“I am well aware that many say that no one can possibly speak with spirits & angels as long as he lives in the body; and many will say that it is all imagination… and others will make other objections.  But by all this I am undeterred, for I have seen, I have heard, I have felt.”     (Emmanuel Swedenborg,  1688 – 1772)

On St. Valentine’s Day, messages of love and affection are exchanged around the world.  Valentine was a physician and priest in Rome in the third century.  He was arrested and imprisoned for his Christian faith in the One God. Valentine tried, unsuccessfully, to convert the emperor and was condemned, by him, to death on February 14, 270 A.D.  While imprisoned Valentine converted his jailer by restoring the sight of the jailer’s daughter, Julia.  Valentine wrote a note to Julia on the eve of his death telling her to stay close to God.  He signed it, “from your Valentine.”

St. Valentine’s advice, I feel, is as valuable today as it was in the third century.  Certainly for those of us who value Love in all its many forms and who are looking for ‘true love.’  Would it surprise you to know that a ‘healed’ relationship with God (Source, Cosmic Consciousness) is one of the best two tips for finding your romantic soul mate? The second best tip is self-love.  Yes, aligning with your Source and loving yourself  are the generally agreed upon prerequisites for finding the romantic love of your dreams.  They are also the prerequisites  for re-creating your current relationship, should you make that decision, into the passionate affair that it once was.  Therefore, I am going to discuss these two main tips before carrying on down the romantic path to romantic gestures and the Angels of Romance.

Healing our relationship with God, results in us being able to receive our messages from the angels.  Since there are Romance Angels available to us for help with romantic love, we need to ‘clear away’ whatever is separating us from God, so that we can receive our messages.  It is not that God hides from us, it is that we (attempt to) hide from God.  So, if you have issues with God, go ahead and tell God about them.  God can take your anger and will continue to love you unconditionally.  So pour out your heart so that it may open and receive the Light.  Align with your Source.

Self-love is the second most important factor in attracting the romantic partner of which you dream.  I have yet to come across a spiritual romantic ‘expert’ who does not ask you to make sure that you love yourself first.  You know that I always recommend Louise Hay’s book YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE because self-love underpins everything that Louise teaches and writes.  I also highly recommend the work of Daphne Rose Kingma and her book WHEN YOU THINK YOU’RE NOT ENOUGH.  In this particular book Kingma outlines the four life-changing steps to loving yourself and helps us to look at and release beliefs and behaviours that have prevented us from loving ourselves.  Her compassionate voice and clearly explained plan for reclaiming ourselves helps to put us back on the path to the life and love we desire.

Kingma states that there is an “epidemic of our inability to love ourselves.”  She advises that for us to walk the path of self-love we must understand what it is NOT.  It is not narcissism.  “Nor is it egotism, greed, self-righteousness, self-involvement, stubbornness, or conceit, all of which have given self-love a bad name.” … ” Rather, it is the singing spring from which each of us can become our most authentic self.”  Kingma’s steps on the path she articulates so well, involves four simple steps on the journey to self-love: “speaking out, acting out, clearing out and setting out.”  Kingma feels that while the steps themselves are simple, that cherishing our own being  – is “ultimately the task of a lifetime.”  Interestingly, Doreen Virtue describes the foundation of a true-love relationship as “two people who cherish who they are.”

During lectures that I attended with Doreen following my training with her she taught us about a group of angels who are focused upon all things related to romantic love.  Like all other angels, the Angels of Romance are able to help limitless numbers of people simultaneously, and also like the other angels, they need to be asked due to the law of FREE WILL.  So, feel free, if you so desire, to call upon these angels for help with your romantic love relationship.  I have called them in for clients seeking their romantic soul mate (EVERYONE is, in Truth, our soul mate) and they have reported excellent results working hand-in-wing with these cherubic angels.  Remember to take the steps needed to support these angels to help you.  Some of these steps may be:

* Make the clear DECISION to call in your romantic soul mate.

* Check that you embody the qualities within yourself that you want to see in that soul mate.  (example, if you wish a compassionate soul mate, are you compassionate?)

* Every once in awhile, without urgency or desperation (not always easy!) call him/her in and employ prayer, affirmations and visualization)

* Follow excellent self-care  (Cheryl Richardson’s work has many ideas and suggestions)

* Follow your inner wisdom

* Affirm frequently that you are loved and lovable  ( do not underestimate the power of affirmations)

* Continue working on yourself (like attracts like)

* Cultivate playfulness

* Avoid strenuous effort or worry – these are blocks to manifestation

* Write a letter to your romantic soul mate’s guardian angels and put it under your pillow  (you don’t need to consciously KNOW who this person is)

* Check to see if your ‘inner child’ needs further healing.  (I find, from working with a client’s inner child – that this is a piece of the puzzle many times)

* Addictions are a barrier to romantic love  ( if you have any, please seek professional help)

* Stay ‘open’ to receiving love from God/Source and the angels.

* Flirting and making romantic gestures can help revive passion

* Release and heal issues from your original family ( often a first serious relationship entails the ‘working through’ of issues re mother and father therapists discover)

* Check that you have FULLY released your ex.  (A new potential romantic partner will otherwise ‘sense’ his/her energy in your aura)

* Keep an ‘open’ mind.  If you have genuinely ‘transformed’ yourself – your new romantic partner may look and behave quite differently than you have experienced in the past.

* Check out Feng Shui tips that can help you attract a romantic partner

* Clear any past-life blocks to romantic love  ( I have had a few clients who were quite attached to loves from past lives & this was causing blocks.  We worked with the angels to clear and cut cords to these lives)

* Follow the suggestions of the angels when you receive them

* Do not be so completely ‘swept up’ in emotion that you ‘settle’ for someone without the qualities you seek in a soul mate ( don’t ignore red flags)

* Have a passion for life itself – because this is a necessary foundation for a passionate relationship.

* Keep your heart open (one of my friends wears a pink quartz crystal necklace daily)

Considering my tips above (gleaned from spiritual romantic ‘experts’ as well as from 9 years working one-on-one with clients seeking a soul mate or reviving relationships) will help you to create your own unique way of magnetizing to you your own ‘true love.’   What does our dear friend, Emmanuel ( channeled by Pat Rodegast,   EMMANUEL’S BOOK) have to say about the longing for a romantic soul mate?

” Though you consciously long for a mate,

There are parts of you that do not,

That push the idea away,

That hasten to lock the door

when the other part of you

has so carefully opened it.

Look around.  Do a little house cleaning

and you will see where it is you still fear,

reject, deny, criticize and judge

those parts of you

that long for physical and emotional intimacy.

Once the space is ready

the mate will be there.


Think about that.

Then buy yourself the most magnificent outfit

and begin to dance.”

While you are waiting for the ‘new’ romantic partner to come into your life remember to give gratitude for ALL you already have in your life and to appreciate all the other many forms of Love.  Romantic love is only ONE form!  Enjoy and bask in the love from God, angels, spirit guides, family, friends, animal companions and also your own self-love.  Appreciating what you have, brings more to appreciate – due to the Law of Attraction.  True love is worth waiting for.  Divine Timing is involved.  Also involved is the FREE WILL of your romantic soul mate.  Your soul mate’s free will choices and Divine Timing are not only beyond your control they are also beyond the angel’s control as the angels follow the Laws of the Creator.  However, there are so many things that we CAN do to call-in, attract and magnetize our romantic soul mate to us, and many things that the Romance Angels can do to assist you and guide you, as you can see from the list above.  Both people need to be ready for ‘true love’ and this can sometimes take longer than we would wish; however, the more relaxed we are about it – the faster it usually occurs following our readiness.

When you are ready, Isolt is one of many goddesses that can help.  She is a goddess of love and passion in relationships.  You likely remember from school that Isolt was, during the reign of Arthur of Camelot, the daughter of an Irish King.  Legends abound regarding Isolt and her lover, Tristan.  I have channeled her in the past for those wishing her help and advice regarding romantic relationships.  Doreen has a beautiful invocation for those of you wishing to use it.  First, put your hand on your chest and feel your heart as it beats.  Next, imagine rainbow-coloured rays of energy emanating from your hand that encircle your heart.  Then, call on Isolt: “Loving Isolt, please send passionate energy filled with healthy and romantic love through my hand and into my heart.  Thank you for healing anything that could block me from enjoying passion and romance completely.  Thank you for opening my heart to true love.” (ARCHANGELS & ASCENDED MASTERS)

As St. Valentine told Julia, stay close to God.  Ask Archangel Chamuel to help you find your romantic soul mate.  Love and honour yourself, that you may be loved and honoured.

This blog ( as are all my blogs) is my valentine to you!             Lovingly,   Monica





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  1. Hayley February 12, 2015 at 10:12 am Reply

    Thanks for this great valentine, Happy Valentine’s!!!

  2. Gillian February 12, 2015 at 4:54 pm Reply

    Yes, Happy Valentine’s Day, Monica! Great blog — learned a lot of new things and “refreshed” some old ones.Thanks.

  3. Christine February 15, 2015 at 10:39 am Reply

    Thank you Monica for yet another beautiful Blog .
    Self Love is the answer isn’t it, if all people truly loved themselves the World would look so different .
    Sending you lots of Love my dear friend.

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