“We are being given an opportunity to practice forgiveness, compassion and understanding and to hone our discernment.”   Amanda Ellis

We are experiencing many tarot tower moments- awakening moments – some feel like they have hit the jackpot.”   Amanda Ellis

While many of us adults are seeing the times we are living in as either dystopian or moving toward an utopia (5D) the children have moved on. They are living in the present and they talk, my daughter tells me, in terms of “the before times.” The children are teaching us how to live in the present and move forward. We would be wise to follow their lead and to let go of our labels and identities so we can create anew.

Like all of us, my life has changed, and I am moving on – my family and friends are the same wonderful support and I still write this blog (which I love to do) at the behest of the Angels, but everything else has changed and I am learning, as of today, to follow the children and talk about ” the before times.” Yesterday, for a very brief period with my daughter I slipped into “the before times.” I briefly entered the past and for one shining moment in the car between the Ottawa Valley and Kingston, I was living my life a year ago. In my mind.

That’s okay! In my mind, I don’t need to wear a mask or social distance or wash my hands with harsh chemicals. I can grab a coffee at Tim’s or suddenly decide to have an early-bird special at Kelsey’s. I can hug people whenever I am spontaneously feeling like it and I can go to the doctor or the dentist whenever I need and/or wish to. I can pop into the library or go to a lesson (not on Zoom) or dance class without a grand plan and special preparation. I can travel anywhere – if I want to. Ahhhh… “those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end…”

But MIND stands, as my late mother-in-law taught me, – for Moving INew Directions – and it is with our mind, as well as our body and spirits that we do so! We visualize a new life and a new world that is in keeping with the Good of all. Our own freedom should never be at the expense or safety of those around us or those in other areas of the world. So, we do wear our masks, social distance and wash our hands because we are united in Spirit.

We have Donald Trump (as only one example of authoritarianism) on the world stage as a teacher to show us 3D life on steroids (and ironically he is on steroids for Covid) to show us what ego vs Spirit looks like taken to extremes. We all have ego and we all have Spirit. Trump is carrying on as though he is still living in the before times. A time where white men were dominant and patriarchy virtually unquestioned. A time when women were largely silent and black lives did not matter. A time where children and animals were not considered sentient beings and cruel and messy behaviours were largely tolerated if not admired. A time when we didn’t need masks and our lives didn’t depend on hygiene and social distancing.

Spiritual hygiene (not just physical hygiene) is now taking center stage for many of us as we realize, more profoundly, how life depends on us activating and shifting our energy away from ego-based fear (the lowest and most harmful vibration from which to live) to the loving and powerful creative force of Spirit (the highest vibration from which to live). It is also the only way to live in order to unlock our own intuitive capacities so crucial to this time. To also unlock the magician within.

Bracha Goldsmith (currently living in Greece) gives us some predictions for 2021-2022 based on her expertise and experience in astrology. Authorities and regulations and rules will be a continuing theme as structures fall and betrayals and dishonesty are disclosed. We will need to find more compassion and also more ways of exchanging on-line she says. There will be protests and riots as we try to come to terms with what structures are actually necessary and which freedoms are. She says “privacy is over, cameras are everywhere.” And, “no more will we be saying – oh, this is happening over there.” More and more people will want out of the matrix and will gather to form much smaller communities. There will be changes to education – more home learning and more internet learning. Doctors won’t see us (this is already happening) and scanners will be developed so we can medically check ourselves. There will be disruptions of food and survival needs. Energy medicine (people like me and you already practice this) will receive much more focus. There is to be a sea change in work and finance and the call will be to “pull in alienated parts of society.”

What will we need to do in 2021 and beyond? Due to the fact that there will be less and less touching, more robots and AI, a reset of the economy and therefore a real danger of becoming “dehumanized” Bracha says we will need to acknowledge where we have gone against the Laws of Nature. Sit in our uncomfortableness in order to make changes that can open up the path for new worlds. We will need to work much more with our mental energy (MIND) and the power of thought. We will need to be open to experiencing the birthing pains that stretch us beyond our limits. We must become more respectful of differences and ready “to meld without being dehumanized.” Bracha predicts that some regimes may topple and the virus may mutate.

We have lots of help! I channel Angelic and Galactic frequencies and so many of us do. PRAYER is very important. Never underestimate the power of this ancient practice and other ancient practices such as Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and others. I just asked, right this minute, for some Divine guidance for you and pulled an Oracle card from The Answer Is Simple deck by Sonia Choquette. We received the message “Fill the Well.”  The illustration on this card is of a woman in what appears to be ‘olden times’ or else in a ‘more simple future time’ pulling her bucket up from a well. As she does this, simultaneously – three women dressed in identical garb descend the hill from the well with their full buckets. They each have two buckets – one on each end of a wooden rod in perfect balance as they walk.  The interpretation booklet says: “Your inner light is dim right now. Your body is exhausted, your emotions are overwhelmed, and your mind is working overtime… all of which lock your Spirit out. You may not even know it because your ego prides itself on racing on a treadmill of fear without a break. Yet whether your ego knows it or not, you’re about to run out of fuel. So guess what? It’s time to gas up and receive nurturing.”  Remember, nurturing yourself helps the world. It helps us to avoid Covid fatigue (there are many articles on this) which puts ourselves and others in physical danger.

Donald Trump is not filling his well. He is doing the old 3D thing of carrying on as normal. Pushing his body dangerously as he simultaneously endangers thousands of others as a superspreader of Covid. He is living in “the before times.”

Angel Blessings,   Monica



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  1. Gillian October 10, 2020 at 5:55 pm Reply

    The Before Times certainly got us into a lot of messes! I can’t stop musing about the ironies–all that fuss over Muslim women covering their faces in public spaces and now face coverings are mandatory; Trump and his Wall to keep Mexicans and people from “shithole” countries out and now there’s an invisible wall around America as the rest of the world tries to keep them in. Thoughtful blog post.

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