“If you trade your authenticity for safety, you may experience the following: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addiction, rage, blame, resentment, and inexplicable grief.”   Brene Brown

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”   Helen Keller

“If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it.”   Toni Morrison


So, I was already pondering writing about the acceleration, in fact, was already mostly finished my blog, when into my mailbox came an astrological newsletter (Joan Pancoe) telling me that this summer we have a “rare triple eclipse season.” There are two partial New Moon Solar Eclipses (one on July 12, the other August 11) but what Joan really has her eye on is “the TOTAL Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on July 27.” And why is Joan monitoring this? “Because the force of it, especially since it is EXACTLY conjunct Mars RX and the karmic South Node in quirky Aquarius, could bring out more mentally disturbed players on the world stage to blow things up (because they are exploding on the inside) than in your usual news cycle. With more planetary energies coming to stir things up and more and more instability in terms of earth changes such as earthquakes, & volcanic eruptions we are likely to experience both man-made and nature-made unpredictable eruptions this summer. So, Joan is reading things alongside her knowledge of astrology and I am reading things from my clairsentient feeling of great acceleration in my entire body and under my feet and from my Angels urging me to write this blog.

The world is accelerating apace. This is because of the acceleration of the frequency of the energy in planet Earth. Do we really know what is causing it? I have not come across anyone who claims to know. (I suspect a decree by the Prime Mover). However, there are many things we do know. We know that acceleration affects matter and because our bodies are made from matter our bodies are being affected.

Many of us are experiencing ascension symptoms. As we move into 5D our physical body is changing. Codes in our bodies are ‘turning on’ and we sometimes feel ‘wiped out.’ Some of us are being guided now to detox (on all levels). Those of us still eating meat (filled with the energy of pain and suffering) may be guided to decrease, if possible, our consumption, or to eliminate it entirely. Our bodies are changing because a multidimensional body needs development to be capable of holding an increased amount of light. Our bodies are changing from a linear human body to a non-linear completely quantum body. So, ask your body, “are you happy right now? and “what do you desire?” Lie down and listen for the answers – they are all within. Your body may fluctuate with these changes, going from weight loss to weight gain and back and forth (sometimes for up to two years) as your body attempts to release trapped emotional pain. I am experiencing back pain, sinus symptoms and sensations in my legs that I have not experienced before. Some are dealing with neck pain and/or general aches and pains and night sweats that we are calling “energy flu.” (When your physician can find nothing – believe her/him unless your intuition says otherwise) Be loving and kind to your body as it upgrades and think health rather than vanity say our experts. The best thing you can do is to make sure you are completely off autopilot and keep a dialogue going with your body – your divine vehicle of consciousness. Remember, the ascension is not about getting off the planet (although some are choosing to take that option) but rather it is about anchoring your Higher Self to your physical body so that you can remain ‘awake’ in your every day 3D life. An awakening can be incredibly intense.

As consciousness awakens inside the body – the body’s energy accelerates. I experience  this as a feeling of ‘reving up’ which has been going on with me since at least 1986 in waves. I have gone through numerous ‘shifts’ and therefore feel capable to help you as you adjust to this acceleration. It has been more frequent and intense since 2005, when I experienced my Angelic awakening and then even more intense (though subtle) after my E.T. (multidimensional awakening) encounter. It often feels as though I am holding onto the tail of a comet and I sometimes need to remind myself that it will not go faster than what I am ready for and can handle. Does this help you to know? I hope so. With this acceleration or ‘reving up’ feeling come some other sensations that some of you light activators may experience. You may feel electrical, buzzy, over-heated (even when temperatures are cool), and possibly even manic. Your heart might race erratically and you might find sleeping or relaxing difficult. If there are areas of your body that you have been ignoring – these body parts may ‘act out ‘ so to speak. Be a detective.

When our bodies are disturbed, we can dis-cover so much about ourselves. We may become irritable or impulsive. If our heart is beating really quickly we may have panic attacks. (The ancient Greeks believed that panic attacks were caused by Pan, the god of forests and shepherds). Panic attacks can create a vicious cycle of anxiety – yet most of them last no more than 10 minutes to a few hours. ( Although to sufferers this can feel much, much longer) They are caused by fear. If the news causes fear in you – keep in mind that it is meant to – fearful people are much easier to control.

Acceleration triggers in us an emotional release of old, low-vibration emotions and fears that can no longer be suppressed and move to the surface to be cleared. As this happens, as pain and fear surface, we can experience anxiety, hyper activity, and aggression-avoidance behaviours. Our emotions can spike and then drop suddenly making us angry and then despondent. Penny Peirce says: “Is it any wonder that the incidence of bipolar diagnoses in youth has increased staggeringly in recent years?” (Transparency)

As our bodies and our emotions propel us into higher frequencies, our minds do also. Our thoughts might match the disturbances we are experiencing and we might become obsessive, delusional, fixated on worry or distracted. This can occur as painful memories that have been suppressed come to the surface and become conscious. As Peirce observes, we have routinely used “strong beliefs, opinions, and habits as cover-ups so we don’t have to feel terror and pain. These avoidance behaviours give us the illusion that we can live undisturbed in our head, oblivious and partially blind. But this is not possible anymore.”

Our spiritual 5D wayshowers tell us that we now have to dissolve our own fears and emotional wounds by bringing them to the light and understanding them with an open and neutral mind. So, we face them, feel them, decode them. If we courageously do this – the negativity is cleared and then we can match our own home frequencies with the current accelerating waves that are rolling through. As we ascend we are all unlocking our multidimensional selves. Most ascension teachers tell us that only 10% of us is hidden here in 3D and 90% of us is hidden in the subtler dimensions. Past and very recent experiences in my own personal life is indicative of that. What about you? Perhaps journal!  You are remembering your multidimensional Selves.

We have unlimited possibilities in the quantum realm. And, our guides remind us that our ascension is a normal process – we are crying out for the remembrance of ourselves. They tell us: “You are Source in physical form.” You do not need to be anyone but yourself. You need imitate no one. Source does not need to repeat itself. There is no one else who can be you, so please give us all the gift of you! Take care of your physical body, your vehicle of ascension. Ascension is nothing you need seek, however, you do need to take responsibility for every aspect of your soul journey as you open into the largeness of your soul’s gifts. When you ascend, you ascend into the larger version of you.

This acceleration was spoken of in ancient prophecy. Why? Because all is ONE and that is why psychics are able to perceive things about the future.  Things in the future do not occur because we psychics see them – we see, hear, feel or know them precisely because there is no past, present or future – it is all ONE – all happening at once – but only slowed down in 3D so we can experience a linear time-line in a physical body on this planet – a unique experience we chose. We are growing, now, a ‘new’ type of human being, one that lives much more than the current miniscule percentage we now experience of what is actually available in the quantum realm. The Universe was designed as a Harmonic Field and now, dear ones, we are ‘tuning up’ for 5D life.

What happens if we resist the flow of acceleration? It builds up, Peirce says, like the force of water behind a dam and eventually breaks through – causing even more drama and trauma. In contrast, if we go with the flow of acceleration, we adapt to the new frequency of life and we become more clear and conscious of being a soul. The acceleration comes in waves. And, if we attempt to avoid and resist the acceleration we become exhausted, disillusioned and depressed. Eventually, everything we used to employ to resist the acceleration no longer works. Then, we are forced to give up and just be. This is when and where we allow space for new developments and opportunities that occur that are ‘in tune’ with our destiny. Many call this the death of the ego, where we rise like the phoenix from the ashes of our ‘old’ lives.

Our present moment, as I am currently dis-covering more and more frequently, then expands to include the past and future because the acceleration causes Time to speed up and we experience Time as ALL ONE and the present moment helps us to understand ourselves as the centerpoint of another reality  (realities) where Time is non-linear. So, yesterday, for example, I experienced this when I saw my mother (who crossed 37 years ago) as she was in her early thirties, before I was born,  – watching her climb some craggy rocks of the Canadian shield in her classic black swim suit (my mother as a young woman before the war and before coming to Canada was a competitive swimmer) and I realized I was there, with her – to all intents and purposes. At first, it seemed like this was happening  on one of my inner psychic screens (and maybe it was) but today, dear readers, while writing this for you, I realized that I could have been anywhere – past, present or future (Time folds over dear ones) it could have been on my screen or off, I could have been swimming in the lake below her as she climbed or perhaps flying above her. Or, maybe I was just with her where she continues her passion for swimming – which remained when all else on earth, for her, was gone.

Time is a river in which I go swimming. More and more as we accelerate – I realize that in the space of a moment we exist everywhere and nowhere, simultaneously, and wherever we put our focus – there we are!

Space and time are completely different in higher consciousness. When we are no longer trapped in linear consciousness. When no longer trapped in linear consciousness we can go anywhere because we have the space and time to do whatever we wish to.  Reality shifts around us at higher and higher dimensions and due to the Law of Attraction and the Law of Manifestation – things start to take shape around us because we have the ability to shape reality because reality is a dream or projection and we can shape it to our beliefs and perceptions. In essence, we are becoming masters of time and energy. Experiencing our souls existing in past, present and future simultaneously, seems to me, at this stage of my own journey, part of the acceleration – ascension being the label we are choosing for this evolutionary leap.

As we move at a quicker pace into 5D consciousness we feel ourselves opening into a greater sense of heart-centeredness. We know ascension as a process of tremendous expansion. We remember more of who we are, we claim more of our birthright as sparks of the Great Light. Our acceleration is resulting in us easily developing expanded human abilities that, once upon a time, many of us thought were supernatural.

Love & Light,   Monica  p.s. Angel course @ Metaphysics continues and Faery Course is the 5th.





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  1. Gillian July 3, 2018 at 8:58 am Reply

    Oh my. So much in this post! I didn’t read it yesterday as I stayed away from the computer (a gift I think I’ll give myself occasionally). I also fell asleep mid-day for 2 hours! I often think of the fact that we are actually whipping through space at thousands of miles per hour…perhaps our bodies are starting to tune into that fact? I hope all of your readers are meditators and, if not, that they begin. Start with just 5 minutes/day for a whole year. Or practice what Eckhart Tolle calls “mini-meditations” (i.e. one whole breath that you actually attend to. Thanks for the great post, Monica 🙂

    • Monica July 7, 2018 at 12:59 pm Reply

      Gillian, thanks for your advice re meditation – which is so important. A break from the computer is delicious!

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