“If you do not face what is presented to you, it will be quickly re-presented in a way that is ten times more challenging.”   Diana Cooper

“During 2021 our goals become more spiritually oriented.”   Pam Gregory

A new moon on the 11th of April, 2021, is giving us yet another opportunity to become more spiritually oriented than we already are. For some of us this means we will be involved in a new level of activism, bringing our spiritual orientations into body politics to create a more respectful and equitable world. Covid-19 has exposed the inequities in the world to a much greater degree. People everywhere are starting to open their hearts and give voice to these injustices that have been there forever but are now being brought to light in a more powerful way as our politics becomes infused by our spirituality. For example, here in Ontario, the head of the Registered Nurses’s Association in this province (of which I was a member for over 40 years) recently appeared on CTV news and said “the first wave was about ageism, this third wave is about racism.” I understand what she is saying and admire her for saying it. We let the elderly die in LTC homes when we could have done something, now it seems that essential workers who bring us our food and perform other necessities and are often racialized, are also suffering disease and death because they have no paid sick leave in Ontario. I recently signed a petition to Premier Ford about this as part of the Leadnow campaign regarding social injustices. I very much doubt during my days as a nurse decades ago that the Head Nurse of Ontario would be commenting on this situation on national news or phoning the Premier at midnight as she says she did! She would have stayed quiet, which in those days was meaning “in her place.”

However, you have likely observed that there is an increasing wild feminine energy on the planet. An energy that doesn’t always play by the rules, especially if the rules are not only unjust but cruel. This level of activism is increasing even in areas where the odds against success are huge. This is goddess energy in large part. Have you been working with it? If not this new moon is a great time to start to feel this powerful energy.

I believe that a master class in empowerment that I took this past week from Meg Benedicte (who awakened in 1994) is helping me to draw from this pool of energy in a new way – largely due to an activation Meg facilitated for all of us.  The activation helped to ground us on our path of light. It was quite interesting because at a certain point in the meditation and visualization Meg said we might want to visualize moving onto a different track like a train and what I saw on my feet was a pair of long, golden skis sparkling with light and that as I ascend I am also grounding simultaneously. It felt lovely and uplifting.  Meg reminded us all that we “are no longer approaching life from the mental, analytical side anymore but from how it feels (sensitivity) and that as our sensitivity grows our boundaries are even more important than in the past. I agree. We are experiencing what Meg calls “the alchemy of time and matter” as we return to our natural state of light.

Remember that on our path of light we are not leaving 3D and 4D but are rather opening up to 5D and dimensions beyond. All souls here and arriving now have the opportunity to actively ascend into 5D or higher. Note that I said actively. It is a decision. It is work, immensely important and valuable work,  even fun work, but work nonetheless.  We go through the three stages of ascension: awakening, transmutation, and embodiment. We need to master our ego and heal and transform our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies. It is simple but not always easy – living in a polarized planet and yet needing to master polarity and live @ zero point so that our soul is embodied. The plan is straight forward: (1) raise our frequency level (2) drop lifetimes of density (centuries of trauma, memories, karma) and (3) push back and forth with the ego-personality. I am told the plan is also “star right”.

As Diana Cooper notes at the top of this blog, if you do not face what you are to face, it will return many times over and more difficult each time. She discusses this in her book A New Light on Ascension. Lessons must be learned. The Angels and I have helped hundreds of clients over the past 15 years identify the lessons in the obstacles and hardships they faced. One client from a decade ago comes to mind. Let’s call her Sharon (not her name).  Sharon had an excellent position at a very well-known and respected institution. She was single, ethical, a perfectionist and gave everything to her work. However, as time went by (she was a client for a number of years) she was less and less appreciated at her place of employment. People began talking about her behind her back in derogatory ways and the gossip got back to her, her boss no longer respected her and she no longer felt listened to.  She came to me for an Angel reading. During the Angel reading it was revealed that it would be for her Highest Good to quit. This was something she really did not want to do.  She carried on at work. It became even more toxic for her. She went to another Angel Therapist(R)  – she was frank with me and told me about it –  she was given largely the same information and told she was meant to quit immediately. She did not, even though she was beginning to get stronger physical symptoms of dis-ease. To make a longer story short – one day, if I remember correctly about a month or so later – all of a sudden a large security guard came to her desk and told her to empty her desk into a cardboard box and he would escort her from the building. She was fired. Naturally, she phoned me distraught and after a consoling chat came in for another session where, not to my surprise, the Angels indicated that a Divine Intervention was saving her from herself.  This story has a lovely ending which I cannot reveal due to privacy issues – however – she lived happily ever after as far as I know. I no longer hear from her. Sometimes, when a lesson is not learned (it is generally best to leave a toxic situation if you cannot change it) the person is faced with the same obstacle or lesson over and over again (this I have learned personally as well as from my clients). We tend to attract over and over again the person or circumstance with the lesson we need to receive in order to heal and move forward on our path of light. Knowing, as we do, that the Universe has our back.

So today dear ones I am now, in this exact moment, going to go and get my oracle deck called The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein and see what the message is for you today. I was going to pull one card, however, the Angels just told me that there are two.  I work for the Angels, they do not work for me! So, I pulled two. (1) Oneness is my true nature (2) Obstacles are detours in the right direction.

Love & Light,   Monica

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