We are living in a miraculous time as the ‘new’ psychic kids, we are preparing for the Rainbow children, arrive in greater numbers bringing with them the energies of love and co-operation to replace the ‘old’ energies of fear and competition.  We adults, in a sense, are playing ‘catch up’ to either get into, or remain, in the flow.  It behooves us, for the sake of the children and the planet to continue to raise our vibration to a level where the Rainbow children ( and us too!)  feel safe and loved.

As for myself, I have found that continuing, on a daily basis, to work on my capacity for self-love and to remain ‘open’ to God’s unconditional Love and practice an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, are the three essential practices necessary to get into ‘the flow.’  The flow of giving and receiving that comes when we are aligned with our Higher Self and our Source/God.  The flow that leads to balance and inner peace as we fulfill our divine purpose.

In order to give, especially the way we lightworkers/lightplayers give, we need to fill ourselves full.  We need to be sure that we are caring for ourselves.  Giving ourselves the love that we need.  Allowing ourselves to receive infinitely in order that we may give infinitely.  Remembering that on the balance sheet of life, as my teacher,  called the Amazing Grace, taught our cohort (a moderately sized  group of students guided to her by the angels as her pupils in Victoria), reminds us “for every debit there is a credit and for every credit there is a debit.”  Allowing ourselves to receive plenty from the universe means that with an account full to overflowing, there is always plenty that you are receiving and plenty that you are able to give.  The law of physics is also the law of balance and karma.  “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  For everything that we give, we receive.  Karma is in perfect balance.

One of the things that we give and receive freely on the earth at this time is money.  Money is ONE way that we love and support each other and that we receive love and support from the universe.  Grace says: “Money is a spiritual energy, just as everything in creation is spirit.  Why would money be any different?”  Why indeed?  Except, most of us have strong emotions regarding money and sometimes “issues” that need healing.  Money is actually a divine blessing. (Re-reading my piece called MONEY may be helpful.)

My time, during this earthly experience with the Amazing Grace, was 15 years ago now.  She advised us to watch as our society takes away our freedom to work with ‘cash’ (read ‘real’ currency, flow).  Grace explained to her pupils, (many like me probably only half understood) that cash has energy – a value that we have given it – we have empowered it.  It has emotional value.  She said that debit cards and credit cards have no real consciousness, they are not ‘real money.’  They are credits the bank owns.  There is a big difference in the energy between cash and checks and credit and debit cards.  When you put money in the bank, you give money to the bank to ‘play’ with.  That money, YOUR money, actually then gets lent to you by the bank.  Now, this does not mean that we should all be stuffing our piggy banks with cash, but, I am just pointing out what Grace taught us which is that when we work with cash, touching our money, we are more aware of what we are buying and spending.  More conscious and less likely to go into debt.  Debt accumulates when there is no consciousness.

Grace warned us about the “cashless society.”  Because fewer and fewer of us are working with cash, we are losing this freedom.  Credit cards and debit cards are not free.  You are charged for using them and they track your spending habits and also sell your name.  Cash, Grace feels, “is a very powerful freedom and energy that we need to own for ourselves.”  Grace, as an American, points out to us that on American money it says “In God We Trust.”   Money is a divine spiritual energy.  If you are freaking out at this point, as I was 15 years ago at hearing this, then you would be wise to read John Randolph Price’s little gem called THE ABUNDANCE BOOK.  A book for us earth angels resistant to receiving money for doing God’s work in the world.  It was given to me and my classmates in California by our teacher, Dr. Doreen Virtue.  It is ONLY for people on a spiritual path so please use your discernment in recommending it, thereby respecting its energy. Thank you!

Take your judgment OFF money.  Because, money is neutral.  It can set us free or make us slaves, depending on our own beliefs.  I have written thank you on every check  that I have sent out over the last 15 years since studying with Grace.  After all, we have received clean water, electricity and fuel .  Gratitude is the conscious response to blessings such as these.

Everything that I am writing above is related to flow.  We all talk about ‘being in the flow’.  We all say, don’t stop the flow.  Grace taught us that this is an abundant universe, “not just for the lucky few, but for those of us WILLING TO RECEIVE THIS ABUNDANCE.”  Those of us who feel unworthy to receive would do well to read and re-read Louise Hay’s international best-seller YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE & to do the exercises contained in the book until we truly love ourselves and feel worthy to receive.  People who feel money is “passing them by” often suffer from lower back pains.  We need to feel ‘support’ from the universe.  Only the FEELING of abundance stops the energy of worrying about money.  Some people who have a great amount of money spend most of their time worrying about how to ‘hold on’ to this money.  Our increasing awareness and discernment guides us as we affirm: “I am in the perfect flow of giving and receiving.” (This was just given to me by the angels as an affirmation to begin using)

Giving makes us feel good, but ONLY if we are also receiving.  If we are not receiving, then we are giving from our own personal supply and not from the infinite supply of the universe.  That is why I recommend the work of John Randolph Price, for those of us on the spiritual path.  Remember to always give without the expectation of receiving.  You WILL receive; however, it may not be from those to whom you give.  Nevertheless, since we are all ONE, what we give to another – we give to ourselves and it does come back to us.  Be prepared and ‘open’ to receive in new and unexpected ways & let go of ‘old’ beliefs in lack and limited supply.  When we hold on to these beliefs we give them power and we limit our abundance.  There is no lack.  The universe is abundant; however, on the planet at this time there is a HUGE power imbalance and a HUGE distribution of resources problem.  Lightworkers are working on this!

Taking care of ourselves allows us to be in a lovely balance of giving and receiving.  Giving and receiving are of EQUAL importance.  We certainly do NOT want to be selfish; however, we Do wish to be self-centered, centered in ourselves.  This word has taken on some negative energy; however, we need to reclaim this word, because, if we are not centered in our Selves, who should we be centered in?  We are completely responsible for ourselves and our choices, both in an earthly sense and a soul-sense, so, we need to be fully present in our own center so we can lovingly give and receive.  We must give ourselves love in order that we may give it to others.

Giving is an act of control, Grace taught us.  Because, when we give we control everything except HOW our gift is received.  Receiving is an act of complete vulnerability.  We must be totally ‘open’ to receive.  BOTH are important.  We need to be able to both give and receive in order to be in the flow.  Sometimes, givers feel ‘unworthy’ of receiving and therefore get into a position where they give and give without receiving in return.  And, sometimes passive-aggressive people refuse to allow ‘the giver’ the joy that giving brings by refusing to be pleased with the gift.  Imbalance results.  However, this can ALWAYS be healed where there is the mutual love and willingness to do so.  Angels help, as requested.  Without balance in a relationship, BOTH the giver and the receiver will ultimately become resentful.  Because, in an imbalanced ‘giver’ and ‘receiver’ relationship the giver is in the position of superiority and the receiver is in the position of inferiority.  Balance is an EQUAL relationship.

We are raising our vibration to draw and attract to us people who SEE our worth.  In order to do this, we ourselves must be aware of our worth.  There always needs to be some form of energy exchange to create balance and to enter or to stay in the flow.  The exchange does not necessarily have to be money, although if you go to a store to buy shoes, you likely will not be able to take a pair of shoes and hand them a plate of home-made cookies.  People in my line of work find that some people do not feel comfortable offering to pay our fees for our services because the work of God should be done FREE.  (selling shoes is also God’s work)  However, although most of us have had past lives in monasteries where this was possible, because we were fed and sheltered by the collective, in THIS lifetime we find ourselves often working alone and out of our homes or individual offices and we need an exchange of energy like everyone else!  Most lightworkers, doing similar work to mine, offer scholarships to people needing them and will accept an exchange of service.  For example, I give you an Angel Reading and you give me a Reiki session.  However, an energy exchange is needed in order for there to be balance.  Also, it is unfortunate, but true, that in OUR culture, we tend not to value anything done for FREE.  Hence homemakers in our society,  female or male, sometimes find themselves actually homeless after decades of loving service.  In our culture we associate being ‘paid’ as having given something worthwhile. Doreen Virtue taught our class of earth angels that when we do not charge for our services, the client does not value the guidance/healing.  I have found Doreen and Grace to be telling a truth regarding giving and receiving and staying in the flow.

Remember that staying in the flow also means to DO NO INTENTIONAL HARM in thoughts, words, deeds or actions.  This sometimes requires considerable mastery of our mental energy.  Therefore, I offer a series of coaching/counseling sessions called the Glow From Within Programme to help people struggling with understanding and working with these principles and laws of spirit.  This is a one-on-one healing situation  where I work hand-in-wing with the angels to help my clients get into the flow and attain balance and inner peace.  If you are a regular reader of my blogs, then you are receiving the information that I share in my sessions. When working one -on-one in the physical, I also perform the guided healing sessions as suggested by the angels and agreed to by my clients.  These sessions are NOT formulaic and therefore cannot be duplicated.

Sometimes, I am able, with the angels guidance, to help people to prioritize and indulge in what Cheryl Richardson would call “extreme self-care” (I have taken lectures with Cheryl and she is amazing!).  As we all raise our vibration and find ourselves encountering people resonating at a frequency that used to resonate with us in our pasts, some of us need counseling to adjust to the fact that as we evolve to a higher and higher vibration, friends at a lower vibration will either evolve with us or will naturally fall away.  Often, if we are attached to a ‘lower vibrational energy’ situation still, Grace says that it is usually because of fear around a work situation or a ‘bond’ around family (blood attachment).  We will lower our vibration so that we can resonate with our boss or family member. Therefore, it is important to remember that evolving and raising our vibration  changes EVERYTHING.  EVERYTHING must change.  Grace states: “Everything will either grow to us or we will grow to a new level of receiving.  In relationships, this means we will either grow together or apart.  Especially if we are growing at a different rate or in a different way, because we are no longer on the same wavelength.”

It is possible that we grow together again.  However, as Grace points out,  “in a relationship where there is an energy of not growing at the same rate – there will be a sense of not having anything in common anymore.  Even if one is still remaining in the same relationship and under the same roof.”  Grace enlightened us during her November 2000 lecture “that if there is a TRUE desire to grow together again, then we will work in that relationship to raise the vibration to the same frequency and the same wavelength.  Not necessarily desiring or wanting the same things, but creating  and wanting similar things, similar energies and vibrations.”

I have observed that the majority of us today are well aware that there are 3 entities in a relationship.  The two individuals and the relationship itself.  The three entities must ALL be maintained in order to remain healthy, in balance and ‘in the flow.’  We have all experienced within our own relationships  and the relationships of others that EACH person must maintain their own power and sense of self and then join together in the relationship to create the third party.  However, as Grace instructed us and as I have personally experienced as well as witnessed in many others:

“What often happens in a relationship is that one person will give their power over to another,

wanting to please that other person & in the course of doing this, the person who is giving their

power over will eventually lose themselves and disappear.”

Grace, in this same lecture, taught us that this causes a problem for two reasons: (1) There is no longer a person there for that person to love because in trying to please and to be loveable in the way they feel their partner wishes them to be, they disappear.  (2) We can only manage our OWN power.  Therefore, if one gives their power away to another, that person will eventually become a ‘monster’ in one way or another.  To some degree, at least, they will begin to abuse it.  This we notice on a daily basis when we are ‘assaulted’ by the ‘news.’  This is what happens when we give power to leaders and why we often say: “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Because, this power does not belong to them.  We all need to OWN our power.  When we hand it over to our teachers, religious and spiritual teachers, and to the leaders of our countries, then these people may act inappropriately with those they lead.  Because, that much power is very seductive to our egos.  To put anyone on a pedestal, gives them our power.  As soon as we engage in creating a relationship that is without an equal balance of giving and receiving, the result is an imbalance in which one of us is superior and one of us is inferior.  We create an imbalance of power.

The Amazing Grace does not wish to be on a pedestal.  Even though I am sure, as her adoring pupils in the early 90s and 2000 and beyond we would have liked to do so, but she taught us well.  She reminded us that all ‘true’ teachers, KNOW that we are all equal.  I found Dr. Doreen Virtue to be the same.  Respect for a teacher is different from putting them on a pedestal.  I have found, that I cannot learn from a teacher that I do not respect.  And, I have also found, that I cannot teach anyone who does not respect me.  Respect is acknowledgement of equality.  A balance of power.

We are moving out of the ‘old’ world of inequality and moving into the ‘new’ world of love and respect.   We are unique, and also equal.  We are readying ourselves to be able to receive  and to work with – Rainbow energy, in its many forms.  I have been seeing rainbows everywhere lately, in the physical realm and with my clairvoyance.  People are also telling me about rainbows.  We are feeling the energies of the ‘new kids’ more and more, I believe.  Astrologer and Reverend Alice Miller, is quoted by Pam Atwater, L.H.D., as talking in journals of Astrology about the “three waves of the new kids”.  ( JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN FEDERATION OF ASTROLOGERS  (2011)  Dr. Doreen Virtue enlightened and prepared our class  (2006) to work with these ‘new’ children.  Dr. Virtue has written books on the Indigo and Crystal children.  The newest arrivals of these “psychic” kids are often referred to as Rainbow children and I am being guided to work with them.  My book MOOSE LAKE is written for them. ( A psychic child, while I was doing an angel reading for her (with Mom’s permission of course)  told me the theme  & plot of my 3rd book in my series THE MOOSE LAKE CHRONICLES ! )  Although Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows share psychic abilities, they also have differences.   Alice Miller calls the Indigos, who apparently arrived in the late 70s and throughout the 80s – “system-busters.”  The Crystal children ( whom most say began arriving in the 90s and continue to arrive)  that we so often hear about – who are often diagnosed as “autistic” and with various “learning disabilities” are really just so super-sensitive Miller claims that they build defenses around themselves due to the mental and emotional chaos of their environments.  The “third wave” of these children, psychics and astrologers expect anytime.  Since I am ‘seeing’ so many rainbows these days – the ‘scouts’ among them must be here at least. This is the energy of PURE LOVE.  This is the energy that will create the ‘new’ Golden Age that we all discuss.  (Some people do not like these labels of indigo, crystal and rainbow – I understand and we are ALL experiencing the dilemma of trying not to label  or stereotype and yet trying to understand and communicate regarding so many, oftentimes confusing,  evolutionary changes.  I just say the ‘new kids’)   Some of our ‘new kids’ are being medicated the way bored housewives were given valium in the 70s (my mother among them – who was an Aquarian – way ahead of her time and therefore, medicated.)

Raising our consciousness and staying in the flow, allows us to welcome, teach, parent and grandparent these ‘new kids”.  We are on a steep learning curve are we not?  Many of these children easily talk about their “past lives” and as I wrote recently in my article in Kingston’s HEALTHY LIVING NOW MAGAZINE (winter 2014) these children are not like any past generation.  They are highly intuitive and actually resist the labels we put on them.  Most experts agree that they represent a deep shift in evolutionary patterning and when Kara, of the “Ascension Notes” writes that our evolutionary “Soul Codes” are being awakened, it is because we are joining with the ‘new kids’ in creating the ‘new earth’. These children need us to raise our consciousness, so that we may guide, direct, love and protect them as they inherit the planet.  We need, therefore to OWN our power in order to create this new world.   We need to be childlike, but NOT childish.  We are living in this miraculous time because we CHOSE to be here and we are ‘waking’ up in HUGE numbers across the planet to be part of this movement out of FEAR and into LOVE.  We are part of the flow.

Lovingly,     Monica






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  1. Hayley December 4, 2014 at 3:59 pm Reply

    Thanks for this great and hopeful message about a positive future! What a nice and healthy thought to hold!

  2. Christine December 4, 2014 at 6:44 pm Reply

    Wow, that was a long Blog ! Another chapter. And so interesting. So much to think about …… I do 100% agree that Autistic children seem to be so super sensitive that they create a shield around themselves to make it bearable. I have worked with quite a few children that have been given all sorts of labels by doctors. And they are definitely very intelligent.
    Your teacher Grace sounds like a wonderful woman Monica, one I would love to meet. She appeared just at the right time , like they all do.
    Thank you , again.

  3. Gillian December 5, 2014 at 12:10 am Reply

    I live with a teenager (I’m guessing a crystal)and so I now have a window on Tumblr. These kids are angry, especially at the Baby Boomer generation. They see clearly what a mess we’ve made of things and they’re very supportive of each others’ rights and feelings, so I love that you say “they need us to raise our consciousness”. I agree. Thanks for this long and thoughtful post.

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