“You won’t be taken by surprise when, at the time of the Full Moon, you are suddenly impatient for results, willing to put in extra effort and hours into any aspect of your life. But at the same time you may be experiencing that sudden yearning for change that has enabled the human race to evolve, if not always wisely. Look in the sky. The Moon is almost full and astrologically opposing the Sun. From the day or so before Full Moon until a day or two afterwards, you should channel your energies and not give way to unreasonable anger or impatience with others who are not as tuned in. Send off your novel, propose to the guy or girl of your dreams, ask your boss for more money, or say good-bye to someone or something that is holding you back. Use the surge of power to carry you to the crest of the wave.”   Cassandra Eason

Dear Ones, we are soon a few days past Full Moon. I did a ceremony on the 24th. Did you? The energies are still so powerful you can do one over the next few days should you wish to. It does not need to be elaborate and it is always preferable, if possible, to be outside in nature. I am communing with the Green Man. Of necessity. My beloved old White Spruce has died. It was alive and flourishing when I left for the Oshawa Psychic Fair and when I returned a few days later it had perished. I pulled an energy oracle card today and it is Broken Heart. Accurate, as always. On the card were tears, which reminded me of the drops of sap on my beautiful Spruce that the Green Man is helping me say good-bye to. I gave my tree a last hug, thanked it for its service and its radiant beauty, and part of this Full Moon initiation is allowing myself to grieve the loss of this dear friend. I am waiting for the Arborist to come and chop it down so these storms we are having do not result in an injury to anyone.

I have sent help to the tree spirits and the birds and animals for whom the tree is home. I always rely heavily on Queen Maeve and Oonagh and I know the Green Man is doing whatever needs to be done. Thank you Green Man!

Whenever a tree near me dies, it is time for me to find a new place to live. It is a reliable sign from Spirit – time to move. I picked a Faery Card, “New Home.” I will wait till Spring. Imagine how I would bake under the summer sun without the shade of my dear old friend! My Full Moon change (as in the Cassandra quote above) is ‘letting go’ of an old friend – that was keeping me in Angel Cottage.  With White Spruce gone and the feral cats now being attended to – there is no reason to remain in Angel Cottage.  When the time comes there will be a sign. I will use my instincts, just as the squirrels who leap from the old Spruce onto my roof will. Living in the moment of no-time. As the trees do.

If you love trees, as I do, and choose your house by the trees around it, as I do, if you love the feeling of green grass beneath your feet, as I do, if you hear voices in the rustling wind, as I do, if you see faeries, as I do. Then you likely know the Green Man. As I do.

The Green Man that I know is an ascended master. Many know the Green Man as an archetype of great power. It was apparently Roman artists and sculptors who first developed composite Green Men figures and complex carvings of life-like vegetation. One of the first Green Men images is a leaf-clad statue of Dionysus in Naples, Italy, dating back to about 420 BCE & Dionysus is often considered one of the most likely precursors to the Green Man of the Middle Ages, portrayed as leaf-crowned lord of the wilderness, nature and agriculture.

I came to know the Green Man, in this lifetime, through my communion with trees, faeries, animals and other spirits of nature. However, carvings and paintings of Green Man’s face peering through leaves adorn ancient churches throughout Western Europe and India.

Luke Mastin, historical scholar regarding the Green Man, says: “… many of the Green Man images that began to appear in the intricately illustrated Christian manuscripts of Ireland, such as the 8th Century Book of Kells, exhibit direct influences from Roman and Egyptian art, and some of these styles spread rapidly from there to much of the rest of Western Europe.” References, says Mastin, although largely indirect, appear in the written works of Rabelais, Shakespeare, Milton and Marvell – most of which I read at university. Mastin says some feel that the Green Man’s image has been “hijacked as a marketing tool” by organizations and companies.

Although the Green Man’s origins are apparently pagan, the period between the 6th & 11th Century saw him bridge the old pagan beliefs and be absorbed into Christian iconography. The previous pagan belief and practice of tree worship was not permitted  and over-zealous Christian priests cut down or torched sacred trees and groves. Nevertheless, the use of the image of the Green Man continued, and to a degree, the Green Man actually became a vehicle of harmony between the pagan past and the new Christian order.

I remember so well as I write this, as if it was yesterday, walking through the groves of trees on the family farm with my grandfather. He knew every tree personally and our walks had the feeling of a sacred ritual. We were reverent. Under God’s canopy. Cathedral grove where time stands still. I can return whenever I wish to. I return today.

“Our kingdom – which consists of plants, trees, seeds, fruits, vegetables, roots, leaves, fronds, stems, flowers, and all the by products of these, including those that are released into the air, water, and soil and consumed by fire – composed these words that now reach you. This same collective voice acknowledges our kinship to you and to the other kingdoms. We thrive when you do, and our conscious awareness transcends when yours does. The most evolved within our species are those whose purpose is fully understood and implemented. There is little differentiation as to whether we are serving to cleanse the liver of carcinogenic toxins or delivering a fragrant sense of well-being to a stunned or lonely heart. Our simple desire is to be in communion with all life at a cellular transformative level.”   (channeled by Pepper Lewis, Transition Now )

Knowledge of trees takes many years to acquire, therefore, I rely on the Green Man in his ascended master capacity to help me. However, as  Druidess Cassandra Eason says “becoming a tree detective can appeal to even the most world-weary adolescent… You may have a doctorate in nuclear physics and control a budget of millions in the workaday world, but to any Tree Mother you are just like a troublesome, though well-loved, five year old girl.”  Or, five year old boy!

Tune in to the wisdom of the trees – cast a question, this Full Moon time –  onto the next beautiful gust. Reverently, humbly, cast it into the wind. Pay attention. Listen to the voices in the wind. You will receive your answer. It will resonate in your sacred heart.

Light & Love,   Monica   (p.s. I am @ the Galaxy Psychic Fair in Barrie at The Monte Carlo Inn on the 28th, 29th and 30th doing Angel readings/healings – if you know anyone in the area you feel may benefit)

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  1. Gillian September 26, 2018 at 2:50 pm Reply

    On my last walk, in Grimsby, I took a photo of a magnificent black walnut tree, the largest I have ever seen. This post made me think of the Ents in Tolkien and the goddess Ehwa from the movie Avatar 🙂 See you in Barrie!

    • Monica September 26, 2018 at 5:51 pm Reply

      See you soon! Can’t wait!!

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