“Thanks to science, we…know – as of 2008 – that all the planets in our solar system are expanding and warming up. And that’s not all they’re doing.”   P.M.H. Atwater

“So what have we been dealing with for a while? Big, dramatic stuff: huge ventures, massive failures, large profits, high stakes, pop-star royalty, unbelievable corruption, billions lost with nary a blink, biblical storms, genocide on a scale beyond what the heart can bear. Can we forgive? Can we love each other? The kids say yes. The adults aren’t so sure.”    P.M. H. Atwater

Human physiology resonates with the same pulse as Earth, which resonates with the sun, and the sun resonates with the solar system, the galaxy core, and the universe. We are bound together as if in a sacred circuit. The electromagnetic plasma field enveloping us has become measurably thicker of late, perhaps to hold us together as speeds increase. The Great Attractor calls.”  P.M. H. Atwater

Temperatures are rising. Some of us have been scorching under record-breaking temperatures for our areas. The Earth’s ice caps have dramatically thinned out and scientist, Dr. Cornell, tells BBC News that ice in areas around the North Pole could melt completely and it is not just the animals there that are under threat.  “Melt the Arctic, you’re changing the way the whole Earth works.” She says, “rising sea levels may mean entire nations may need to move…when you warm the planet and are simultaneously changing the landscape – you’re changing the water cycle.” Sir Paul McCartney tells Newsbeat (Nov 2017): “President Trump’s resistance to climate change is madness.”

Besides the rising temperatures, more floods, heat waves, fires and our earth changes which are now considered the “new normal” and are due, largely, to global warming, we also have been experiencing an astrological mix of “crazy-making energies” says Joan Pancoe on top of our continuing acceleration (Quickening) which is causing instability on all levels. Whew!

Joan says that as the phase 2 of our Quickening continues, it is causing symptoms of instability on ALL levels. At this point in her journey, Joan is experiencing what she is calling “the galactic flu” (previously we often called this “psychic flu.”) Joan is finding this period challenging.

Having a witness perspective (meditation) is now crucial to our well-being. Otherwise we may resort to numbing ourselves with alcohol or medications. While we do not judge others who do this, and while it may give us a short reprieve, it is only a delaying tactic with regard to our transformation and also sets us up for the inevitable eventual withdrawal symptoms  to follow. As Joan so wisely says: “The high road spiritually is to go for the clean sharp growing pain as, otherwise, low-grade chronic suffering ensues, sometimes for decades or lifetimes.”

Would it help you to know that some of the summer madness we are experiencing is from what Joan calls the “trickster planet Uranus?” Uranus is currently shaking things up big time. “As Uranus backs up briefly into Aries for one more pass, 84 years in the making, he will be hitting the master degree of 29 of fiery Aries in November 2018 and February 2019, where he was during the initial events in Hawaii. So, we can expect more of the same, all over the planet, especially since volatility is the key signature of the last degree of Aries.” You can imagine, can you not, how my title for this blog, refers to our tempers as well as the weather! Hot temperatures and hot tempers are a volatile combination.

We do not need to combust! When we understand what is going on re climate change and acceleration and the astrological/galactic factors at play – we can center ourselves in our core being – our inner stillness. Then, knowing about the trickster energy of Uranus – we can learn to live in the here and now – and handle these crazy-making energies without attaching to them or resisting them. What we resist persists.

Carl Jung knew about trickster energy: “The trickster is the forerunner of the savior. He mediates in the space between heaven and earth, humans and gods. And because he lives on the borderline between planes, like a tightrope walker, he contains all conceivable opposites.”

All of this is part of the Great Shifting says P.M.H. Atwater. “Uranus appears to have had a recent magnetic pole shift of 60 degrees.” (Children of the Fifth World) Some scientists are saying that what we are experiencing is global warming and others say that a new ice age is underway. However, P.M.H. Atwater, a prophetic visionary, says: “The Great Shifting is a time when Earth and its many life forms (including us) undergo profound changes. Some species die out; new ones appear. Climate zones alter, as does our pole star. Yet humans survive and will continue to. The modern age accelerates the shifting but does not cause it.” More changes ahead yet? “Earth changes? Plenty ahead, and we are just getting started.” Changes abound.

Genetic modification has opened Pandora’s box says Atwater. “I believe that GMOs, along with brain changes caused by digital excesses, planetary geoengineering, skyrocketing drug and alcohol addiction, and too much ionizing radiation are propelling the second-most-momentous biological event since the death of the dinosaurs. It is the time of the Great Shifting. A revolution in genetics is to be expected – and it will be huge.”

So as temperatures rise and tempers flare and everything burns, shakes, floods and shifts – we stay centered in the core of our being. Our sacred heart. We do whatever we can to help Mother Earth and all its inhabitants. Nothing is too small or insignificant. We live from love, not fear. Atwater reminds us: “Did it ever occur to anyone… that we are moving from a ‘dark star’ mentality and apocalyptic mindset to an awakening of the planetary mind ?”  We know that we are becoming fifth dimensional masters. However, we are human – and we still feel the heat!

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian August 9, 2018 at 4:19 pm Reply

    Yes, reminds me of the late sixties and the many riots. I recall the parents blaming part of it on the heat! Good blog.

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