“There is a sea of consciousness that is universal even though we each perceive it from our own shore. It is a world that we all share, that can be experienced by every living being yet is seldom seen by any. The shaman is the master of this other world. He lives with one foot in the world of matter and one foot in the world of Spirit.” Alberto Villoldo Ph.D.

” You are only a few days away from feeling well.”   Alberto Villoldo Ph.D.

“You can believe the diagnosis, but don’t believe the prognosis.” Deepak Chopra, M.D.


Hopefully this past week you were listening to the lessons on healing from Hay House authors and speakers. As usual, it is fascinating. And what abundance to be able to hear for free these amazing individuals who have so much to offer us and usually command such high speaking fees.

I tend to have my favourites – likely you do too – these are often people that we have studied with – either in person or on-line. It is wonderful to hear what we know reinforced and to hear their updates. I always learn something, even if it is just one new tip or idea. I listened to all the speakers, but this time around the person whose work interested me the most was Kelly Turner, Ph.D., author of the New York Times best-selling book Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds. In case you did not get to hear her, I will write about her work for you.

As a retired Registered Nurse and Wellness teacher, I am always interested in stories of spontaneous healing and radical remission. However, Kelly’s research was quite unique because she was originally not planning to study radical remission but then came across a case of it and said it blew her mind that there were over 1,000 reported cases doctors knew about –  but no research had been done. Nobody, Kelly says, was asking what those patients had done to heal from a so-called “terminal illness.?” She was quite outraged about that ( no one had a hypothesis as to why they healed) and so she decided to do it herself! She realized that if there were so many reported cases, there must be so many unreported cases. Kelly began to explore these cases for her Ph.D. project @ Berkley.

Over a period of 10 years Kelly travelled around the world to interview the people  (1500 cases) who experienced radical remission from  terminal disease. She interviewed them and “their healers” who helped them to achieve remission. The 1500 cases she analyzed involved people from all walks of life, all religions, all ages, and every cancer type including inoperable brain tumours and stage IV cancers including pancreatic. Kelly says she meets someone every day who has turned around stage IV cancer.

Kelly found that there were 75 factors involved, these people practiced, and she was able to identify the 9 factors involved for every one of those people. These nine factors are the keys, Kelly says, to radical remission.

(1) Radical diet change: each person increased the fruits and vegetables in their diet. Each person increased their water intake and switched to filtered water. One man who was told he had a few days to live, wanted to taste good water before he died. So, he changed to filtered water. In 2 days he was feeling better! He is still alive over 20 years later. Most people cut out wheat, dairy, sweets and meat because these foods increase inflammation.

(2) Each survivor took herbs and supplements, although, they were not the same for each individual.

(3) Each person increased their positive emotions. They said you do not have to be happy all the time, but, you do need to increase the positive emotions.

(4) Release suppressed emotions. Each survivor did this. Some worked with a shaman for soul retrieval, some received Reiki, some did psychotherapy, others used things like Zumba, and one woman burned all her letters from her ex-husband. There are many ways of releasing emotions – but they all did it!

(5) Each one followed their intuition or the intuition of a trusted healer or friend. They listened. They sensed. Some heard things such as “your job is killing you.”

(6) Deepening your spiritual connection. This involved any way that the person went deeper into their connection with Spirit. Meditation and prayer were predominant. Feeling held by Love.

(7) Each one felt loved by either family or friends or both. Each one knew that someone loved them. (So, friends and family – you are not helpless! Let that person know how deeply they are loved) Each one perceived that people were sending them love.

(8) Finding a purpose. This calls in the life force. A purpose is a reason to stay on Earth, whatever that purpose is. It can be different for everyone. For many it is a child to live for. Or a partner. A loved one. Or a pet, or a cause or mission. The purpose can be unique; however, each survivor had one.

(9) Taking control of your health. This involves finding a way back to your own power. A way out of helplessness. “There are things I can do.” These can be baby steps.

So, you likely notice that of the 9, only 2 are physical. Surprised? Kelly was! She identified through her research that 7 of the key factors to radical remission were emotional/mental/spiritual. She says, “you must be willing to change anything and everything.”

What do the 9 factors have in common? Each one boosts the immune system. The immune system was created capable of healing anything. She says, “It is all about the immune system.”

In the past, we thought there were genetic reasons why we developed certain diseases. Now we know from science that less than 1% (Dr. Bruce Lipton) of disease is genetic. It is our environment says Dr. Lipton that makes our cells. Every day our negative thinking is taking away our health. Dr. Lipton says there is no such thing as a “cancer gene.” The Genome project showed this. Even the American Cancer Society says that 70-80 % is lifestyle. We are the master of our genetics. “When I change my thought, I change my chemistry.”

Belief itself shifts biology. Kelly states: “The power of belief is almost everything.” I saw this many decades ago while working as a staff nurse in the hospital on a variety of floors. I saw the placebo effect in action. A doctor would sometimes order a placebo injection rather than morphine or Demerol for a patient’s pain. Each time, after administering the placebo (which I did not like to do, I felt I was ‘tricking’ the patient) I would go back in about 20 minutes or so to ask if they were feeling better and in every case they were! They believed they had received pain medication. The placebo effect was mentioned by many of the speakers this week. Anthony Williams says, “I have seen people reverse anything with faith.”

All the speakers mentioned what Dr. Deepak Chopra said regarding not believing the prognosis. Each speaker sees value, naturally, within Western conventional medicine; however, they all agreed that there is such a thing as a sort of medical hex (they did not call it that). We all know people who die on cue after receiving a prognosis from what Dr. Michael Beckwith calls an M.D. “minor deity” (medical doctor). We respect doctors, very much so, however – never ‘buy into’ a terminal prognosis unless you are ready to cross over. Some people die from fear. Fear shuts us down. Love opens us.

Many of the speakers said what I believe. We can come back from the brink of death. Dr. Lipton states: “Change your belief and you can come back from death. Even ALS.” Dr. Lipton states that the Church and Medicine are disempowering. He says, “If you believe you are not powerful, then you are not.” He says that in the United States “Medicine is an inhumane industry.” It is based on profit.

I did not listen, this time around, to Anita Moorjani due to the fact that I have listened to her amazing story and wisdom many times. I also have read her book Dying To Be Me: My Journey From Cancer To Near Death To True Healing along with her latest book offering. Her NDE (near death experience) is well-known. Her advice is to develop a love affair with yourself. “You may frown or cringe at the thought, but I can’t stress enough how important it is to cultivate a deep love affair with yourself… People ask me whether there is such a thing as too much self-love. Where’s the line, they ask, where it starts to become selfish or egotistical? To me, there’s no such possibility. There is no line. Selfishness comes from lack of self-love. Our planet is suffering from this, as we humans are, along with too much insecurity, judgment, and conditioning. In order to truly care for someone unconditionally, I have to feel that way toward myself. I can’t give away what I don’t have. To say that I hold another in higher regard than myself isn’t real and means I’m only performing.”

We have all learned, us metaphysicians, that our limiting beliefs can keep us in victimhood. Either the state of victimhood or we become persecutors or rescuers. Villoldo calls these three roles: victim, persecutor and rescuer, the “triangle of disempowerment.” With all three of these roles we are perpetually reacting to the actions of others. This leads to dis-ease. He says that all 3 of these roles keep us feeling scared, defensive, envious and competitive. This means that when we encounter someone who is doing something clever or original we don’t admire or encourage that person but instead criticize or belittle them. We become, he says, like the writer Gore Vidal who said, “Every time a friend of mine succeeds, a little part of me dies.” To heal our emotions we need to understand our lives in a much larger context and “move beyond our three-character dramas.”

I wrote this blog for you today in case you missed Kelly’s 9 keys. Why not start implementing them today? We do not need to wait to be hit with a devastating illness to change the way we live our lives. Following your intuition may lead you away from merely surviving to thriving. Fifth-dimensional living is thriving.

Love & Light,   Monica














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  1. Gillian August 3, 2018 at 1:06 am Reply

    I missed Kelly’s interview (and the Keys) so am grateful to have them now. Coincidentally 😉 at dinner tonight a friend mentioned that a homeopath had helped her cure her migraines by eliminating pork and dairy. Everyone’s different so something else might work for them. It took me to age 51 to finally realize I can’t “do” coffee and I don’t miss it one bit. Good blog!

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