“Multidimensionals talk about aliens.”   Daniel Gutierrez


“Those in power right now are not starseeds but that will change down the road.”   Steve Nobel


“Starseeds are not well-received by non-starseed families.”   Steve Nobel


I am a starseed. That is what Eularia, my alien visitor, came to tell me. This time, I am ready to explore it, maybe embrace it, maybe, – but 20 years ago when my psychic Grace said to me “You are a star child” I was not ready to deal with it. I was also not very curious about it. I was raising my daughter who was approaching her teens and I was much more interested in what we might call ‘down to earth matters’.


Skip ahead with me now to 2018, 20 years later, and in February my daughter asks me to accompany her to a psychic fair and to have a reading. Cool! I have been a working psychic now for 12 years after having done many other things and I am excited about the prospect of having a reading rather than giving a reading, although I do love to give Angel readings. The psychic says to me, “I will give you only 20 minutes because you do not need this. You can do this yourself.” She contacts my mother, Audrey, who was the person in my life who first took me to a psychic, in fact, a day of psychic development with well-known police-psychic Geraldine Smith. (Right away I was doing psychometry and having clairvoyant visions and great confirmation from the woman I read for.) Then, the psychic says, “You are a starseed and so I recommend that you learn more about it.” I thought to myself, “Ah, Eularia, so that is what you came to tell me.” And the psychic continued: “You have a Pleiadian/Sirian lineage.”


Internationally known starseed, Steve Nobel, says that only 1% of the planet are starseeds. However, if you are one of my regular readers then I believe that your chances of being one are high. Do you love Star Trek? Are you riveted by Dr. Who? As a kid did you read and collect comic books about superheros? Steve says these are signs that you are a starseed. Starseeds are not well-received by their non-starseed families. Steve himself was suicidal. He planned to commit suicide and was about to do it when he heard a voice say: ”There’s hope.” He heard this three times. It saved his life. (Multidimensional Human Experience Summit, 2018) He had 10 years of psychotherapy and was rapidly drawn to a spiritual life and led to amazing teachers. His wife said to him that he had to choose between “this nutty spirit or me.” A number of us spiritual teachers have been given that choice.


Steve answers the question – why is being a starseed so difficult? “We came to difficult families to clear bloodlines. This is a dark planet, controlled by anti-light forces currently holding power. Look what happened to Jesus! The dark is trying to control… and it looks like the dark is winning right now but it isn’t. It is waking people up.” That is also my sense of things. At 3D level we often experience fear, doubt, confusion and anger and at 4D we experience synchronicity and Flow and then 5D we are out of the fear zone completely. Steve says “starseeds are like a light-virus coming to break up the dark.” Starseeds are clearing out the dark. Don’t fight the dark – if you do you are in their game says Steve. Instead, become empowered and protect your energy field. I have written a blog on protecting yourself and there is a ton of information out there now.


I have helped clients @ Awakening Spirit deal with all the things that Steve mentions as issues: implants, alien technology, black magic, vows & agreements, cords, entity attachments. I educate my clients that all these things can be solved but why not prevent them instead? As a twist on the old saying , I believe that an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure. Unfortunately, I find that some folks are drawn into the drama of the ‘dark side’ and are, unconsciously, addicted to drama. I like my drama on the screen and in the theatre – I had enough of it in my childhood to last me a lifetime. My psychotherapist helped me withdraw almost 3 decades ago now from the adrenaline-rush of my traumatic childhood. Now, I help others with Angel Therapy® and many other modalities. There are ups and downs until we are fully ascended. Don’t beat yourself up if as a lightworker you are still struggling with a drama addiction. The pressure to stay plugged into it is strong.


1 in every 3 babies being born post-2012 are starseeds, so, whether we are one ourselves or not, it behooves us to learn about them. After 2032 there will be a massive increase in starseeds being born.


So what is the definition of a starseed? The googled definition is “starseeds are individuals who exist here on the earth plane in a three dimensional human body, but whose soul may have originated from another planet, star system, galaxy, dimension or parallel universe.” Research shows us that for every grain of sand on every beach on Earth there are 10, 000 stars, and the Milky Way includes billions of Earth-like, potentially habitable planets and the Milky Way itself is only one of billions of galaxies and we may be living in an infinitely increasing number of universes – other wise known as the multiverse. (Collective Evolution)


Some people use the word lightworker and starseed interchangeably. Lightworker seems to be used by the majority as a collective term for a group of us souls who have incarnated on earth during this particular time to help, in one way or another, the planet transit into a new level of awareness and into a new reality. Our main job as lightworkers is to take conscious and active intentional steps to raise our vibration, shift our own energy and also help shift the energy of those we come into contact with. What we are collectively doing as our energies combine is creating a positive grid of energy that affects/changes the worldwide holographic field – thereby helping to shift humanity to a higher consciousness and thereby creating a better life for every person no matter where they live. It is important to clarify whenever we discuss lightworkers that lightwork is not about religion. While sometimes aspects of various religious traditions are discussed, such as Christ Consciousness, lightwork involves faith beyond our individual religious choices. Lightworkers accept that others can have a different belief system because we know it is not the details of our faith that matter but rather the results of the higher vibrations that are stimulated by faith. So how does lightwork differ from mainstream religion? Well, mainstream religion would have you worship a specific deity such as Jesus or Buddha or another specific deity/deities. The goal of lightworkers is to BECOME like Jesus or Buddha – operating at a higher level of consciousness. So, from the lightworker perspective it is not possible to separate your personal journey from the lightworker mission because our own soul growth is the largest part of our mission as lightworkers. By healing ourselves we heal the world. This is because we are all ONE. Lightworkers can identify themselves as star beings, starseeds, lightwarriors, Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, ETs, empaths, earth angels, healers and many more. While it is helpful to be aware of these terms because others use them – don’t let them confuse, burden or limit you. Often we are referring to soul aspects of ourselves when we use these terms. Just be aware that as we heal and raise our vibration in our present we are also healing our past and future selves.


Starseeds are humans who have awakened to remember their galactic, light and higher vibrational origins. Although born into physical form like others on earth, we starseeds often feel like we come from another planet and have a strange sense of longing for the stars or another place. For me it has been a permanent case of homesickness that was assuaged, to a degree, by being told I was a “star child.” Like every other human we pass through the veil of illusion and experience the same confinements as others. Once we are on the ascension path and activate a remembrance of a higher vibration we can access the 5th dimension and often gaining access to higher dimensions becomes very doable. As with other types of awakenings – a starseed awakening can be drastic and harsh or a process that unfolds gently over many years.


Research indicates that some say starseeds have spent more lifetimes as 5D, 7D, 9D, 12D and even higher and therefore are typically fascinated with spirituality, higher realms and cosmic knowledge. But before this happens we starseeds experience the confusion, aloneness and longing that is present for everyone in the human experience. Starseeds are no more special (no less special) than anyone else. We were all created by the same Source. If you suspect you are a starseed you can read about it and meditate and instead of worrying about what you will do about this new information regarding your star lineage, rather just focus on embodying your full presence. As you do so, raising your vibration and accepting more and more light, you will dis-cover your unique characteristics and gifts. Serving in a way that feels good and is aligned with your unique abilities is much more desirable than finding out that you are a 9th dimensional Lyran.


Follow your bliss. Be completely authentic. Shine. Like Jesus (who some say was an Arcturian – which I can believe as Eularia radiated unconditional love) be in the world but not of the world. Dis-cover your galactic aspects. We lightworkers are here to hold the light, not to be affected by the darkness of others.


Angel Blessings,   Monica        Hope to see you @ my course@Metaphysics in Kingston on May 11th!






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  1. Gillian May 3, 2018 at 12:39 pm Reply

    I love Star Trek (original series)! My brother loves Dr. Who and comics and my sister’s a Starseed! Cool. Great blog.

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