“What we’ve asked you to do is not complicated. Stay Home.”   (Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada)

“This is a news story for me… I feel fine.”   (anonymous U.S. citizen speaking with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN)

“The government is essentially building a plane while trying to fly it.”   (Evan Solomon, CTV News)

Staying home during a global pandemic is service. The only people asked to be out and about now are those providing essential services. The rest of us are doing our part by staying home, avoiding hoarding, providing comfort when we can and practicing social distancing and hygiene measures to keep ourselves and loved ones safe and to slow the spread of Covid-19. If you are doing this, you are being of service at this unprecedented time during our lifetime.

As lightworkers we have discussed so many times over the years about how important it is to understand ourselves as human beings rather than human doings. Now is the time to step up to the plate and just Be. We are learning spiritual truths about ourselves and others. We are dis-covering that we can help by sheltering in place not just for ourselves and our families and friends, but, for the entire world. Wow! What an opportunity to practice being a global citizen as we sit daily to meditate and pray and send healing energy to all those on the front lines of this pandemic. As I said last week – we are not powerless at all. This is our opportunity to practice our self-discipline and mastery in ways we have not seen before.

For the majority of us we likely have been meditating and praying and sending healing energy and also distant communicating with those having greater difficulties with stress management then we do – because we have been practicing these strategies for decades rather than a few weeks and therefore have so much to share. It is important to engage in straight talk that can save lives; however, do not allow yourself to descend into any of the gloom and doom energy. That doesn’t help you or anyone else. Keep your frequency high and practice self-care. It is sometimes easy to slip into non-self-care when under stress, however, that is just the time when we need self-care the most. Therefore, at the end of this blog I will remind you of the myriad of things that qualify as self-care for you to practice and to encourage others to consider during this time of cocooning.

Archangel Michael is reminding you today that your inner guidance is real and trustworthy.  If you doubt your own intuition ask Mike to help you to clearly hear, see, feel and know that your Divine guidance is real. Ask Archangel Jophiel to help you to move ego aside so your Higher Self wisdom can come streaming through – for your own benefit and for the benefit of those around you.

I listened to Scott Kelly, retired astronaut, (who lived on the International Space Station for almost a year) so that I could give you his tips for isolation type living. First of all, he suggested that you pretend you are living in a space station. Make it part of your mission to be part of the crew (we not I). Kelly said that hygiene is very important as bacteria can spread in space. Light and exercise is important. Time to connect with family is important (he did it via video chat too!). Self-care is crucial. Structure and routine is necessary. Have the right expectations. Kelly said that looking at the earth from space you notice how thin the atmosphere is and you notice the areas of dense pollution and the destruction of the rain forests.  Due to the forced shut down of industry – Kelly says pollution decreased and in Wuhan the birds are singing again! He says we will not survive as a species if we do not learn from this. He says we must all speak out.

We are all having soul shifts right now are we not?  We have had many in the past, but our soul shifts are accelerating as the virus accelerates in parts of the world. I am now working with a new oracle deck that I received for my birthday. It is The Wisdom of the Trees Oracle  that I asked for. “Remember you have to ask for what you want”, says my spirit guide, Jo Jo.  Today, moments ago,  I asked the Green Man (by telepathy) whom I began communicating with in 2007, “What do you wish to communicate to my readers today?”  I pulled the card “Apple.”  The apple is a power card. Its main message is “generosity.”  How perfect is that? Our generosity to ourselves and others is crucial at this time. There are infinite ways to cultivate and express generosity. Apples were a vital food source for many in the ancient past – just ask Adam & Eve – joking!  We have to maintain our sense of humour!  Apples have numerous medicinal qualities which include reducing blood pressure and treating heart problems.  I am continuing to help out Dean as he recovers from his quadruple bypass and our daughter Hayley sent us a bag of apples last week. ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ your mother must have told you. She is correct.  So what is the full interpretation of the apple card?  “Bless others with a full and open heart, not only when you feel affectionate toward them, but also when they annoy you. Let your actions reveal your sense of generosity, whether it is material, spiritual or emotional.”  Yesterday, I received an opportunity to be generous to a ‘stranger’, through my daughter, Hayley. Hayley asked me to send an uplifting poem to a new person for a time-limited circle on the internet. I majored in English Literature, but, I wasn’t in the mood at the time!  So, I grumbled a bit first – then – I got in the mood – because I raised my frequency  in order to send something inspiring to a ‘stranger’ and in doing so I re-discovered my passion for the poetry of William Wordsworth and sent my ‘stranger’ the poem To A Sky-Lark.  Thanks Hayley!

We can bless others without ever leaving our house.  Without ever leaving our couch – although – we need exercise!!  Our blessings are so powerful!  Remember that Commander Ashtar told us recently that we have no idea how powerful we are, however, we are ready to find out! So, my list is below so that you can stay healthy and suggest some of these things to others. It is often when we are most under stress that we forget to do exactly the things that would reduce our stress.

  • Watching a comedy or musical or movie you love.
  • Using your hands such as knitting, sewing, drawing, playing a musical instrument etc.
  • Deep breathing, pranayama
  • A daily walk
  • Dance around the house to your favourite music
  • Go outside at night and while practicing social distancing, align with the moon
  • Video chat with family and friends to socialize
  • If you have an animal companion – lucky you!!
  • Begin a dream journal
  • Drink a calming cup of herbal tea
  • Cleanse and balance your chakras
  • Practice grounding yourself each day
  • Enjoy cooking whatever is available
  • Hydrate, bless your water
  • Create new uplifting and comforting affirmations
  • Do your daily gratitude list
  • On your walks – look for fairies – they are around every plant and flower
  • Read those books that you have never had time for
  • meditate
  • If you don’t have one, create an altar
  • start writing family stories, a memoir, connect with your ancestors
  • allow yourself a sweet treat
  • connect with the crystal kingdom
  • cleanse with sage, clear your energy field in your own way
  • declutter and cleanse your home
  • chant  (for me it is OM)
  • lift weights and exercise indoors
  • Soak in a bubble bath
  • implement sound healing, play music
  • Sing!
  • rest and nap
  • Yoga, Tai-Chi, Qi Gong
  • Create a new vision board
  • create grooming and/or beauty rituals
  • Practice listening to your own intuition, psychic development
  • Go with the Flow     ……….  I am sending you all Angel Blessings…… Love from Monica

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  1. Gillian March 26, 2020 at 2:46 pm Reply

    Another excellent post! Today marks one week of imposed self-isolation (though no known exposure) and two weeks of social distancing. We can do this, Readers 🙂 Looking forward to the next blog already.

  2. Hayley March 26, 2020 at 9:01 pm Reply

    Thanks for this terrific blog! What an inspiring way to look at our self-isolation. I will definitely be trying some of these tips!

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