A spiritual partnership is what lightworkers are often working toward or seeking.  If you are wishing to manifest such a partnership in your life (as a number of my clients are) then it is advisable to read my piece entitled “Future Self ” as this is a companion to that one.

What does a spiritual partnership look like?  Gary Zukav states: ” Spiritual partners support one another with their courage and commitment to create authentic power, not with knowledge, belief, or teachings.  They do not quote authorities, recite passages, or make one another wrong (unless frightened parts of their personalities are active).  They are drawn forward by their intention to grow spiritually, not pushed from behind by their fears, such as a fear of losing one another and fear of not meeting expectations.  They do not persuade, convert, entice, seduce, or convince (these are pursuits of external power), because these endeavors are counterproductive.  You cannot heal the fear of another and no one can heal yours, but you can inspire others with your emotional awareness, responsible choices, intuition and trust in the Universe, and anyone can do the same for you.  Spiritual partners do this for one another.  They are together because of their choices, not their weaknesses.  They intend to change themselves, not one another.  They distinguish love from need, care from compulsion, fulfillment from success, joy from happiness, and strive to make healthy choices.”  (SPIRITUAL PARTNERSHIP: THE JOURNEY TO AUTHENTIC POWER)

The first step is to become crystal clear regarding your own intentions and to do your due diligence regarding becoming the person you wish to attract.  If you wish to draw a person with a certain quality or qualities into your life – what you need to realize is that you are actually seeking this quality within yourself.  Embody it and you will attract it.  BE WHAT YOU DESIRE FOR LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.  For example, if you are seeking a compassionate partner, bring out the compassionate part of your Self.  What is compassion?  How does a compassionate person speak? feel? act?  Conscious creation requires a close examination and understanding of the natural laws of the universe and a very deep commitment to the ‘inner work’ and also personal integrity.

Self-love is a crucial component of this ‘inner work’ if you are intending to attract a person who feels worthy of unconditional love.  To attract a person who can accept unconditional love, you need to be a person who loves yourself unconditionally.  You need to love yourself the way Source and the angels love you.  Louise Hay can help you achieve this.  (YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE)  You become a magnet for the romantic partner you wish to attract and to do this you need to embrace and embody the qualities you are seeking in a partner.  This draws the person to you.  Own the energy to attract it.

Neediness is NOT an attractive energy.  However, let’s be honest – life’s circumstances can leave us feeling very needy, especially during times of crisis.  Nevertheless, it behooves us to do whatever we can do on our own behalf, to lift ourselves out of our needy state, because the spiritual partnership we seek is not based on need, but on love, mutual respect, exploration and growth.  Grace recommends that you be “patient and attractive”.  Remember anything or anyone worth having is worth waiting for.  However, also be careful not to overlook an orchid while searching for a rose.

It is helpful when seeking a relationship to make three lists.  The first list is what you are looking for in a relationship.  Be honest!  You are the only person who will see these lists.  The second list is what you are looking for in a man or woman.  The third list is what you want your life to be like (lifestyle).  Focus on what you REALLY want.

Grace recommends becoming VERY specific.  For example if you wish for someone with blue eyes, write it down.  If hair &/or teeth are important, write it down.  Only if eye colour, teeth and hair are important do you write it down.  We are narrowing the scope when we do this, so, only include details that are important to you.  Looks are not important to some of us; however, if they are to YOU, then be honest and write it down.  Now, look at all three lists and see what they have in common.  Look at your lists frequently ( you can update them up until the moment your soul partner arrives).  Do choose your words with care.  Do not use negatives.  For example, instead of “I don’t want a complainer” you could write “I attract easily and effortlessly a joyful and optimistic partner.”

Next, choose the ten most important things from each list. Use your updated lists to evaluate candidates for your love.  If they meet ALL ten on your list, then it is worth continuing to see them.  If they meet nine of your requirements you might decide to continue dating them and see how things go.  However, Grace recommends that if they meet less than nine of your top requirements it is unwise to continue dating them when there are other candidates in the wings who have every quality on your list.  The reason that you need to ‘weed out’ others is so that you draw to yourself and bond ONLY with a potential candidate for a romantic spiritual partnership that has an excellent chance of being fulfilling for BOTH partners.  This prevents unnecessary pain.  Often in relationships we find out too late that we love things that aren’t good for us.  And, this happens when we neglect to ask ourselves “Is this a person that deserves my love?”

As with everything else in life, we need to be very clear regarding our order to the universe.  Many of us get lost along the way trying to please others.  Grace says that some of us look for partners like we shop for shoes (I am sure you can imagine the howls of laughter this analogy elicited in our class!).  Grace cautioned us that if a pair of shoes don’t fit us NOW – why would we think that they will fit us in the future?  Do we REALLY believe that they will stretch?  Do we love them because they look good?  Not everything that looks good is good for us.

Clean up your belief system if you wish to attract the partner of your dreams.  Your belief system needs to be in alignment with the romantic spiritual partnership you are attracting.  You must believe that your partner is out there somewhere and that he or she is also preparing for YOU!  Preparing for a deeply fulfilling partnership.  Meanwhile, continue to work on your energy and do not wait for others to give you what you want.  No one can rescue you from yourself but yourself.  Others can help; however, you need to become your own hero or heroine.  This IS the heroic journey, remember?

By the time your soul partner arrives in your life you will be feeling confident, empowered and irresistibly attractive.  Love yourself FIRST and everything and everyone that resonates at your frequency will be drawn into your personal energy field.  Meanwhile, express the LOVE that you ARE to the world.  When you arrive at the place where you realize that LOVE is the answer to every question, your soul partner’s presence in your life will be the icing on an already wonderful cake.

Lovingly,     Monica

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  1. Gillian September 10, 2014 at 3:07 pm Reply

    I so love quoting authorities and reciting passages I must go check in with my future self and see if she can give that up!

    • editor September 10, 2014 at 3:11 pm Reply

      You gave me my laugh for the day! Thank you!

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