“The Secret of the world is the tie between person and event.”      Ralph Waldo Emerson

The basic definition of synchronicity is meaningful coincidence.  The term was coined by Carl Gustav Jung, one of the most influential thinkers of the twentieth century.  Jung, a Swiss psychologist, defined synchronicity as any apparent coincidence that inspires a sense of wonder and personal meaning or particular significance in the observer.  For example, one day you suddenly remember a school chum that you haven’t seen or thought about in decades.  The phone rings and it is the person you were just remembering!  This is one, of many, forms of synchronicity.  And, it happens to millions of us every day.

The Rig Veda, which was written well over 3, 500 years ago, refers to Creation as a vast Web of interrelated existences.  There are spiritual bonds which, according to the Rig Veda connect every detail of the universe.  This web is referred to as “Indra’s Net” because Indra is the Lord of Time  who catches all things in his cosmic net.  When synchronicity occurs, invisible bonds appear visible.

The story of why Jung coined the term synchronicity is a well-known one.  It is quite dramatic; however, in its basics, it is easy to relate.  Jung was in his office one day with a patient and they were discussing Egypt when a beetle, known as a scarab, walked across his desk.  Jung found that the word “coincidence” was just too ordinary a word to use to describe this event where an Egyptian beetle, thousands of miles away from home, appeared at exactly the moment he was talking about Egypt and also giving him the key he needed to open the mind of his patient to a new awareness.  It was obvious to Jung that the universe that God created is neither random nor chaotic, but, in fact, perfectly ordered and patterned.  Synchronized.  Therefore, he created the word “synchronicity.”

Synchronistic events happen more frequently than most of us realize.  Although, those of us on this journey to enlightenment, recognize them in their highest forms as personal gifts from Source.  Even though they are sometimes fleeting and the meaning sometimes seems elusive, we recognize them as part of the hero’s journey to the Authentic Life.  I am sure that as you are reading this numerous memories of your own synchronistic events are coming into your mind.  I have so many, and I know you do too.

There was a time in my life, over 30 years ago, when I was travelling back and forth on the train between Montreal and Toronto weekly – in order to visit with my dying mother.  EVERY return trip I discovered that I was seated next to some person with whom I connected immediately, even though I had never previously met any of them!  Each time I received either deep words of wisdom or a sacred symbol or image that happened in a way that was synchronistic –  without fail.  Time did not seem to exist on these trips, and having boarded the train I was always amazed to arrive at my destination never having felt that any time had passed.  It was as if, on these trips, Time was ordered to benefit ME!  It got so that every time that I boarded a train, I expected the person beside me to be just the philosopher I needed that day.

There are so many different types of synchronicity and if the subject fascinates you, as it does me, there are many books with which you can familiarize yourself with its many forms.  Keeping a synchronicity journal is a valuable tool for personal growth and spiritual development – and also helps you to see the profound psychological basis that Jung identified.  I find that, as with keeping a dream journal, the synchronicity journal yields pieces of the puzzle over time.  Events noticed as synchronistic gain greater significance when you record each of them, even the seemingly trivial ones.  Just as with dreams.  You will dis-cover connected elements of importance as time unfolds its mysteries.  Often, we find, as we embark on a healing journey, that we attract synchronicities that help us find our path to health and wellness.  We may be led to the right healer for us or to the right form of therapy.  Or, a synchronicity might signal a ‘shift’ in our consciousness that allows healing to occur with no intervention whatsoever.

I will now share with you my most recent experience of synchronicity – which prompted me to write about this topic of interest.  I will type out here what I wrote in my new journal that my sister just gave me.

“Feb 4, 2015.    Yesterday morning I got to thinking about how much I love my animal totem, Gray Wolf, and how he has helped me and guided me and protected me for so many years.  I thought to myself, looking around at my wolf tapestry, statues and pictures, that I have not thanked Gray Wolf enough and I wondered if he knows how much I love him?  I went into my Reiki room and looked at my altar where my sacred objects sit and looked at a 3D bookmark of Gray Wolf that I bought during my month in Bath, England, 2011.

I remembered that Gray Wolf let me know that he was looking after me in Bath.  I was alone in a city that I had never been in before in this lifetime and out late at night for activities such as the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  However, there had been a woman in front of me with a huge wolf on her sweater, I had just seen a wolf calendar and had just bought a beautiful 3D wolf bookmark in one of the stores on the high street in Bath.  I knew these were signs that wolf was with me.

So, as I gazed at the altar and my picture of Gray Wolf, I said aloud to him: “Thank you so much, Gray Wolf, for all you do for me, I love you very much and I appreciate you.  I hope you know how much I love you.”  Then, I carried on with my day.

At night, after dinner, when it is completely dark, I draw the drapes of the bay window at the front of my cottage.  And, as usual, I did this.

Around 9 p.m. I suddenly felt drawn to look out and pulled the curtains quickly aside.  As I did this I saw what looked like a really big dog come bounding out from a field behind the houses across the lane.  It came bounding up to my driveway and stopped in its tracks – lit up from the streetlight above.  Our eyes met in a moment of intensity.  It was a gorgeous wolf!  There was a brief connection and a ‘knowing’ between us as our eyes locked.  Then, suddenly, he turned and bounded up the lane and across the highway .

I watched him go, longingly, and felt in awe of his presence and his boundless freedom.  I felt blessed beyond words.

I love you, Gray Wolf.”

A number of days after this encounter I was sent a petition to sign by a group of people trying to prevent the planned slaughter of hundreds of wolves in British Columbia.  Of course, I signed it.  After bursting into tears.

Wolf, as you likely know, in the Native American tradition is associated with the moon and the psychic side of life and is known as the Teacher.  So, how do I understand this most recent personal example of synchronicity?  At the moment, I tend to agree with Frank Joseph who says: “to scrutinize something like synchronicity is to diminish it.  We murder when we dissect.”  It is important, rather, I feel, that we respect our OWN feelings above all others in its interpretation.  We meditate on it and we ‘feel’ it rather than necessarily consciously understand it.  To me, I received my answer from God.  The answer that I was looking for.  I got up one morning and went into my Reiki room and asked if Gray Wolf knows how much I love him?  That same night, he came – in person – looked into my eyes and said, “YES.”

I take this as a sign that I am on my path.  I was in the right place, at the right moment in Time for yet another beautiful encounter with Spirit.  One that I will remember, fondly, for the rest of my life.

Love & Light,   Monica




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  1. Gillian February 26, 2015 at 6:20 pm Reply

    Wow. And just today I re-read Moose Lake and was particularly taken with the character, Roland, describing a wolf’s call as , ‘Electric’. Synchronicity!

  2. Hayley February 27, 2015 at 5:08 pm Reply

    Wow! Thanks for a wonderfully clear explanation of synchronicity and for sharing that lovely personal story 🙂

  3. Christine March 1, 2015 at 10:52 am Reply

    This is one of my favourite’s of your Blogs .
    I love all three stories, I had never heard the one about Dr Jung and the Scarab , that is amazing.
    I loved the one of you being comforted on your trips back from visiting your dying mother, and the Wolf just gave me affirmative chills when you told me that same day . I know messages are always there for us, sometimes they just stand out like these .
    Thank you dear buddy.

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