to help others. Dawn’s mother “ate away her worries and hoarded as a way of coping.”  Sometimes extra weight can be a sign of hiding something. Of course belief systems in our society play a major role. Past lives also can come into play. I had a client with severe digestive issues whose problems with food were associated with a past life in which she was a child oracle and only fed scraps and kept in a cave. Once we dis-covered this – we got to the root of the issue and were able to deal with it. There are no one size fits all solutions but there are multiple natural healing tools and techniques, all grounded in Source, that can bring us into Divine Flow which heals.

Reiki brings us into Divine Flow. As a Usui Reiki Master I attune and initiate others into this Flow. The sound healing part of it is Reiki drumming which I love to perform for clients who ask me to. Reiki drumming allows me to enter the Divine Flow and channel healing from Source.  It also allows me to use my past life as a Lakota Medicine Woman in a very fulfilling way. David Gibson found that music took him into Divine Flow and then he was inspired to learn more about the sound healing effects of music. He discovered as a recording engineer that certain sounds were jarring and others peaceful (my words). He then began an amazing journey of discovery regarding sound and its healing effects. A psychic told him a few years ago – “you are supposed to bring the ninth octave into the planet.”  The psychic also said: “Dolphins and whales will be helping you. Dolphins are at the eighth octave.” Gibson’s work led him to Mount Shasta (Lemuria) where he “walked up to the 18th octave and ran love.”  His belief is that there are higher levels of consciousness but only in the spiritual realm.  These other dimensions have different beings such as aliens etc. he says.

A problem many people have says Gibson is “difficulty being still.” In fact he says you can identify a spiritual leader because “they are really still and consistent.”  Most of sound healing he says is about consistency of vibration. “Inconsistent vibrations break your body down and can kill you. They do kill you.”  This resonates as truth for me. What say you? Anger, fear, tension, and anxiety are examples of inconsistent sounds. Gratitude, joy, compassion are consistent sounds. Healing tones are consistent.  Gibson can do amazing things and one of them is he “customizes a person’s soul note.” When he creates a healing song he “feels the intention, goes into meditation, notices the rhythm of the breath and will use it for the tempo of the song.”  He currently has over 40 CDs on the market if you want to check out his healing music.

Currently, with a degree in physics from Berkley, along with his other studies and experiences he is working on trying to pin down frequencies specifically for bones, muscles, cartilage and others. Consistency and the right frequency leads to healing in the body. I have experienced this after using a Yogic chanting tape sent to me by my sister, Gillian, after I was bitten by either a snake or a spider in Roatan, Honduras in the 90s.  I listened to it every day (I have written about this before in detail) and to make a long story short – my doctor who was going to book me for surgery to excise a lot of tissue on my leg and whatever else was needed, ended up not being able to find evidence of the bite following my healing from sound! It was gone.

Gibson says: “A consistent tone is a flow of the same note over and over and is the definition of peace .  A peace is a frequency humming consistently.” Toning helps to slow the heart rate, improve breathing and therefore oxygenation. Among many other positive benefits.  Gibson used to suffer from panic attacks. He had a woman come in once who suffered from Parkinson’s which she described as being like having a panic attack “all the time.”  When he played a certain kind of healing music for her – all her tremors ceased. He says: “Being One with the Universe is the most peaceful, slow energy you can imagine.”  Amen to that!

Namaste,   Monica


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  1. Gillian February 13, 2021 at 10:15 pm Reply

    This really resonated with me (pun intended) because after reading Deepak Chopra’s book–Total Meditation–I’ve added chanting to my morning meditation. Five minutes and a different sound each week for a year. The first week was Ohm, of course. Also, I’ve been reading lately about binaural beats. Also I’m singing more and learning ukulele. I love this quote though I don’t know who to attribute it to: I don’t sing because I’m happy, I’m happy because I sing. 🙂

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