“Be reminded of the truth of unity in Spirit and among us all.”   Colette Baron-Reid

The sky is the realm of the hawk. Through its flight it communicates with humans and with the great creator spirit. It awakens our vision and inspires us to a creative life purpose.”   Ted Andrews

We just went through a portal. There was a full moon in Leo yesterday. Before we go through a portal there is sometimes shadow energy that comes forward to derail us, so as lightworkers we often find ourselves revisiting or reliving a trauma before we carry on releasing density and pass through the portal. At this time we have many unseen forces and energies with us so we are never just alone in a room.

As old systems collapse we are doing things in a new way. Some call this the way of love. The Angels tell us that the answer to everything is love. Marianne Williamson who wrote Return To Love reminds us that The Course in Miracles teaches us that we can choose to have a grievance or a miracle, but we cannot have both. We know this and so we have raised our vibration a little higher and are becoming a little kinder, a little more compassionate as we heal ourselves and others.

Many of us during this time of cascading crises have asked for signs and prayed for help and we are answered. I sat alone in a room tonight and asked for a message for my readers and was guided to pick an oracle card from Colette Baron-Reid’s deck called Wisdom of the Hidden Realms. Your message comes to you on the wings of the “Hawk Prince.”  He comes to you as an ally, not as a challenger. Pay attention he says because a message is coming “to help you manifest your destiny!”  There is coming a message either by e-mail, phone call, letter, or conversation that guides you to your next step toward your greatest good or to inform you that you have arrived at an important stage along your path.

The Hawk Prince is also a channel for spirit communication so be sure to pay attention when you feel that something important is popping out at you from a book you read or something you hear on the radio, see on television, or in conversations that you overhear. Spirit is always in conversation with you. Always. For example, I am currently reading a book set in 1893. A few evenings ago I asked who was around me and it was the ascended master Yogananda. I know about Yogananda from reading about him decades ago and also from a visitation however I had forgotten details of his birth. I looked it up. He was born in 1893! I could hear him laughing. Then, the next day I saw a woman wearing a sweater with a huge picture of a gorgeous wolf on it – a message from my animal spirit guide Grey Wolf. There were more, but, you get the gist. The signs are always there. Spirit is always in dialogue with us but we must pay attention. And, there are times when we must be alone in a room in stillness to receive the messages or to reflect on them so the din of our world’s cascading crises can fade into the background for a little while.

For all of us, this is a message about Hawk as an animal spirit guide. While I trained with Steven Farmer (shamanic practitioner), tonight I decided to go to Ted Andrews and look up hawk in his book Animal Speak. The key words are “visionary power and guardianship.”  Hawks are visionaries of the air and protectors and along with owls have the keenest eyes of all the raptors.  Through the flight of the hawk it communicates with humans and with the Creator. I thought this next few lines of information are important for you to reflect on and remember: “Hawks are occasionally harassed and attacked by smaller birds. This is very significant for those of you who have hawk as a totem. It indicates that there are likely to be attacks by people who won’t understand you or the varied and different uses of your creative energy. They may attack your ability to soar.”

The Hawk Prince oracle card is that of a young, strong, fit, indigenous man with a hawk on each arm, trees behind him and he is looking up. His wings are unfurled.  The card number is 11. A master number as you likely know.  He is not alone in a room, but he is alone in a forest. He is communicating with the Great Spirit and paying close attention.

The messages are coming.  Stay awake.

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian January 29, 2021 at 10:54 pm Reply

    I had a message in snow a few days ago. Would love to know if any of Monica’s other Readers have signs they’d like to share.

  2. Tenay Ava Marshall January 30, 2021 at 10:01 am Reply

    Beautiful Article Monica!! I have a hawk totem flying around my crown chakra and recently was visited by a Hawk that landed right in my backyard on my railing and we started at eachother for awhile.

    • Monica January 30, 2021 at 11:50 am Reply

      How lovely! Actually Tenay, you came into my mind while I was writing it – so glad you shared!

  3. Gillian January 31, 2021 at 11:02 pm Reply

    Wow, a hawk visitation (and your totem) is very special!

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