“Suddenly something strange started happening to me. I felt like I was gliding underwater and didn’t seem to need air. As though I were part of a pod with the three dolphins beneath me, I felt like I was in tow, enveloped in a ball of energy. We became one, belonging together. The immense silence of the ocean engulfed me, and I felt suspended in another kind of reality. I was gliding in an envelope of oneness with these three dolphins. For a moment in time there was no separation between being human and being dolphin. My human weakness was altered, my need to breathe suspended for a time.”   Ilona Selke

Some people call dolphins “the humans of the sea” which I gather is meant to be a compliment to the dolphins! I feel though, that if we humans are compared to dolphins – then that is a compliment to  humans. Dolphins help us to transform from beings that overly focus on the rational mind to beings who realize the power of their ancient minds and their inner visions.

The Angels guided me today to speak about dolphins. So, I asked myself when my interest and connection with dolphins consciously began? It was through the old television show Flipper that I watched with my brother and sister as a kid. We loved that show. As children living in a small mining town in Northwestern Quebec we were aware of bears, wolves, moose and other of God’s amazing creatures, but, living  so far from the ocean – our knowledge of this star of the sea was virtually nil. Flipper ignited our imaginations.

Imagination is the doorway to our holographic multidimensional universe. We can enter another realm or reality by holding the image of a doorway from the 3rd dimension that leads to the multidimensional universe – imagination is the bridge. The bridge beyond linear time. Through communing with dolphins or imagining communing with dolphins we can enter a new dimension and expand our consciousness.

So, jumping through linear time to about five years or so ago and I come across the work of Ilona Selke who is an international visionary helping us to create a better world through accessing the mystery of the holographic universe. Through a Hay House presentation Ilona guided us through a meditation that took us into the world of the dolphin. As you likely know, I have participated in quite a few guided meditations over the years – this one was extraordinary. I felt as though I was inside a dolphin looking out from dolphin eyes. Experiencing, briefly, with dolphin consciousness ( a higher frequency than humans) and having an exquisite experience gliding through the ocean. It is something I will not forget, brief though it was.

Jump again in linear time to 2018 when I came across the work of Adena Tryon who channels Stella Maris – a group of dolphin Light messengers. This group of messengers, Adena says, highlight a long standing partnership between humans and dolphins that extends beyond our time together on Earth. These dolphin messengers offer us wisdom and support for the creation of a New Earth. They are a group of Higher realm beings who activate within us, if we allow this, the remembrance of our partnership from long ago and activate our divinity and help us to integrate more of our Higher Self into our every day consciousness. They tell us that all of life came from the sea and they remind us that we do not have to go into the wilds to swim with the dolphins – because their consciousness is reaching out far beyond the water and we can call them from our living rooms!

Adena says that the Temple of Stella Maris is on the Pleiades and that Mother Mary and  Quan Yin are part of the Stella Maris Council. Adena reports that Stella Maris are quite adamant that we heal our selves as the first major step to helping our planet heal. “They share that your healing is the vital first step for global change because igniting your joy and living your most beautiful life is one of the most powerful ways you can contribute to world healing.” Stella Maris speaks of the “beauty way” which is a divine feminine way of life that anchors the new earth consciousness.

I  experienced a Stella Maris guided activation this summer. I resonate strongly with their consciousness. Part of what is being illuminated for me, at present, on my spiritual path, is my connection to Lemuria  – which is just at the beginning of unfolding. I now believe that this activation began this ‘remembering’ as I have recently been led to read books that have been on my shelf over a decade that are about Lemuria. I suspect that the connection to Stella Maris begins there.

Those of you interested in Stella Maris may currently be working with water. Infusing your water with beautiful intentions. If you wish to work with them in other ways, say to them “show me a sign.” You will then see a picture of a dolphin in a magazine, have a clairvoyant vision, or see an image on a truck or billboard. There are dolphins stationed around the earth helping through this planetary shift. Call on them to send you a transmission. They are light activators who help to awaken our consciousness through the power of our love, light, joy and imagination and you need only ask.

Dolphins will help you to be guided by your star light. They will help you to heal your inner child. They advocate for the newest generation of lightworkers. They are “star lights of the sea.” Dolphin consciousness is always “we” not “I.”

In 2006, at Doreen Virtue’s course in Laguna Beach – we had our shamanic release ceremony by Steven Farmer  – right by the ocean. One of my classmates had a dolphin birthmark. It was a large, clear image of a dolphin that was entirely across one cheek. Everyone called her the “dolphin lady” and she was fine with that. This image had been there since birth. This student, when we were asked to find our realm, gravitated to the Merpeople group. Chances are high that she lived in Atlantis and/or Lemuria in past lives as both of these were oceanic civilizations. Merpeople must live near the ocean and they are fanatical about dolphins. They love to swim but not in chlorinated pools because they are sensitive to the smell and feel of chlorine. They always have a bottle of water at hand and frequently crave sea vegetables, seaweed salad and such because likely their bodies require sea-based nutrients. Some Merpeople are incarnated dolphins says Doreen.

Writing this is reminding me of how much I miss living in Victoria where everyone is always only 15 minutes from the ocean no matter where they live! Nevertheless, we can live anywhere and communicate with Stella Maris. I am going to call them in right now and ask them to give me a message for all of you from Doreen’s Magical Mermaids and Dolphins oracle cards deck. Stella Maris, and the Stella Maris Council, thank you for giving us a message today.  What would you like my readers to know?

The card is “Father Healing. Your personal power increases as you give any father-related issues to Heaven.” This oracle card is beautiful. It is dawn or dusk as the sun is either setting or rising.  There are snow-capped mountains in the distance and out of the ocean rises Neptune with his trident! He is naked from the waist up and is strong and wears a crown. The lower half of his body is in the ocean but it seems that there is a hint that it is fish-like. This Ancient One has a gray beard and long gray hair and exudes power. The trident is held up in one hand and the other hand rests on a rock with a crystal ball with an image inside like a small version of Neptune with his trident.

This card tells us that the majority of us (myself included) still have father issues to heal. This does not need to take long, but, it does require that we be willing to be free of any old anger, grief, or fear related to our father – or male guardian. Call in the Angels and affirm: “I now focus on the love that is the spiritual truth of my father, and I hereby balance any karma between us. I now let go of everything but the love and the lessons of my relationship with my father.” This card reminds us that when we have unhealed mother issues then we won’t accept the gifts the Universe gives us and when we have unhealed father issues the Universe seems ungenerous.

I also interpret this message to mean that we are all letting go of the fears perpetuated by patriarchy in general so that we can blend the divine masculine (expansive and giving) and the divine feminine (nurturing and receptive) in the sacred marriage within that results in wholeness – holiness.

Thank you Stella Maris & Neptune for your wisdom and guidance on our Path.

Love & Light,   Monica


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  1. Gillian September 6, 2018 at 1:10 pm Reply

    Ooh, great stuff! I realized this year that while I have a powerful fear of drowning (so much so that during underwater scenes in movies I’m squirming)I love swimming! I swim once/week now in a chlorinated pool and just last night swam in the cold clear waters of Georgian Bay. Many minnows 🙂 Thanks for this info.

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