I love stories.  I am an avid reader and I love hearing people’s stories and also telling them some of mine.  Stories are the way that we make sense and meaning out of our lives and the world around us.  For many years I taught Life-Writing in Victoria, B.C.  I facilitated many groups of writers over an eight year period.  I feel privileged and honoured to have heard the stories of hundreds of people over that period of time and to have helped some of them to publish their memoirs.  A group life-writing project that I co-edited called VOICES IN THE WIND was placed by the mayor of Oak Bay in the millennial time capsule for posterity.  When it is opened these will be old stories and yet will contain valuable information for how to create a ‘new’ story.

Our past has largely made us who we are today; however, as evolution continues we are learning the lessons of the past and then letting go so that we do not need to continually run an ‘old tape’ about ourselves and our lives.  By holding onto the past and any negative feelings that that we have about it, we limit our present and future.  There are many ways of examining the past and life-writing is only one of them.  Dealing with our issues, doing our ‘inner work’ moves us forward into a place where we are ready to create a new story.  We do not need to stay mired in a time warp.  We can mine the gold nuggets embedded in our old stories and then move forward.

Once we have told our story and we feel it has received an audience sufficient to have given us the feeling of ‘being heard’ – then it is time to create a new one.  We enter the present moment unfettered by the past and savour the unlimited open space that is now available for new thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.  Likely, your old story was created and filtered through the lens of your parents, family, physical circumstances and culture.  Your definition of success and worth perhaps defined more by society’s values than your own ‘inner knowing.’  As James Ray says, ” your past is not who you are, it’s who you were.”

When you arrive at that place of emptiness, allow yourself to just ‘be.’  Practice just ‘being.’  Someone once said that we are called human beings and not human doings for a reason.  It is tempting to immediately reach and grasp for a new place to hang your hat, so to speak.  Allow yourself instead the luxury of living in the moment and experiencing everything with your ‘new eyes.’  See everything as if for the first time and experience the inherent freedom.  You may truly feel like a baby exploring your world.  Nurture and encourage yourself – parent yourself the way you wish you had been parented – with unconditional love.  Your Source supports this as you allow yourself to fill with infinite love and light and know your true divinity.  Savour and be.  Baby steps and one-day-at-a-time became my new mantra at this period of the journey; however, yours may be quite different.

Take your time enjoying and exploring before you create your new story.  Being without ANY story at all is lovely in and of itself and allows you time to ‘cook up’ a new one!  What does your best life look like?  What does it look like to YOU – not others – this is YOUR life after all!  Let your imagination run wild.  Now that you have released your past, anything is possible.  The energy that you put out to the universe is the energy that you get back, so, create wisely from your place of expanded awareness with discernment and joy.

If you are having difficulty writing your new story, examine your own values and ask yourself how you are going to live your life in alignment with these values?  This generates the insight and energy you need to attract everything that you desire.  Get clear about exactly what you wish to create, feel it completely in your body and being and then let it go out to the universe with no restraints as to ‘how’ things will occur ( our egos have a very small outlook) and then be open to receiving and following your divine guidance so you can take whatever action steps are recommended.  Lightworkers are often guided to healthier lifestyle choices that when followed enable them to more clearly receive their guardian angels’ messages.

Many people are not aware of the fact that there is a huge difference between what we wish for and what we think will actually occur!  So, ask yourself – what do I REALLY expect my future to be like?  Often we want something different but deep within we actually expect just more of the same.  This sends out conflicting messages to the universe.  So, really start fresh.  Set clear intentions and expect and visualize your best outcome.  Keep your faith and align daily expectations with your new vision for yourself.  And, be open to something even better happening for you.  A lot of lightworkers are adding a tag-line to their positive affirmations such as  – “this or something better manifests for me now.”

Everything is possible.  Source created you a divine being and there are no limits except those that you believe in – so – remember to tell a new story that you actually believe is coming true.  Believe and receive.

Wishing you Love and Light,     Monica






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  1. Hayley December 12, 2013 at 2:11 pm Reply

    This may be your best one yet (in my humble opinion)!! I’m really glad you’re in my story!!!!!!

  2. Christine December 14, 2013 at 9:09 am Reply

    I love this one as well.
    And it seems so relevant to me today,and I’ll tell you why.
    Yesterday I was working with a client , who has had a very traumatic life , shot in the head as a child, was in Germany during the World War….. to name a few reasons. He is now in his eighties. Last week we worked for the first time, yesterday he came back. I asked him how he felt, he said ” it’s very hard to explain .. but I feel like a ZERO . We discussed what that meant to him, he said it was freeing, and it meant that he was free of some old painful stuff . And he now has a chance to “start again” with this feeling of ZERO.
    Thank you for always writing stuff that is interesting and thought provoking Monica .

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