“Our task is to come together.”   Pam Gregory

“Every thing you do or say has to have a higher frequency now.”   Bracha Goldsmith


My idea for my blog today comes to me from St. John of God whom I have channeled a number of times since we first consciously connected about 20 years ago, although chances are high our relationship began in a past life. As did my strong relationship with goddess Isis.  St. John of God was also called Juan Ciudad and Father of the Poor. He is a patron of the mentally and physically ill and hospital employees. He is also known to help booksellers and those with heart ailments.  He was born in Portugal in 1495 and as a young man worked as a shepherd, soldier and a travelling book peddler. In 1538 he experienced an epiphany after hearing John of Avila speak and he gave away all of his money and possessions and was then hospitalized in the psychiatric wing of a hospital. He died of pneumonia after saving a man from drowning.

This morning I asked St. John of God to give me a message for my readers of this blog and heard this:

“Treat yourselves gently at this time dear ones. You are going to find out who you are and what you are made of through this crisis. You are going to discover your own mode of expression and your soul’s full essence. No one discovers their mettle until they are tested through adversity. It is easy to have faith when you see all going well. Not so easy to continue to stay on the path with both feet on the ground while darkness swirls about you. You are each deeply loved in ways you cannot yet understand. Call upon me in times of trouble and I will soothe your soul and offer you a miracle that is like a balm for your spirit.”

I love St. John of God’s energy so it was wonderful to connect with him today dear readers on your behalf. His specialty is reassuring those who are depressed and/or worried. His energy alone will lift your spirits as he is loving and jolly. I have asked for treatments from him for family and friends and he has always responded. Ask and it is given.

Part of strengthening our spirituality is making ourselves aware of the positives within our current crises. People around the world are noticing the reduced pollution due to reduced travel, the awakening of millions to the Black Lives Matter movement, the plight of 150 animals going extinct daily, the inhumanity to the elderly who no longer being units of production are not valued in a society where money reigns supreme, violence against women and children is being recognized as a lasting legacy of patriarchy, and on and on… Everything is being brought to the surface. To the light. We cannot heal what is hidden.

Our planet is upgrading. We are upgrading. We are at the time now of a strong solar eclipse and today the sun moves into the sign of Cancer. The eclipse happens within a few hours of the solstice on the world axis. As you know, eclipses are powerful and are often big events. And, it is our collective consciousness that will determine what happens. How things play out so to speak. So set a new intention for yourself and also a new intention for the planet says U.K. astrologer, Pam Gregory. Cancer is associated with roots, family, home, nationhood, nurturing, empathy, compassion, and we can feel all of these now. Keep your frequency high and since there will be some energy of Neptune – tune in to your dreams. What are they telling you? The last few days of June we move into Aries – dynamic warrior sign – and it will remain for the next six months. Stay aware and sharp.

We are being asked to move beyond the familiar.  As humans we tend to stay in the same house, sit in the same chair, eat the same foods, interact with the same people, hold on to the same beliefs, choose the same animal companions, do the same hobbies, choose the same work, read the same type of books, talk about the same topics… and it is now time to look in a new direction. To look beyond the familiar. It is a time for new directions and new perspectives.

One of the things that increases our frequency bandwidth is channeling and I channeled daily for many years. Perhaps that channeling was in large part responsible for me opening up sufficiently to be able to receive the broadcasting of Eularia, the Arcturian guide who works with me now. For those of you who are looking into the skies these days – there are many of you – if you have been persistent – you will have seen star ships. Or, you will see star ships within the next few years.  Keep looking. Benevolent galactic beings, like my guide Eularia, are making themselves known and are here to help.

The winds of change they are a blowing! There is naturally a concern for many of us regarding which way these winds will blow. However, focusing on the positive and keeping our frequency high strengthens us. It is human nature to resist change but we need to embrace change, not for change’s sake – but for our own and the collective. Life is about to get very interesting and magic lies in the unknown. Remove yourself from any drama and find the still voice within. Not all circumstances are in your control right now so bide your time and trust.

Social distancing, says astrologer Bracha Goldsmith, while hard on so many of us, is actually strengthening our auric field. We are strengthening ourselves spiritually. That was obviously confirmed for us this morning through St. John of God’s message. So we have the pain of not being able to hug and also the joy of knowing we are strengthening our spirituality. Bittersweet.

We are all being upgraded as the planet also upgrades. Benevolent galactic beings are watching and are interested in our progress as we are all connected in this Web of Life. Nothing is actually separate – although it may seem so. As you upgrade, ask for help. I have recently had some help from the Lemurians, however, I regularly ask for help and guidance from Angels, Faeries, Dragons, Unicorns, and from a variety of Ascended Masters as I work on my own evolving mastery. Ask for Higher help. It is all around you if you pay attention and ask.

Love & Light,   Monica


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  1. Gil Lian June 20, 2020 at 12:28 pm Reply

    A lovely uplifting post much needed at this time, Monica. For Monica’s readers: My daughter and I have been star gazing for years and it’s a family joke that I’m always looking for aliens. A few nights ago, however, we saw something that couldn’t be explained away as a satellite (plenty of those every night) or shooting star (very different movement) or fireworks (WAY too high up with no sound). We both agreed that these bright lights in the sky behaved in a way that we just couldn’t explain. I have since heard on CBC radio that “unusual radio waves” from space have been detected recently. The commentator asserted that this didn’t mean “aliens.” I wonder. Also for Monica’s readers who are unicorn fans, check out The Unicorn Store on Netflix with Brie Larson.

    • Monica June 20, 2020 at 3:37 pm Reply

      Thank you for sharing!

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