Every living being has chakras.  Even the earth itself has chakras.  Likely you are familiar with chakras, to one degree or another.  I began my conscious journey with the seven basic chakras when I began my teacher’s training in classical hatha yoga over twenty-five years ago.  Since then I have been working with them in other modalities as well.  Apparently, the word chakra, in written literature, is first mentioned in the Vedas, or so I learned during my yoga training.  So, the chakras, as a spiritual guide, have been available for at least four thousand years.

Although the yogis say we have hundreds of chakras within us, seven basic chakras are usually delineated as being of major importance to our daily lives.  These chakras are located deep within our bodies and they spin in a clockwise direction, like a fan or a wheel.  In fact, my favourite book on the chakras is called “Wheels of Life” by Anodea Judith and although it was first printed in 1987, it has been updated and re-printed many times I believe.  It is a wonderful guide for those of us who wish to deepen our understanding and also experience specific meditations and physical exercises for each of the basic chakras.

The chakras in the lower part of our bodies spin more slowly than those in our upper bodies and heads.  The hues of the lower chakras appear in colours of red, orange and yellow, while the upper chakras have the cooler colours of green, blue, violet and purple.  To remember the colours we can use the old rainbow description from elementary school of the code ” roygbiv.”  I feel and see the chakras which is very helpful in my healing work as it is information that can help me and my client discern where fearful energy has been absorbed.  Chakras shrink when we hold fearful thoughts regarding issues that relate to specific chakras.  For example, fears around  a lack of money can cause the root chakra at the base of the spine to shrink.  The root chakra is connected to survival concerns and needs.

There are many books that contain charts of the seven basic chakras and many now also contain information regarding the ear chakras which are located above the physical ears and inside the head.  The ear chakras are connected to our clairaudience and I sometimes see clients who are unaware that their clairaudience is increasing and that they would benefit from a psychic ‘clearing’ of their ear chakras so that they can receive their angels’ messages.

It is normal for all of us to have fears from time to time that can cause our chakras to appear dirty and/or shrunken.  There is no need to feel embarrassed or worried about this; however, it is recommended that we cleanse and balance our chakras at least once or twice a week.  There are many, many simple ways to do this if you are not already experienced.  The choices of books and cds is wonderful and you can choose one that resonates for you.  A simple way is to visualize each chakra being cleansed with white light and as they are each illuminated, they are also perfectly balanced in size.

My favourite way to cleanse and balance my chakras is to listen to Doreen Virtue’s Chakra Clearing CD that comes with the book of the same name.  It is a beautiful CD and has helped people all over the world to remove fears that may be blocking their natural state of health and energy.

According to Diana Cooper and many other metaphysicians – when we were in Golden Atlantis we worked with twelve chakras and also twelve strands of DNA, ten strands of which she says, “contained people’s evolved psychic and spiritual powers, became dormant and are currently known as junk DNA.”  Diana says, ” we are now called on to re-activate the chakras and our full DNA potential.”

My recent guidance from one of the Light Beings that teaches me, is to access this potential within myself, from a past life that I had in Atlantis.  A close friend of mine was with me in Atlantis, so, we may explore this together.  I also met about 5 years or so ago, at a psychic fair where I was doing readings, a woman who was also doing readings and our meeting triggered memories for both of us of a life we shared in Atlantis.  We immediately and excitedly compared some memories of working with crystal beds before resuming working with the people waiting for their readings.  We had never seen each other in this life before and have not met since, and likely won’t run into each other again, but our short period of time together was intense and fun.

There are so many ways to clear and balance your chakras.  Like other angel communicators, I scan mine and cleanse and balance them frequently and always before angel sessions.  Many people work with crystals and many with aromatherapy and exercises such as yoga and tai chi are wonderful.  Remember too that good nutrition is so important – you will want to eat the kinds of foods that the yogis recommend as being high in life-force energy.

Whether you are new to working with the chakra system or very seasoned, there is an exciting journey ahead with so much opportunity for growth and transformation.

Enjoy this journey.         Love and Light, Monica

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