“Enlightenment is an inside job.”   Elizabeth Wood

“The whole universe is a consciousness experiment.”   Elizabeth Wood


Trust the process of the inner fire and what is being burned away during your transformation. Changes are happening on the inside, be aware that beliefs about yourself and/or others, old identities and habits or patterns of behaviour will not survive the transformation that you are growing through as you learn to steer your consciousness and to direct and command energy.

We have been taught through many different systems that three things cause suffering as things dissolve: resistance, attachment, expectations. Is that not what Buddha taught? We ask ourselves – what am I resisting? What am I attached to? What are my expectations going forward? If we do not resist dissolving into the Oneness state – then there isn’t suffering.

We find as we do our inside work that all the programmes, blockages, dark energies and limitations are real. As we move through these fears we gain strength. We learn what we focus on becomes reality and that we can steer our consciousness into different dimensions. We learn that enlightenment is an inside job that happens to us when we do the work. We learn that we have a lot of control of our DNA and would never settle for someone telling us “you have three months to live or … your future is set in stone and it is this… ” We recognize that attack, pain, fear and judgement , and any other form of separation are merely calls for help. We realize that even quarantined or bedridden we can work on mastery. And so we do.

We explore what Elizabeth Wood calls our five “fields of limitation.”  Time, value, use of energy, fearing death and memory. We use all our tools as we carve away darkness and trauma with our spiritual wills and we stop resisting, attaching, expecting and leaking energy into the past and future as we occupy the NOW. We shine a light on beliefs in lack and trauma and we dig, dissolve, meditate and command. We command our field. We command the energy to move up, down and out.

We begin to explore the twelve dimensions from our place in Presence.  As Elizabeth Wood says – in the quantum field we don’t have skill sets we are our skill sets. And in the present moment, not leaking energy into the past or future we can “zoom in and out ” of dimensions. The first dimension or gateway is the I am at the core of the atom. If you go into it, you’ll “pop out to the edge of the universe again.” The fact says Elizabeth that you can imagine standing on the edge of the universe is key and that the perception of the 12 dimensions is there. The 13th dimension being Source Field. If we went into Source, Central Sun says Elizabeth – we would “pop into the multiverse.” However, we are often just hanging out in our 3D bodies with our 4D spirits not always realizing that we have access to perceive all these other dimensions and other beings of consciousness at every level.

In general perceiving dimensions and embodying them result in different experiences, patterns, colours, intuition, talents, capacities, dreams, flashes and orbs of light. Keep journaling. Keep notes like every good scientist does. When we are not in the past or the future we can travel the 12 dimensions because the past self and future self have collapsed into the moment. My guides keep showing me clairvoyantly a collapsed telescope as I write. They must want me to give you that image – do you remember that toy from being a child? It could be very long like a tunnel and yet could collapse into itself smoothly and easily.

4D itself could be imagined as a tunnel. As one single timeline and you can move forward and backward and be present wherever you choose. 5D opens the possibility of branching timelines – my guides are showing me, clairvoyantly, tributaries coming off of a main river. You can branch off a main timeline here by making one small change – for example – choosing different friends or a different career. The restriction in 5D being that while you can branch off you cannot jump timeline to timeline. 6D you can jump timelines and do what you want. Some describe 6D as having “no fate.” Be open to your own discoveries perhaps being different from mine or other spiritual teacher’s understanding and experiences. Always trust your own perceptions and Divine guidance. That is why it is so important to keep notes like a detective! This is not a linear process and pieces of the puzzle appear at different times.

Ask yourself today, what is one thing I can do today to heal my past? All of us have frozen traumatized selves that still have not gotten their needs met.  Reach into the river of time – bring that self out – and put them into a new situation. In the present moment you have complete control – so sit in your power – reign in your mind – steer your consciousness and bring that past traumatized self into a place of healing. Doing your spiritual work changes your physical life.

How much effort do you give to your relationship with your Higher Power? Is your partnership with Spirit your number one priority? For me this is how I steer my consciousness. Our life is a gift through which God/Source can express itself.

As you transform and awaken remember not to assess your current abilities based on past standards. They will no longer apply to you as you become stronger and more powerful. When you grow stronger your words, thoughts, actions and intentions gather more potency. Your responsibility for what you put out into the world increases as well. Recognize your stronger spiritual power and never weild it with ego. When you do that – bad things are likely to happen as the effect becomes multiplied as karmic return. If you find yourself sending negative thoughts toward another, stop immediately and go into your heart and apologize to them and send them love. This is called wisdom.

Trust that any endings are paving the way for new beginnings as the familiar gives way to the unfamiliar. These are signs of your evolution and the planet’s. Changes are occurring as chaos is experienced on many timelines in different dimensions. Things that have been hidden for a long time are coming into the open as there is a shift toward the light. The collapse of the old is coming in waves. Make best use of all pauses during and between waves. Move toward understanding the differences of others. Be ready to work with new energies. Every thought you have is determining your tomorrow.

Light has changed us on a DNA level and we are now able to steer our consciousness into 12 dimensions.

Namaste,     Monica


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  1. Gillian April 30, 2020 at 9:56 am Reply

    Wow, great post 🙂 I woke this morning out of dreaming the word “concatenation” and felt it was a sciency word. When I looked it up it has the meaning of connection. Only connect. Only concatenate! Must look up Elizabeth Wood now. Thanks!

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