“We can change anything in our body.”    Anita Moorjani

“We are not victims of our genes.”   Bruce Lipton

“80-90% of the planet will not test positive for ‘ I love myself”.”   Bruce Lipton

If you missed the Hay House Heal Summit this year, as Gillian did, then you will likely appreciate another blog chock full of information and advice from experts in the various fields of wellness. Even if you are familiar with most of the information they shared – they may describe it in a way that ‘lands’ in you for the first time and actually takes root in your consciousness and leads to positive change on the healing path.

Joe Dispenza described how “mystical experiences can change you forever.”  I have certainly found that to be true in my own life and work. What about you? I suggest you write in your journal about 3 mystical experiences that changed your life forever. You will re-inspire yourself. Dispenza discussed ignorance today as being a choice. “Fifteen years ago it was all about the science, the knowledge, the intellectual data and we are now in the Age of Information where ignorance is a choice. We don’t need a priest, teacher or doctor but people need to learn how. ” He teaches people to change their brain waves and in the past five years he has witnessed blind people get their sight, deaf people hearing and people with diseases like Parkinson’s get out of their wheelchairs and walk out of the room. “We have pierced a barrier and have a new consciousness of what is possible.” New skill sets. When we truly transform – the ‘old’ person is gone and the ‘new’ person doesn’t have the dis-ease!

You may have seen the documentary recently about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Africa. I saw it. They were both very honest about the stress in their lives from a variety of sources. Meghan was saying that she tells Harry just surviving is not good enough. We need to thrive. This is echoed by Dispenza who says “living in stress is living in survival.” Living an extended period of time in stress means many of us are headed for a disease. However, there are oodles of life changes we can make that will result in glowing health instead.

One of my favourite healers is Alberto Villoldo. Along with help from Amazon shamans and some Western medicine Villoldo healed himself from holes in his heart and parasites in his brain. Talk about miracles! He says what the majority of us know – Western medicine is great for trauma but not very good at chronic conditions. He says that healing always comes from Mother Earth. He describes the Western medical system as being in collapse because it is a disease care system not a health care system. He says that cancer, heart disease and alzheimers are diseases of the West – there are 14, 000 diseases in the West. Villoldo informed us that breast cancer is not a single disease but rather 11 different illnesses.

I was fascinated with what Villoldo had to say about bacteria. “The mind and the heart of the planet is bacterial. Bacteria have been here 2,000 million years.” Do you take probiotics? I do not; however, Villoldo says you “must talk to your probiotics so they know you are part of the solution not the problem – otherwise they might try to do away with you.” Connect with the living, breathing Universe and reconnect with the living intelligence of Gaia is his recommendation for us all on the healing path.

Right relationship with Source and the Universe leads to healing. This isn’t something Western medicine fosters. Villoldo says that if we are bitten by a snake obviously we go straight to the ER, and then we go to a Shaman to find out why the snake bit us in the first place. We must be in right relationship he says with jaguars and microbes – otherwise both are going to see us as lunch! Ironically while some people we know may see some of the alternative medicine we practice as hocus pocus, Villoldo states: “Western medicine is black magic because you’re not given a diagnosis – you’re given a death sentence.” He confirms that a diagnosis can be helpful but we must not identify with a diagnosis and remember we are a living miracle. We know that given the right resources, the body can heal rapidly.

We have a whole new body every seven years. We know that. So Villoldo says none of us are ever older than seven. However, we have toxins like mercury in our body ( you also likely have heard in the news recently that in some Canadian cities the lead in the water is at the same level as Flint, Michigan, was at its worst). We need to detoxify our brains and our emotions. He describes emotions as “residual survival programmes.” These emotions are not authentic but ancient survival programmes from the limbic brain. Feelings are authentic. How do we tell the difference between feelings and emotions? Anything that lingers more than 20 minutes is an emotion because the brain resets every 20 minutes. Feelings wash through us and never last longer than 20 minutes says Villoldo. “If you are angry for more than 20 minutes – that’s an emotion and there are people who have been angry for 20 years! ” This is toxic and can lead to cancer and dementia. Our inner work, including letting go of anger and practicing forgiveness is crucial on the healing path.

Emotions, Villoldo says, cannot be healed but must be eliminated. They come from our limbic neanderthal brain and this brain can only change through ceremony. He says he is not talking here about the old tired religious ceremonies but rather the ceremonies we create for ourselves and are sacred. I believe in the past I have written about ceremony which I learned largely through my training with Dr. Steven Farmer and my own shamanic release with him. Dr. Farmer uses shamanic practices and writes about Earth Magic. I always use ceremony in my workshops which encourages participants to become a vessel for a sacred experience.

Villoldo talked about how humanity has become a cancer to the Earth because we want to survive no matter how many species go extinct or how many forests we cut down. He says that cancer cells want to survive no matter what happens to the rest of the organism. Did you happen to catch Jane Fonda on CNN last evening? She has been arrested twice recently for being out marching to try and save the planet. Of course I am of the age to remember her out protesting the Vietnam War in the 70s.

Bruce Lipton reminded us at the Summit that we are each a living community of 50 trillion cells. “When we change our thought we change our chemistry.” He also reminded us that our belief becomes our biology. “If you give your power to someone else – their truth becomes your biology.” In the past, Western medicine believed that our genes were responsible for absolutely everything and now we know from science that genes are responsible for about 1%. We are not doomed by our ancestors genes. Far from it. Most disease is a lifestyle consequence. “There are no cancer genes.” Spontaneous remission is real says Lipton and involves a change in perception. “The action of our immune system is tied directly to our perception of life. Stress shuts off the immune system.” There are clearly times when drugs are important but most diseases are not organic but rather stress and lifestyle.

Science has found that our response to life is what promotes the telomerase (enzyme) that allows us to live a longer and healthier life. Self-love activates it! Yet, “80-90 % of the planet will not test positive for ‘I love myself.’ ”  Fear causes death says Lipton and love opens us up! We are so so powerful, but, says Lipton, neither our churches nor our medical system tells us that.

What would it take to live a life your body loved? asks Lisa Rankin, M.D.  Rankin finds in her practice that disease serves a purpose for some. “There is a secondary gain to illness.”  One of her patients in an abusive marriage told Rankin that when she became ill her husband stopped beating her up, another received a disability check that she wanted to keep receiving, a woman was hiring a housekeeper to do the housework she hated and was worried if she got healthy she would have to go back to the housework. Another woman was very lonely and got visitors when sick. Michael Beckwith recommends that if we are ill that we take ourselves on as a research project rather than as a victim. Don’t give all your power away to the M.D. ( minor diety). Commune with God/Source. And, give yourself permission to feel what you feel. Love yourself up is what most healers prescribed. Love is always the greatest power on the path to healing.

Angel Blessings,   Monica




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  1. Gillian November 8, 2019 at 10:55 am Reply

    Thanks for this overview of the Summit! I know Moorjani, Lipton, Dispenza and Beckwith but Villoldo is completely new to me 🙂

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