Are you a spiritual warrior?  This is a term that we hear discussed a great deal these days.  There may be some confusion as to what it means.  It likely means different things to each of us; however, there are also likely to be many things that we agree on.  I have found that spiritual warriors tend to express their energy in many different ways; nevertheless, most of them that I know, and know of, institute in their own lives a daily programme which includes: meditation, intense love, joyful thanksgiving and appreciation, controlled visualization, verbal harmlessness and right action.  They also tend to hold a vision of LOVE & ALL-SUFFICIENCY for everyone on the planet.

It takes courage to be a spiritual warrior at this time.  During times of accelerated self-change and major ‘shifts’ it is sometimes quite challenging to control our emotions, FEELING them and ALLOWING them to pass through us, but not collapsing into them.  Either the ups or the downs.  Remembering that emotions are energy in motion.  We do not attach to them or mistake them for an identity.  As a spiritual warrior, our battle is ALWAYS with our self.

Spiritual teachers remind us that correct conduct and right action are our protection.  Knowing that we are eternal beings gives us the greater perspective and the changes in perception that keep us on our path.  And, whenever we need courage and protection we call in Archangel Michael who often carries a sword which he employs to release us from the trap of fear.  With Archangel Michael by our side we have the energy and motivation and sense of direction to soldier forth on our quest for truth and our authentic selves.  Our spiritual identity is the source of our divine power.  The connection to the Source of unlimited energy, wisdom and abundance.  Knowing ourselves as eternal essence gives us the sense of calm that we need to open our hearts to receive our divine guidance and to ALLOW into our lives the assistance of both human and angelic beings.

Our dear friend and teacher, Emmanuel, (channeled by Pat Rodegast) was asked, “how do I open my heart, so I can hear God?.”   (EMMANUEL’S BOOK)  This is Emmanuel’s answer:

“By relaxing all of the devices

that you have used through the centuries

to keep it closed.

The natural state of the heart is open.


Note how you struggle

Against what you are seeking.

It will help you to answer these questions.

How do I find my way?

How do I open my heart?

How do I touch the God within?

How do I hear the spirits that are with me?

How do I learn to love?

How do I grow to become who I am?

By ceasing to be who you are not.


There is not a heart that exists

in your human world

that , it if were assured of safety,

would not open instantly.

It is all an issue of fear.”


Remember that we need to remind ourselves that FEAR actually means:  False   Expectations   Appearing    Real.  Archangel Michael, with his Sword of Truth,  cuts the cords of fear (when requested) that impede our progress & enables us to move forward with faith.  With Archangel Michael shielding and protecting us (I borrow his shield every now and then!) no ‘real’ harm can come to us.  Do not be surprised, dear spiritual warrior, when you feel Archangel Michael’s intense, fiery energy.  You may also see sparkles of purplish or bright blue light when he is with you.  However, when you call, he is there, whether you are aware of his presence or not.  God and Archangel Michael never lose sight of you.  You are held, always, in the loving Mind of God.


Love & Light,      Monica





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  1. Christine December 11, 2014 at 6:12 pm Reply

    Thank you again for another Blog that is right on the money for what I need to read.
    Being a Spiritual Warrior is not necessarily an easy task, but once you decide, there is no turning back. A friend to help you and guide you, and one who does not let you get away with bs, is what you need along the way. I’m very lucky to have one.

  2. Gillian December 12, 2014 at 5:00 pm Reply

    Glad to be reminded not to attach to the emotions, even the “up” ones. Still working on opening the heart. Find it easier with animals. And books. Good blog, thanks.

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