Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for being on a journey with me for so many years.

Word Press keeps changing the format for writing these blogs, and for me

I find less and less opportunity for my creativity to be expressed within the

new systems. Maybe I am a bit of a non-techy, but, personally, it feels like

the robots are taking over! I am faced with conforming to being put in a

type of box that doesn’t fit.

Will I be back writing blogs at some point? I don’t know, I never say never.

For now, I am going back to writing children’s books and hope to have a new

one out within the next few years .

Some day I might also gather up these blogs, the better ones, into a book as well.

For now, I will still be operating Awakening Spirit for those of you who would like

an Angel reading, Reiki, Reiki Training to Master Level, Angel Healing, Law of Attraction coaching, Yoga lessons and

many other wellness and metaphysical services. Chances are high I will also train in something

new to offer to you. You will always be able to reach me through this website and the contact form.

My other website is monicahemstock.ca and is my children’s books writing web-site. You can contact

me through that site as well.

I have absolutely loved writing these blogs and hope to serve you, now, or in the future, in another way.

Stay safe. Stay well.

Love & Light,


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