“Starseeds often feel misplaced in the world. They possess a longing for ‘home’ without ever really knowing where home is, or what the word even means. This is because they’ve incarnated in places very different from Earth. If hearing this strikes a chord in your heart or makes you feel emotional, it’s likely you’re a Starseed Soul.”   Rebecca Campbell

“Earth is crazy. It is like an insane asylum.”   Matthew John

“The awe and wonder of life is for us all.”   Clara Apollo 

In 1991 when I moved from Oakville, Ontario to Victoria, British Columbia, I was a Yoga Teacher and at a Health Fair in my new city I met a well-known psychic called the Amazing Grace.  She was amazing indeed and she was full of grace. Among other things – she told me that I was a star child and that is why I felt so alone. It resonated, yet, I didn’t really know what she meant. Although, the strange nostalgia I felt whenever I looked up at the night sky could have been a clue – had I realized (consciously) then that we come from the stars.  Fast forward to 2018 (I think it was 2018) when I met my ET guide Eularia and began another phase of my spiritual journey. My journey with Eularia has barely begun dear readers, however, as you know, I do not wait until a journey ends to share what I am learning with you and alongside you. We are on the path together.

There are so many kinds of awakenings. Every one of you reading this is awakening. Reiki Master, Angel Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher, Matthew John, told Lauren Galey recently that 50-60 percent of the population are Starseeds and most are still asleep. However, we are waking up in waves, as you know. Matthew says he began to awaken in 2009. Before that he was “asleep in the matrix.” Matthew notes that we are still in the very beginning phases of awakening in 2020. Most Starseeds are still asleep.

How do you know if you are a Starseed? Are you interested? Then, you are one! Do you enjoy looking up at the stars? Are you interested in spirituality and healing? Besides a fascination with stars – common traits of Starseeds include a love of animals, Nature and crystals. Remember that the multiverse is infinite and non-linear. We may have come from more than one place, ascending through a variety of star systems. The route of ascension our consciousness takes is unique. There are so many levels to each of us. Most people use the Russian doll analogy to describe our numerous aspects. For example as Matthew says: “I am Matthew, I am soul, I am Higher Self, I am Over-Soul, I am the Monad, I am the Christed-ET-Self.”  Matthew takes people on discovery journeys on the astral plane and says he doesn’t have a space ship yet!

Why do we come to Earth? – especially, as Matthew says – Earth is so low vibe and like an insane asylum.  Matthew and many others tell us that we came to experience for ourselves and for God/Source. We took a BIG step away from the light if we are Starseeds.  We wanted a higher level of difficulty.  We came for service, yes, says Matthew but we also thought it would be interesting and fun. Part of the grand spiritual game. I have often discussed this with clients, who like myself, have often wondered why we signed up for this? What were we thinking!! It is a mystery – however – having been birthed from God – at our soul level we each know.

Some of us are now experiencing longer periods of joy and even bliss. Two clients of mine in recent months have asked me if it is okay to be so joyful during a plague? My answer is yes. Our spiritual development is accelerating during this time and even though we do not deny the suffering of so many we also do not deny that we have worked through so much in this lifetime and others that we are now discovering the “pearl beyond price” within. Joy is who we are (the Amazing Grace taught me) when everything falls away.

Some of us are trying to “wrap this up this lifetime” says Matthew. I am one of those. Since it is an ascension lifetime those of us trying to wrap it up usually chose many difficulties and what we euphemistically call  “challenges.” Typical challenges include child abuse, addictions, betrayals, sexism, racism, poverty, great loss). We have worked through our many past lifetimes on Earth and are now reaching into the stars for more knowledge and help. And, to begin to understand our star heritage.

We are adventurous as a tribe at Awakening Spirit. The stars and planets are calling. Were you called to Earth as a Starseed in this timeline? Why not meditate on this today. Matthew believes that we Starseeds are called in to various timelines on Earth and other places in order to share our gifts of love and light. As galactic travelers who may (or not) have more than one consciousness working through us or who may be a walk-in (a change of soul) ( I have only had one client in the past 15 years who was a walk-in and conscious of this) we see how low vibration and how volatile Earth is, and we are working to raise it to 5D. Are we using our gifts and knowledge from past lives in this galaxy or others to do this? Many spiritual teachers believe we came from places where war, illness and famine is non-existent.

The first star people I consciously met were in California at Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy(R) course. They were huddled together and since I was wandering around a huge ballroom trying to locate my own group ( I was told I was a fairy – to join the elemental group!) I didn’t get to spend any time with them. So, I cannot pass on any personal observations regarding their physical appearance or attributes. However, I can give you some information gleaned over a few years from teachers such as Doreen Virtue, Diana Cooper, Rebecca Campbell, Ariella Indigo and Matthew John. As time goes on I will likely start to communicate more with Eularia as to her experiences and have more first-hand, so-to-speak,  information for you.

The Pleiadians are likely familiar to most if not all of you. They are beautiful and usually have long blonde hair and blue eyes. Like elves from the Lord of the Rings. They come from the direction of the Galactic Center. They are apparently known for their music, art and sexuality. Diana Cooper teaches that the Pleiades is “the star cluster of healing.”  If you originated from the Pleiades you likely felt like a black sheep in the family and your struggles on Earth may have included drug, alcohol, or sex addiction struggles. The Pleiadians live in closeness with Nature, are vegan, and do have a Hobbit-like living style. They are very very intelligent. John Matthew says they do not always choose monogamy but they do choose loving relationships and raise their children (procreate physically) in loving communities.

Sirians wear uniforms. John Matthew is a Sirian and Andromedan Starseed and so he is quite familiar with Sirius. He says they are blue and shades of green and a smaller number are white with silver hair. Most do not have hair. The majority of Sirians live in beautiful dense cities of crystal. Towers and temples of crystal and flying crafts of crystal.  Apparently, folks tend to speak of Sirius A and Sirius B. Sirius B has some remnants of duality similar to Earth although not as extreme. Sirius A is completely ascended and therefore has no war nor illness. Sirians procreate physically. Family units tend to be Mom, Dad, kids. They are known for their music and art and particularly their comedy! Colour blue is everywhere and the weather is beautiful, warm and stable unlike Earth.

“Arcturus is one of the most advanced star systems in this galaxy, and a prototype of Earth’s future” says Diana Cooper. I knew nothing about Arcturus before my visitation from Eularia. My experience of Arcturians is based on the energy of Eularia which is the most loving energy I have experienced on Earth (but Eularia is from Arcturus!).  Eularia is a priestess and radiates what I can only describe as Christ-like love and compassion. Completely non-judgmental, gentle and kind. I have said this before but when people ask if I was scared to be awoken by an ET gently touching my hand – I tell them that no one could be afraid of Eularia because the love is out-of-this-world palpable. A friend drew her for me (she knows Eularia too) and I am so honoured to have her as one of my guides. Matthew John finds Arcturians to be very cerebral, great planners and organizers with a “vibe like a Virgo” and specializing in math, geometry,  quantum physics. Very etheric beyond 5D, do not procreate physically, their cities are massive and have perfect grids, they are thin beings and often are said to be blue, not all, Eularia is not. They are often interested in music. Mozart and Jesus are said to be two of the most famous Arcturian Starseeds.

“Lyra is the cross-shaped 12th dimensional stargate through which Archangel Christiel and the unicorns enter our universe.” (Diana Cooper, Dragon Oracle deck) Lyrians can be humans or cat Beings. Some look like lions or black panthers. Those with a Lyrian origin often are athletes, rock climbers and very physical and live life to the fullest. On Earth they are often members of the military. They have a live and let live attitude.

Orions are human-looking and love research, making notes, love books. They also like competition it is said. That part sounds very 3D!  In the conversation Matthew John had with Lauren Galey he talked about the Orion Wars as having happened in our galaxy  and says Star Wars was based on them and they are mentioned in the Ascension Glossary – which I am not familiar with.

I have heard of the Blue Avian Beings, apparently not many are here at present according to Matthew. You likely have heard though of these Beings in Ancient Egypt and some are said to have taken physical form as the pharaohs. This resonates as truth for me – I had a life in ancient Egypt so likely was familiar on some level and remember vaguely. They were beautiful giant Bird-Beings. Matthew John is a Reiki Master (as am I) and he says Reiki was channeled from the Blue Avians. That was not part of my Reiki lineage this lifetime but like Matthew – I am very aware that Jesus channeled Reiki.

This is a long blog – starting to get a bit giddy writing this – of course I have been sitting for hours immersed in my own star heritage world – so I have to mention the Praying Mantis Beings. I had heard of them before but recently from Matthew John. They naturally social distance – so I can relate – you too? I said I am giddy!! They mostly are interested in meditation and music.

Okay, we are now at Andromeda. Being Andromedan in a past life Matthew knows of what he speaks. Andromeda is our Sister Galaxy with 1 trillion stars and 12 trillion planets. Okay – you see why I am giddy, right?!  If you are still reading…   Andromedans are 8th/9th dimension and blue or green similar to the Sirians. Like the Yogis they are in a perpetual meditation. Diana Cooper says of Andromeda “All the stars in the constellation of Andromeda embody a beautiful love and acceptance beyond our current understanding.” Last night I pulled a card for myself from Diana’s Dragon Oracle deck and then let the “dusty pink dragon from Andromeda” carry luminous light into all of my spiritual energy centres. It felt delicious! Diana says I can now work with these dusty pink dragons to help the ascension of Earth. So, dear readers, can you. It is a choice.

Matthew John says he has done hundreds of Starseed journeys for people in the last few years. More and more people are interested in their star heritage. I know this to be true – because before lockdown I had three clients ask me what their origins were and the Angels gave me the information. Up until a year or so ago – after doing hundreds of Angel readings – no one had ever asked the Angels during my readings that question!

So before I wind down from this wonderful time with you dear readers, there are a few general things I think you will find interesting. From all his astral journeys Matthew has found that there is no ET place currently eating animals. Everyone is vegan. Some are Breathanarians – they just live off prana.  Some drink a liquid from a lab (Matthew says not a creepy lab like Monsanto!). Some people, Matthew realizes do need some meat – he isn’t judging – but he does say no one on Earth will be eating meat as we become more ascended.

We know that Archangel Metatron is known as the Time Lord.  We also know that Metatron is in charge of our ascension.  We know that time shifts and that from a galactic perspective is irrelevant.  We came here to be here at this extraordinary time on Earth although some of us are having second thoughts due to fear and illness. However, dear ones, many of us will ascend over the next decade or two or three (with our physical bodies) and when we do cross over – because we will have seen an ascended Earth – we are likely to think coming back may not be so bad after all.

Earth needs us to remember our star heritage so we can help as we said we would before we came. Last week I told you that it is a good idea to follow Pam Gregory’s lead and call ourselves a Galactic Being rather than a constrained human being. What say you?

Love & Light,   Monica







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