“I think the dolphins are the best emotional coaches on the planet.”  Laurie Reyon

Cetaceans are multidimensional beings.”   Laurie Reyon

“It is easier to communicate with animals than people think.”   Dr. Cara Gubbins

So you can tell by my title that I spent some time at the virtual Cetacean Summit. Did you catch it? Even if you did, you may not have listened to the same speakers as I did. There were many. I enjoyed the stories of how these various teachers, authors and facilitators began their journeys with the whales and dolphins.

Rayna Lumbard’s talk was entitled “Healing Energetically with Dolphins.”  Rayna swims with dolphins and channels them and has done this all over the world.  I loved how she got interested, because my interest began the same way! We both watched the show “Flipper” in the 1960s. Flipper was a dolphin who rescued someone every show. Flipper was a hero. As time went on Rayna found that dolphins were starting to connect with her. Both spiritually and in-person. She found not only did they uplift her energy but she also received healings. One was from a jelly fish sting. She describes the primary qualities of dolphins: unfailing kindness, playfulness, joy, humour, harmony, evolved and intelligent, clarity, higher truth and telepathy. She led us through a dolphin meditation where she channeled dolphin sounds, which I loved but also had a good laugh to myself about because as she was doing it the sounds were echoing into the lower level of the house where I currently reside and where a very nice man called Declan was installing a water tank. It touched my funny bone. The meditation was powerful. I felt an unusual sensation beside both of my eyes which I have not previously experienced. Rayna says if you wish to begin to communicate with dolphins draw them into your life by watching you tube videos of them and look at pictures of them.  Set your intention, be open to allowing it. Dolphins are spiritual teachers.

Edgar Hoffman’s talk was entitled “Dolphins and the Transformation of Humanity.”  Edgar’s dolphin awakening began at 7 years of age and he recognized it as an awakening at 17. When he was 7 he lived in Hastings, England, and used to be out in a dinghy and was often surrounded by dolphins. By 17 he was awakened into dolphin consciousness by a pod on the Red Sea and had a dolphin for his teacher for 7 years. He was with dolphins also in Egypt and whales in Tonga. He says dolphins are like us but not trapped like us. He began looking through the eyes of the dolphins and became aware of group mind as well as individual mind. He found that when he swam with dolphins he felt slower, richer and deeper in his body. A sense of deep peace entered his life and after having experienced many pivotal dreams, and staying in the States with a shaman after leaving Arts school, his relationship broke up and he left his home in London to go to the Red Sea where he had been called by a dolphin. It was there he met his dolphin teacher. “I died into the eye of this dolphin.” Three months later he met his wife. He has now been happily married 27 years. He says that if you cannot be physically present with dolphins and whales they are still available to you. “Lie down, and listen to the sounds of the humpback whale.”

Laurie Reyon’s talk was called “Dolphin and Whale Energy Medicine.” She says on this planet the whales and dolphins are our elders. “A whale is a group consciousness.” Laurie says there are now 12 white whales on the planet. They are cosmic beings.  Laurie says we can summon both whales and dolphins. They will come if we give them permission to connect.  They can do limitless healing. Laurie says of course she can never promise anything; however, she has seen women who healed of breast cancer amongst other conditions. She and others are doing long distance healing with dolphins and whales all over the planet. Whales carry the violet flame and dolphins the rainbow light.

Dr. Cara Gubbins is a scientist and an intuitive. Her talk was entitled “Find Your Unique Way to Communicate with Dolphins and Whales.”  As an animal communicator, Cara says it is easier than you think to communicate with animals.  “It is really a remembering.” Our thoughts and beliefs are our greatest blocks. Go into your day dream space by things such as drawing, dancing, painting, weaving, meditating  and then with neutrality and curiosity – let go. Be open and receptive and trust. There are 5 main ways of receiving the messages: being a seer, a listener, a feeler, a senser and a knower (claircognizant). Practice. Write in your journal without any analysis until later. For example, Anne Gordon told her that when she was just beginning to trust her own animal communications, it helped that she got messages from the dwarf minke whales off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia saying that they are “the mathematicians of the sea.” Math is a subject Anne never thinks about so she felt confident re this message. I learned to trust the Angel messages that I received in a similar way because so often the subjects of the messages were not things that interested me or the Angels spoke sometimes in language I do not use or guided me to specific locations and so on that I had never heard of. Learning to trust yourself is crucial.

If you cannot be with dolphins or whales in real time, ask for them to be with you in dreamtime. They will come. Keep asking.  When I ran my first “Messages From Spirit Animals Workshop”, I asked for the animal kingdom to prepare me. Boy, did they! I have written about this before, so I won’t say more. Ask for what you want. “Ask and it is given.”

As you know, I lived on Vancouver Island for 15 years where seeing orcas (in the wild) was not unusual but always a privilege. The captive whale I had a connection to was called Tilikum. That is a sad story. If you haven’t read it and wish to, I wrote a blog about Tilikum.

The only time that I have been in the water with a whale was in Hawaii. It was a gray whale and was at a considerable distance. My friend and I were on a small aqua cycle-type paddle boat. However, whales have incredible energy and a large energy field and waves of bliss seemed to carry on the water that beautiful day so long ago.

Angel Blessings,   Monica/Aurora


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  1. Gillian September 11, 2021 at 11:02 pm Reply

    Wow, never heard of a Cetacean Summit before! Recommended movie from 2002: Whale Rider. Interesting blog!

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