Dear Blog Readers:

You may have noticed that for the past 3 weeks now you have been unable to leave a reply or comment on my blog.  I want to let you know that I am working on this problem.  I informed my web-site host as soon as I became aware of the difficulty, and I was told the solution is simple; however, follow-up emails and inquiries are not being responded to.  At present, there is no response to my call for help.

Usually, at this point my frustration level would be quite high!  After all, I am able to communicate with the angels, faeries, and spirit guides whenever I wish to and always receive an answer.  I am also able to contact quite quickly those who have crossed over – when they are available.  Yet, I am unable to illicit a response from a fellow human being in the physical!  Life is always presenting opportunities for us to learn new things.  I need the response of my web-site host in order to give you, my readers, the opportunity to engage with me.  My strongest gifts are more in the realm of the ethereal and non-physical worlds.  Hers are likely myriad, but, the ones I need right now are her skills and expertise with the technical aspects of hosting a web-site.  So, please stay tuned as I am searching for the solution.

The majority of you do not leave a reply.  I understand that.  However, you need to have the option to do so should you wish to.  I want that option there, as it is an important feature of a blog.  Unfortunately, I am continuing to receive all the regular spam and trash from un-named folks like “horny” and also the scores and scores of strange communications from advertisers of products from pornography to Kors and Nike & a variety of brand labels regarding the fashion industry and also people marketing pharmaceuticals.  Strange.  Ah well, life is never boring in Angel Cottage!  Even though deleting those so-called comments that do make it through – is tedious.  I want you to know that I am making an effort to restore the capacity to you my readers to comment and hopefully to find a way to have less spam make its way into my comment section on the admin panel of my blog.  I am now going to begin the process of seeking the advice of others experiencing these temporary technical problems.  When I say that the comments of my readers are important to me I am being sincere.  It is not a platitude.  They are a valuable addition, also, to the readers as well as to myself as we journey together.  These blogs are my FREE service.  Each week I give you, the reader, the benefit of my knowledge and experience from not just my current lifetime, but, so many others.  I also share what I have learned from so many amazing teachers and healers since I began my training in healthcare and education over 40 years ago.  Some of my teachers are internationally known and others are known in their own city or town.  However, they all have in common a great deal of wisdom and specialized knowledge in so many different areas.  In my blogs I share this with you, hoping you will benefit and learn from their wisdom and experiences as well as from mine.  I pass on each Thursday at least one ( usually more) key to helping you to unlock the treasure that is yourself and to enhance the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions of yourself as you undergo your transformation & blossom and flourish through this incredible period of change on our planet.

For me, this current frustration contains a familiar lesson for us all.  No man is an island.  We need to co-operate.  The gifts of each of us are needed in order for us all to thrive.  We cannot do alone what we can do together.  I am a channel for angels & a vehicle for Reiki  – which is divinely guided life force energy that comes as a gift to us directly from the Creator of all that IS.  Absolutely EVERYTHING is interconnected.  My part is to maintain myself, through what Cheryl Richardson  (one of my teachers) would call “extreme self-care.”  This I do not just for myself and my immediate family and friends, but, as part of my service to the Creator who has called me into service as a channel for HIS/HER messages.  The angels, as you know, are God’s messengers.  Yes, it is FUN.  However, even though I can take myself lightly, I do not take the overall ‘mission’ lightly.  As one of many lightworkers, I am dedicated to helping those who seek me out ( not everyone wishes to awaken) to awaken to their true selves.  We are divine beings.  When we actually ‘get this’ we claim our personal power and powers & the responsibility of consciousness.  We open up to the magical child within and become who we are meant to be.

In this highly technological era, I can write the blogs and talk to the angels and coach and cheerlead you as you are journeying into the centre of your divinity.  I can send you distant healing upon request and offer you almost 30 years of experience helping people attain  inner peace and flexibility through yoga.  However, I am not possessed ( as yet, anyway) of the technical expertise to fix the reply section of my web-site.  I can offer spiritual tools and technologies that work for many.  Yet, I cannot reach many people if it depends on my OWN technical skills.  Without the gifts and knowledge of my web-site host’s co-operation – Awakening Spirit’s reach is limited.  That is unfortunate & frustrating to me because Awakening Spirit is a conglomerate of ethereal beings of such immense love and compassion that words cannot convey how deeply I wish to spread their message beyond a few people.  However, even if one person reads the blogs and finds something of value to them that changes their lives and consciousness for the better –  than I am happy.  My work is done.

Frustration leads to new opportunities.  We seek new ways to ‘be’ in the world.  New ways to express what we have to offer.  In the past – my resistance to ‘the machine in the Garden’  ( 1980s)  – would possibly have resulted in me throwing my computer out the window!  That would have been an impulsive desire coming from frustration.  However, now I respond rather than react.  So, I will ponder what this means for me personally and what it means for the future of Awakening Spirit.  I will seek the guidance of the angels and also the help of other earthly beings like myself who, I am certain, will have advice for me as to how to proceed.

Meanwhile, I will continue to post the blogs whether you are able to comment or not.  Until I am guided that my FREE service is to do something else.  And, even though it may be awhile before you can comment again, I FEEL your energy in the ethers and I KNOW you are there.  Thank you very much for your patience.

Love & Light,    Monica                                p.s.   Next week’s blog returns to its usual form!



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  1. Gillian July 26, 2014 at 2:50 pm Reply

    So glad the technical difficulties have been solved. Yay!

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