Bringing our beliefs, values & agreements into alignment with our Higher Selves results in joy.  So too does directing our life force with a purpose that ignites our emotions.  This brings us immense satisfaction and we won’t need to depend on any particular outcome or circumstance for success.  Are you following your inner messages?  Are you heeding the messages of your angels & guides?  The universe is always working to bring us our ‘higher good’ ; however, our lack of joy in the present moment ( which sometimes is due to a non-stop emphasis on the future) makes it difficult, if not impossible, to attract the goal or happiness we are waiting for that we believe will give us the joy for which we are searching.  Of course, joy, like love, is what we ARE, not what we are searching for, but we often forget this and think it is an emotion when it is actually a state of being.  This is one reason why the art of surrender is so important.  When urgency and need are our major motivations we tend to filter our life through a belief that we cannot be happy until our goal manifests.  This lack of present joy, by the law of paradoxical intent, actually pushes our ‘Good’ further into the future, just as trying to grab a beach ball on water at the beach results in it moving further and further away from reach.  Move in the direction of your goals, if necessary one baby-step at a time both physically and energetically, because you want your goals to enhance an already joyous life.  Do not let your goals define you or your value.  We are NOT our goals.  We are eternal expressions of Source choosing our destiny.

I am including this affirmation of Sandra Anne Taylor’s because it helped me a great deal in the past, when my 35 year old marriage & the life built around it began to disintegrate: “I release urgency & desperation, I live in the energies of patience,  persistence, & peace of mind.  Everything I do, I do with joy.” I used this affirmation for years.  I  share with you in these pieces only what has worked for me  &/or has been tested by a spiritual teacher or master that I know to be of the Light.  Do not undervalue the magic of affirmations when used consistently.  They can be used to attract & banish (release). When employed with the Law of Neutralization, they are even more effective.

Joy is not really a feeling, although it often feels that way because it sometimes seems fleeting on our journey toward enlightenment. I LOVE what Emmanuel says about joy:

Joy is learning.

Joy is experiencing without pain.

Once you have accepted without question

that you exist in eternity as a conscious being,

that we in spirit exist, that God exists,

then the outer circumstances of your life

will lighten perceptibly.

You will not create or call to you

any darkness or distortion.

It does not mean that there will be one section

of your geographical earth called “Eden,”

but it means that you will have an awareness

of the true meaning of events.


As long as you inhabit the physical body

you will be subject to the physical world

yet the experience will be totally different.

There will be no pain.

This is not compromise.  It is not saying,

“Well then, I understand I am eternal

and so this agony doesn’t mean anything,”

No. No. You will experience no agony,

literally as well as figuratively and conceptually.

This is not rationalization.

That would be a trap.

It is total absorption in the truth.


Because you see pain and joy

through the telescope of past human teachings,

you find it difficult to believe that you can exist

in a state of joy where pain can be dissolved

into the reality of joy without denial.

Joy simply alters pain’s existence.”



Learning through joy rather than pain, which is the way of our ‘old’ world, was taught to me by Dr. Doreen Virtue, a role model of joy and love, one of my spiritual teachers, who recently announced her retirement.  (Doreen says in her video message that her energies have become way too sensitive to continue touring ).  It was after taking the Angel Therapy (R) Practitioner’s course with Doreen and communicating consciously since with over 88 spiritual masters, saints & angels, that I decided to choose to evaluate my opportunities using these three criteria:  (1) Is this on or part of my path?  (2) Does this provide me the opportunity to contribute to others?  (3) Does this bring me joy?  Thank you Doreen, for changing my life & the lives of so many people across the world with your example and teachings.  I feel joyful and very grateful that I had the privilege to learn directly from you.

“When you come from your highest level of integrity, you are serving others.  You do not need to be a leader or world famous, or to accomplish great deeds to make an important contribution to humanity.  If your work is done with intention, consciousness and love, you are giving the most valuable contribution of all – you are adding light to the world.”  (Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer)

As we focus upon how our life and work can give joy to others, we find that it brings joy and light to us too.

Love,         Monica










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  1. Hayley October 30, 2014 at 12:45 pm Reply

    Thanks for distilling all of these important lessons into one clear explanation of how to approach one of life’s big issues: the search for happiness! Thanks for another great blog 🙂

  2. Gillian November 2, 2014 at 7:28 pm Reply

    I love Dr. Virtue’s #3 (Does this bring me joy?). I found a quote I’d like to share with you and your readers by Howard Thurman: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Find out what makes you come alive and go do it, because the world needs people to come alive.” Thanks for this blog.

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