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“My experience with Monica has been amazing since the first time I contacted her. I was 5 months pregnant and my husband and I began to take yoga classes & breathing techniques in order to get prepared for the big day. All we learnt with her was absolutely useful and extremely helpful, having as a result a perfect labour with no pain, no medicines, and no stress, just joy! Also, during my pregnancy and after I received some Reiki sessions from Monica that helped me to balance my energy in synchrony with the baby and it was a total experience because I could feel my baby girl very deeply. These sessions allowed me to build ties with my baby in a new way and to develop a special connection with her. Monica is a great person, very caring and lots of fun. I am truly thankful to her for all the light she has brought to my life.”
P.N.,   Kingston, Ontario.

“We are thoroughly enjoying our weekly yoga sessions with Monica. Being new to yoga, we were looking for a comprehensive introduction to the basics in a comfortable setting with no pressure. We found that with Monica. She is very patient, extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of yoga and has made our beginner experience more rewarding and fun than we ever imagined. We look forward to sessions and can feel the benefits already. We would highly recommend Monica – she has hooked us on yoga for life!”
Janet & Jess, Kingston, Ontario

“Relaxation begins immediately when you enter Monica’s yoga workout area. The surroundings are comfortable and Monica is always happy and bubbly and makes me feel this is my time for relaxation and there is no competition as I have experienced at previous Yoga groups. The feeling is exceptional as this is a one on one Yoga class and it is my time to relax and enjoy. – Breathing techniques and warm-ups before starting exercise are a very important part of Monica’s program. Breathing properly, relaxing and feeling safe and secure is the greatest experience you can achieve before beginning with the stretches.

This class is not just exercise but learning and information regarding the creation of Yoga. Monica is very knowledgeable and is able to answer when you have questions regarding meditation or certain stretches and what they do for your body and mind. This makes the class more interesting and when you leave you feel you have a great friend also.  You have accomplished your goal:  Relaxation, Meditation, Exercise and Knowledge.”
B.K.K., Kingston, Ontario

“Monica is a clear communicator and effectively demonstrates the various yoga positions. She is responsible in outlining the health cautions associated with individual asanas. She is ‘gentle’ in her feedback, providing group corrections and watchouts so individuals don’t feel embarrassed…  Monica provides an encouraging, fun environment for the class so that everyone, regardless of skill-level, is compelled to try their best and achieves some sense of accomplishment.”
Susan Barclay, Victoria, B.C.

“I became a first-timer to Yoga and I am enjoying it immensely. I find that your instruction is easy to follow because it is clear and concise. You are encouraging, have a very soothing voice and the class flows along nicely. I’m always surprised when it’s over!”
Suzanne Murray, Victoria, B.C.

“We have participated in Hatha Yoga classes conducted by Monica for more than two years. We enjoy her warm, cheerful and sensitive style and her ability to relate to a wide variety of participants and their individual needs… We are pleased to recommend her as an instructor to anyone considering making yoga a part of their healthy lifestyle.”
Sylvia Orenchuk & Kathi Williams, Victoria, B.C.

“I just want to thank you for your superior instruction … I had taken yoga before but not with such an enthusiastic and informative instructor as yourself.  Your expertise, gentleness, wisdom and empowering classes, … have led me to sign up for more! … people who give 100% all the time are a rare find. Monica, you are a rare find and a true angel.  Our class feels spoiled indeed.  I feel blessed to have met you.”.
Susan D., Victoria, B.C.

“I am an admirer of Monica’s!  I enjoy her yoga program (Hatha Yoga) and appreciate her instructional methods … Monica is clearly an expert in her field as attested by her extensive yoga background and sound presentation skills. She is very good at inspiring others to enjoy the benefits of yoga.”
Norma R., Victoria, B.C.

“I am writing to let you know how much I enjoy your yoga classes.  You provide excellent instruction.  You make us feel very comfortable with our limitations, yet are always helping us to move forward as we are able … You have a delightful voice, and make the classes fun and informative.”
Kay M., Victoria, B.C.,

“I have enrolled in Monica’s yoga classes on a regular basis for the past six years.  Monica is a knowledgeable and dedicated yoga instructor.   Her classes are informative, beneficial, and enjoyable … Yoga is part of my daily life style due to Monica’s well-explained and sequenced instruction on how to incorporate yoga into a daily routine.”
Alice C., Victoria, B.C.


“I had the pleasure of meeting Monica through my best friend who has a large energetic aura about her; they first met randomly but not accidentally on a train… A few months later, when I was visiting from overseas, we decided to take another 6 hours train ride for an angel’s reading together. The meeting revealed much about my life, amazingly channeled through a special person who is truly a great translator between our protector angels and us.

I strongly recommend the experience to anyone that is striving to feel more connected to their inner self and at the same time interested in learning more about themselves now and in the future, so that they can be protected even in the smallest ways.

My experience with Monica was extremely pleasant and revealing; I also had an unmatched and uplifting feeling afterwards knowing who my angels are and how I can call on them for advice and strength in my daily life.”
A.J.G., Spain

“A traumatic life experience led me to seek the guidance of the angels through Monica. Her gentle energy and strong connection with the angels has helped me to overcome my experience and see that starting over does not have to be scary. After a reading, Monica and the angel’s guidance leave me feeling optimistic. I am very excited about where my future is leading me.”
Brandy,   Kingston, Ontario.

“I have consulted Monica over concerns about family members – how to cope with some and how to help others. In each case things have got better – I began coping with one in a healthier way and the other, beloved, person has become happier and more productive. I have a great deal of trust in Monica and have always been impressed with her compassion and diligence. She is an important resource for me in times of uncertainty.”
P.R.  Kingston, Ontario

“I enjoyed the Messages From Your Angels Workshop. Because Monica has extensively studied the meanings of angels and how to use them in your life, she was able to pass on her knowledge to the participants in a clear and concise manner. I highly recommend her workshop. Since the workshop I have enjoyed asking angels for help and feel like it has opened up a new world for me.  Thanks Monica.”
Andrea, Kingston, Ontario

“I took Monica’s Angel Workshop last summer. It taught me about the different types of angels, who specifically to ask for guidance, and how to receive messages from my angels more clearly. I was going through a lot of change during the time I took the workshop and the material taught in this course helped greatly to put my mind at ease and reduce stress.”
A.J.A., Ontario

“I have always consulted the I Ching when confused and needing help about a decision but my angel reading with Monica – while seeming to not even be responding to my question as asked-proved, not too long after, to be not only accurate but of great significance.  I recommend her.”
Gil L., Ontario

“Monica gave me a reading very soon after completing the Angels Course here in California.  The answers I received to my questions were accurate, comprehensive and filled me with a sense of hope and relief.  I have been suffering for some years now with chronic pain starting in my legs but progressed to my hips.  (Initially I sought the advice/treatment of a medical doctor who only told me to take a pain killer/which obviously was not a cure and didn’t alleviate my symptoms anyway).  I have been seeing a chiropractor for over three years and whilst I am better than I was at the beginning, still experience pain and could not walk too far without resting to allow the pain to subside.  I felt that I was going to be in pain upon walking for the rest of my life.  Monica assured me,  through her Angels reading on me, that this was not the case and that there were other things that I could do to be free of the pain. There were four simple things that she told me I should do and after following these suggestions, I find that I am greatly relieved of the chronic pain that I have been living with.”
Andrea L., California

“For the past four years I have had regular angel readings with Monica. Mostly distance, but also in person. I have always noticed the clarity of the messages. They always resonate with me. When I have questions, they always get answered. Sometimes in funny and amazing ways! Monica’s relationships with the angels are wonderful and full of humor. A few times I have asked for help with health issues, like pain. Monica uses Reiki as well, and the combination of her touch and the angels makes it magical.I have had lots of deep, wonderful sleeps after her work. She has a true gift.” Christine R-Bennett. N.C., USA


“I have enjoyed this Life Writing group as much as, probably more than, any other class that I have taken… Monica has given us sage advice and guidance and then let us have free reign.”
Alice McLaggan, Victoria, B.C.

“The variety of the group is wonderful, and the contact is not superficial – it is real.”
Pamela Odgers, Victoria, B.C.

“Monica has the gift of being a teacher who is very non-judgmental and supportive. As an attentive listener she creates an environment of acceptance of the varying talents and approaches of each of us in the class, and this atmosphere gives me the courage to write about difficult episodes from my personal history which I otherwise would hesitate to share.”
Catherine Bacon, Victoria, B.C.

“Life Writing course participants have commented on Monica’s supportive and non-judgmental approach. Participants are encouraged to write and then listen to each other in an environment that accepts and supports the talents of each member of the group. Monica has assisted course participants to write and publish their memoirs.”
J.R., Victoria, B.C.

“Monica, with her combined qualifications of post-graduate degrees together with her career as an R.N. is exceptionally qualified to support all the participants during these uneasy journeys of MEMORY.  We’ve all observed her tremendous kindness, patience and skillful handling of such situations and my personal admiration is unbounded.”
Romany M., Victoria, B.C.

“It has been fascinating to hear such a wide variation of life experiences, from places lived all over the world, written in so many different styles, including wonderfully written pieces on life here in all parts of Canada.  I sense, too, that for some participants at least, the course has a good deal of therapeutic value; for me certainly that is the case.”
Peg B., Victoria, B.C.

“This class has been some firsts for me – reading Braille aloud, writing of my life and being brave enough to share it with new acquaintances.  You have provided an environment of total support and acceptance.  Writing has been something of a dream which I did not think I would be bold enough to attempt.  Now because of you and our class members I plan to continue.  I want you to know in these past few weeks I have gained a greater sense of confidence.”
L.S., Victoria, B.C.

“The atmosphere of the class is very agreeable; there is never a harsh word, and the general attitude is one of encouragement.  This seems to bring out the best in everyone, to write in a clear and interesting way.”
Graham O., Victoria, B.C.

“I’ve learned from the readings that others have had some sad times and that makes my own a bit more tolerable.”
Larry P., Victoria, B.C.


“The Faery Festival is a celebration of life, perception and the natural world. You learn the history and lore of Faeries, who they are and how they work. You learn their significance in the world, how to meditate on them and how to perceive them.

Faeries interact with plants and animals. It is easy to see that anyone who has an interest in the natural world should also have an interest in the Faery World.

The Festival is a perfect mixture of theory and praxis. Like any good learning experience it begins with explanation and analysis. Once you understand the nature and purpose of Faeries, you learn the practical application of that knowledge: how to invoke their help and how to see them.

The serious nature of the Faery World is seriously presented. However, since Faeries are droll beings, learning about them also has its humourous side. Expect to have fun at the Festival. You may even hear a comical story or two about Gnomes.”
Dr. Blair Hemstock, Fort McMurray, Alberta

“I had the honor of working with Monica on the World Faery Festival. Going to an event like this could make some people feel nervous, but Monica makes sure everyone feels welcome and relaxed. She has a way that makes you want to participate in all the events. Events such as calling in of the fairies, dancing, and meditation that takes you to warm, exciting places as well as games and not to mention an abundance of information that at the end of the day leaves you wanting more. You leave looking at the world a little differently and you are happier for it. You are at peace.”
Catherine Pokrywa, Sheba’s Haven Rescue, Ontario

“I thoroughly enjoyed and had a fascinating time at the Faery Festival. Monica is very enthusiastic and made it such a magical and unique experience for everyone, there was a lot of excitement in the air. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I can’t wait for the next one!  Thanks Monica.”
Jodi, Ontario

“The faerie festival was a place where intuitive friends could meet and mingle. It was a safe environment for me to explore parts of myself that I had been hiding for a long time. There was a tingly and fun energy surrounding us all day. I have never giggled so much with strangers. All the participants had a genuine care for the world; they were lightworkers. And our meeting truly uplifted me and I have remained in a vertical rise toward true spirituality since then. I encourage everyone, every soul, to journey this way, and the faerie festival is a wonderful easy-going place to start.”
C.L., Kingston, Ontario

“I must admit – I was skeptical. If fairies did exist – it would be in Ireland – not in Canada. I didn’t realize that this is another dimension that surrounds us in our everyday life.

I first met Monica through Yoga and she was excited about hosting the First Annual World Fairy Festival. So, I thought that I would go just to see what it was all about. I had my doubts that I would ever have an encounter myself. I thought that only happened to gifted people.

When the day began I felt kind of awkward or out of place among the true believers. But, Monica’s bubbly personality soon eased all my nervousness. I learned that all the stories that I had read or heard about as a child were based on truth. It was very enlightening.

As the day progressed you couldn’t help but feel the energy. The day was well planned and entertaining as well as informative. It was uplifting to be included with all these intuitive people.

Although I didn’t experience the presence of a fairy that day, I was able to use the information to build my own Fairy Garden and within a few weeks actually saw a ‘Fairy Ring.’ It was the most amazing feeling.

I attended the Second Annual World Fairy Festival to help reinforce what I had learned and I hope to attend many more.”
Lynda G.,  Kingston, Ontario


“Monica brings authenticity and a deep respect and caring to her Reiki practice and teaching. She prepares and works meticulously in order to honour and serve the Reiki path and her clients. Monica is a gifted, dedicated healer and teacher, and a valued friend.”
Jeanne, Kingston, Ontario

Monica’s Reiki course is both highly informative and very enjoyable, she is a delight to learn from. An extensive amount of material is covered over the course of a couple of days and Monica’s one on one approach creates a comfortable environment for asking as many questions as you like. Her Reiki course balances theory and application and is always interesting. Monica is both relaxed and professional, making her classes an enjoyable place to be and her positivity and enthusiasm are memorable and affirming. Monica puts lots of care into what she does and is a lovely person to be around, she is an excellent Reiki Master and teacher.”
Sarah, K. Ontario

“Monica has the most gentle healing touch and is totally dedicated to the well-being of her clients.  I suffer from high blood pressure but after one treatment from Monica my blood pressure dropped immediately.  I highly recommend her as a most caring Reiki practitioner.”
Dennis S., Québec

“I felt extremely relaxed after my Reiki session.  On the way home from Monica’s, I had a sudden realization as to something that had been bothering me for some time and I felt more peaceful about it.”
Esther, T., Ontario

“My Reiki session helped to relax me.  Monica gave me very specific insights into where I was holding my emotions … and then I was able to be aware of it in order to move forward.”
Rebecca S., Ontario

“After my Reiki with Monica I was very relaxed.  I fell asleep during the treatment … I noticed later that a pain I had had in my lower back and leg was much improved.”
Frank M., Ontario

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