“I think a lot of people just want to refurbish when sometimes the whole structure needs to be pulled down.”   Bracha Goldsmith

“Love is a super power. Peace is a super power.”   Lee Harris

“I do think the ETs are going to make themselves known to more and more of us.”   Bracha Goldsmith

A key date coming up for us this month is December 21, 2020, when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius. The last time this happened says New Zealand astrologer Bracha Goldsmith was 600 years ago and she and other astrologers and energy readers are calling this upcoming date the Great Reset. U.K. astrologer Steve Judd reminds us that on December 14th there will be a New Moon and a total eclipse of the sun – he says “this is a kind of reset eclipse.” Judd also says that “the madness of 2020, from an astrological perspective, is over.” For me the words “from an astrological perspective” stood out.

Bracha asks us to look at what we are trying to refurbish?  Are we contorting ourselves, for example, in a relationship or marriage that we know isn’t working? Everyone and everything at this time has an opportunity for an upgrade. For most of us it is not the time to close down and contract. On the contrary, our hearts have been broken open by Covid and it is time to open up and expand.

December 21, 2020, heralds the end of a cycle. We are moving into 0 degrees of Aquarius say the astrologers and we shift into air signs for the next 200 years. Moving from Earth to Air. From the physical materials to mind/mental energy. Aquarius brings huge changes in social networks. While this holds opportunities to expand it also can result in us operating from the unevolved side of Aquarius which is the herd mentality. We will be less likely to fall into the herd mentality if we keep ourselves open to our upgrades and are not pulled into drama and negativity. Our challenge is to learn to respect our differences while we rise above old mentalities and remain open to new opportunities.

Part of the Great Reset is the shock of the new. Technology is getting a bump upwards whether we are for that or not. We know we are going to be dealing with AI, robotics, and probably the disappearance of physical cash. Bracha tells us from her perch in New Zealand that her country is no longer accepting foreign cash. Everything is going digital. The upside, from my perspective, is that we see green tech taking off. Green tech is part of the evolved side of Aquarius; however, the unevolved side could lead us back to the Atlantean time when we misused technology – hopefully – this time we will use it for the Highest Good.

As a collective, our herd mentality combined with our lack of reverence for all life – has led to the pandemic that is currently raging. Bracha states; “I am convinced that if the toxicity between us would go, Covid would disappear in a heart beat.” Her prescription: “Let’s reach out and avoid the same old, same old, and do it differently.” Ironically, as Bracha was just beginning her live stream and had yet to voice an idea or opinion someone pressed the ‘dislike’ button!

We know during this reset that we are going through a personal and collective identity shift.  We are experiencing creative triggers and activations and find ourselves through heightened awareness and increased sensitivity living between the 3rd,4th and 5th dimensions, moving rapidly in and out. This is happening NOW. This is resulting in a lot of shake-ups regarding home. On December 14th, with the totally occluded New Moon – many things will come to an end. Without endings, there can be no beginnings.

The Aquarian energy encourages us to live in the unknown. At its evolved level – we care for all of humanity.

Love & Light,   Monica


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  1. Gillian December 5, 2020 at 11:43 am Reply

    A reset would be great. Every morning I ask that Humanity awakens to the joy of simply being alive. Wouldn’t that be something? Thanks for all the astrological info, Monica 🙂

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