“Spiritual teachers go through turbulent times too – we don’t have it all figured out, there is always more to discover, more and more layers.”   Ariella Indigo

“When I go to sleep, I swallow the entire world, and when I awake, I spit it back out.”   (Ancient Tantrikas)

For the last 6 weeks or so with the energies of the eclipses and our passageways we have all been asked to go within. Everyone is experiencing this time – including our spiritual teachers. This is due to very intense ascension energies – offering us a huge opportunity for growth. Some of us are going through a dark night of the soul. Again. Only this time – we have much experience and a lot of tools to deal with it.

For the U.K.’s spiritual teacher, Ariella Indigo, she is sharing that she is undergoing ascension tests that take her back, in some ways, to where she was many years ago when she used substances to numb her psychic abilities and sensitivities. However, having gone through the AA programme and having healed those addictions, she is able to use the power of storytelling learned at AA meetings to help carry her through this period of what some are calling “unpredictable unpredictability.” So, as I am on her email list, I received her little heart to heart chat expressing her renewed struggles as she searches for the lesson in yet another ascension test. Ariella is the type of spiritual teacher that I admire – because she not only does not pretend to know it all – but – she shares her struggles so others may learn and know they are not alone. Even internationally recognized spiritual teachers fully immersed in their calling and being well-rewarded for it on all levels – are having an intense time. Growing pains.

One of the things that Ariella shares is that she is again having challenges with low vibrational entities and since she is a master at clearing them, this is not surprising when one understands that she is being tested as to maintaining sovereignty over her own energy. However, Ariella reports that she has had a breakthrough over the last few weeks since she began astral travelling with a high frequency guardian. I do that with Archangel Michael. There are lower astral realms you really do not want to visit and I was advised by my mentor the Amazing Grace, over 20 years ago, to leave those doors shut. However, every individual’s path is unique and our potential for breakthroughs manifest differently according to our chosen destiny. We all experience everything from the place we are individually.

Spiritual teachers use their own struggles and challenges to help others. This is a form of alchemy. Mud into gold. The beautiful lotus flower arises from the mud. Transformation is messy. Tangled. Ariella takes responsibility, as all masters do, for her own “entity drama.” She owns the fact that lately, she has been responsible for her own “shadow creations.” She asks us, “Have you ever been scared of your own creations?” She reminds us that when we manifest from a low frequency mindset we are testing ourselves. Creating monsters and then slaying them (my words, not hers).

We are all transforming and so we can have empathy for an internationally recognized spiritual teacher going through another dark night of the soul process and sharing it with us so we are not under the illusion that high level teachers experience no further challenges. We are never finished  growing if we are choosing the path of mastery. Our rites of passage vary in intensity depending on our mission. Ariella is able to continue her mission as she simultaneously untangles herself and reclaims her power. It only makes her stronger. For Ariella, hers is, she says, “the death of the maiden” process. She is in her early 40s and an old part of her is dying. She has been through a dark night before and she understands that “this is the end of an old road.”

Endings can be very sad, even when you know that there will be new beginnings. Ariella went out into the garden and sobbed when she realized what is leaving from her life. That is the wisest thing to do! I remember my Jungian therapist in the 80s telling me that he went to bed for days and just sobbed and sobbed. I couldn’t do that as I had a baby to care for – however – grief needs to be released so that it does not lodge in the physical body and create disease.

Transformation takes courage. It does not happen without it. Ariella has reclaimed her power, but admits, sometimes you just “fall on your knees and pray.” It is true that it is always darkest just before the light comes streaming through. A hermit period is a usual archetype when undergoing a metamorphosis.

Have you, like Ariella, had some breakthroughs this last 6 weeks of intense energy? For so many of us, we have been offered an opportunity (disguised as challenges) to go deeper. A much deeper level of awareness. However, it is always important to feel and to express (journalling?) before you clear old patterns and programmes.

Joan Pancoe reminds us that on August 11th (mark your calendar) we will be on “the receiving end of a very cool, very unusual and, for some of us, very disconcerting planetary event: The simultaneous stations of Trickster of Awakening Uranus going retrograde and expansive Jupiter going direct.” Joan says we will be affected in very positive ways but also very unpredictable ways.  This, she says, may be a complete reboot of our IOS (Internal Operating Systems)  as well as “the viewing screen for our projections and perceptions of all levels of reality.” There will be wisdom available in the next many months for those who are awake, open and ready. For those still asleep, there will be other opportunities down the road.

Love & Light,   Monica


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