Pivotal Full Moon Event

“There will be lots of 3D drama and colour within the next few months for those who watch the news.”   Pam Gregory

“This Blue Full Moon…

Whirlwind of Change

“Find somewhere you can feel peace and bliss.”   Pam Gregory

“June (2021) is a wild ride.”   Kari Samuels

June is a wild ride says…

Astrological Predictions

“Plagues aren’t unique to our species, they are just unique to us.”   Nicholas Christakis

“We will ultimately push back this plague, th…

The Great Reset

“I think a lot of people just want to refurbish when sometimes the whole structure needs to be pulled down.”   Bracha Goldsmith

“Love i…

The Before Times

“We are being given an opportunity to practice forgiveness, compassion and understanding and to hone our discernment.”   Amanda Ellis