“An optimist is the human personification of Spring.”   Susan J. Bissonette

“The Wizard does not try to solve the mystery of life. He is here to live it.”   Deepak Chopra


Spring is the perfect time for all of us to access new ideas, begin new projects and give birth to new conditions in our lives. Adopting a sunny state of mind will help us to feel more energized as well as helping us to give rise to new opportunities. Why not invoke Ostara (pronounced Oh-STAR-uh) the Teutonic goddess of fertility and springtime to help you to increase your fruitfulness or to help you embark on new adventures? The words “East” and “Easter” were both named after Ostara because of the reference to the sun rising in the east and the increase in sunlight beginning in Celtic Springtime.

It is Spring! Everything is waking up. Some of us are finding our inner wizard. “Modern people live in the wizard’s world as much as past generations did. Joseph Campbell, the great teacher of mythology, said that anyone standing on a street corner waiting for the light to turn green is waiting to step into the world of heroic deeds and mythic action. We just don’t see our chance. We cross the street not noticing the sword in the stone standing by the curb.” (THE WAY OF THE WIZARD by Deepak Chopra)

When do we notice the sword in the stone standing by the curb? When we begin to wake up and allow ourselves to be filled with the awe we experienced in childhood and when we embrace uncertainty and move out of our comfort zone with trust and faith that we are guided and supported and deeply loved by our Creator and the Angels. Remember what Chopra always says: “to a wizard there are no coincidences – every event exists to expose another layer of the soul.”

Everything we look for outside of ourselves is always within. What are you birthing? You must discover it within before you will see it without. Before you will see it reflected in the physical world around you. A changed perspective or a new perception leads us via the Law of Attraction to draw our ‘new’ vision into our own physical world – regardless of what those around us are seeing.

Many of us are going through changes now that we have passed through the eclipses of the last month. My sensitivity has increased again – has yours? Are you allowing yourself the solitude and silence necessary to perceive it? Our recent ‘upgrades’ have enabled us to become more conscious of what we need to release, such as old patterns of belief and old ‘stuffed down’ emotions. This release leaves a vacuum for us to draw in new experiences – ask the Angels to fill in the vacuum with whatever is for your Highest Good and within Divine Timing and Divine Order and dis-cover new paths previously unconsidered.

Kara tells us in her Ascension Notes how the Eclipses served to shake us up and open us to new opportunities provided we have listened and paid attention rather than digging in our heels and refusing to be more. “Eclipses helps us to go deeper than before; they help us spiral into more layers of that which we have claimed change. Anytime we have our inner voice say, “Yes, but… be assured that there are deeper, core issues being exposed. There are no assurances with the New in that if you want a promise that things will be better and shinier if you let go of the old you; the little you; you won’t receive that. Yet, if you trust as you take each step forward, you will see that you need not live a life that is filled with suffering or pain.” When we take complete responsibility for our lives and work with the Angels we can move forward (even if only taking baby steps) and it is not unusual to only see one step of the staircase illuminated at a time.

We can use the high-dimensional energies of the Spring Equinox to move forward as Spring is such a special time of awakening. Everything comes alive in the Spring and it is the perfect time to take that leap of faith required by the Spiritual Warrior – in accordance with your soul’s guidance. Do be sure to allow yourself time to adjust to the new energy in your life. Allow yourself to ‘shift’ and just Be. Let each new choice reflect your emerging authentic self.

Can you become comfortable with uncertainty? I found that when I consciously changed my beliefs to ones that allowed me to embrace uncertainty – that it had been a missing piece of my puzzle regarding inner peace. A spiritual warrior accepts that we often do not know what will happen next because we are connected to everything and everyone in the Universe. They too are manifesting, consciously or unconsciously; however, employing the Law of Attraction consciously can result in your manifestations appearing side-by-side in the physical universe with others creating the exact opposite! We do not control the manifestations of others. No amount of trying to control the uncontrollable will work and even though this can often seem scary – it is the Law of Free Will in operation and part of the grand adventure that is life.

Cultivate a sunny disposition and watch your world light up. Hold your vision of your dream for yourself and the world even if there is chaos around you. Maintain your inner peace amid the din of clashing egos. As everything comes to the surface to be released and purified we are seeing the shoots of something new appearing.  It is Spring and everything is waking up!  Are you?

Love & Light,    Monica



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