“The pandemic has isolated us and made us sit with ourselves.”   Kimberley Snyder

“The brain is like a pharmacy.”   Dr. David Hamilton

The human body is a miracle undergoing ceaseless regeneration.”   Sayer Ji 

I took a Master Class in the New Biology this past week from Sayer Ji. I learned the Old Biology in Nursing School many decades ago so I am very familiar with it. And, even though the healing I facilitate at Awakening Spirit relies heavily on various forms of intuitive healing, energetic healing, vibrational healing (Reiki), Angelic Healing, Elemental Healing and Quantum Healing – it is important to have an understanding of the New Biology in order to be able to help clients understand that the human body is completely capable of regeneration.

Cancer and heart disease are no longer considered as inevitable or irreversible. The Old Biology contained outdated beliefs and limited insight while the New Biology is turn of the 21st century biology. DNA is no longer the primary key to understanding health and disease. The old biology view point was that the blueprint is locked within the nucleus of each cell but the Human Genome Project found in 2005 only about 20,000 genes and looked for protein codes only. MicroRNAs constitute a recently discovered class of non-coding RNAs that play key roles in the regulation of gene expression. Our bodies, says Ji, “outsource some critical elements of control of gene expression to the foods we eat.” Food contains MicroRNAs, food is not just calories but communicates to the cells of our bodies. Food is information. Certain information in food “unlocks wellness in our genes. Food is the software. Our body is the hardware.” With an ideal environment, regeneration is possible. What is an ideal environment? Ji says it is nutrition, detoxification, and the mitigation of EMFs. In the old biology view the heart and brain could not regenerate. In the new biology the neural and cardiac stem cells are ready to replace damaged tissues. Ji states: “Stem cells obey a longevity process and are ready to replenish and repair.” The legacy of wellness is encoded in our cells and we are built for resiliency and longevity.

Whole food is the holy grail says Ji. If you want to do a nutritional reset, Ji recommends a mono-diet on a week-end  (2 days) of only apples. You eat one apple whenever you are hungry. This is not recommended for anyone with health issues unless they have checked with their doctor. In the past, I have done a mono-diet with oranges as recommended by a Yogi (whose name escapes me) however I would recommend apples now.

What fuels healing alongside food? Dr. David Hamilton promotes kindness. I have heard a number of lectures by Doctor Hamilton, an organic chemist, and he is a great believer in the power of kindness and compassion. Being kind makes us happier and healthier and it also slows the aging process.  He teaches that compassion is an anti-inflammatory and that belief itself shifts biology. Doctor Hamilton says that sometimes conventional doctors take away “the power of hope” from their patients. Doctors do this when they tell a patient they have a certain length of time left to live. We all are likely to know someone who was given a “death sentence” by a doctor and died on cue. It is medical hexing.  What we are thinking affects our body due to the mind-body connection.

Try this little exercise right now before we carry on. Think of someone you love dearly right now. Bathe in how much you love that person/s. Sit with it awhile. Oxytocin is being released and that widens your blood vessels.  It plays a role in the regrowth of blood vessels. It also works if you contemplate how much someone loves you. Love heals. Self-love is crucial to health. Kids have it, we had it as kids, and most of us lost it and spend a lot of the rest of our lives trying to get it back. However, it is never too late to love yourself!  This is a good short exercise to use daily as part of your routine. I was guided by the Angels that in 2021 we all need to look after our vascular health. Please do so.

Visualization is a very important healing tool. Doctor Hamilton is a great believer in the power of visualization, oftentimes alongside other methods of healing. A gold Olympic medalist told him that visualization was 70 per cent of her gold medal win!  The brain cannot tell the difference between doing it and imagining it. We can convert illness to wellness . As long as our end product (visualization) is wellness we can only do it right – there is no wrong way. We have all heard about folks who shrunk their tumors through visualization. The key is to do it over and over again. Others heal their arthritis by sandpapering their joints in their visualizations and then after getting them very smooth they oil them. People with cardiovascular disease have been known to imagine walking through their arteries with a steam cleaner and hosing them down and when all the gunk comes out of their arteries they see themselves sweeping it up and disposing of it in garbage bags.

My favourite story of healing that Doctor Hamilton told at this year’s Hay House Healing Summit was that of a woman who decided to heal herself of 8 tumors in her body. She imagined that each tumor was made of chocolate and a bunny in her body would eat the chocolate – then it would bounce out of her body and run into the woods and relieve itself and that became fertilizer and over time a tree had grown and then a sign went up saying The Healing Tree and she invited animals to come and eat from the tree.  (She recycled the entire experience). Hamilton recommends not using violence on the body.

Another story he told us about was of a man who was completely smashed up in a car accident and started to use visualization daily. He took a tour around a healing factory each day in his imagination. He talked to the foremen, the reconstruction workers, as they threaded his bones back together (pelvis, hips, arms etc) and his doctor asked him if he would be happy to be 85 percent healed?  He said NO! He ran a marathon 18 months later. As Doc Hamilton says: “Belief shift can pack a big punch!”

In my practice at Awakening Spirit I have helped clients use quantum field healing through my understanding and practice of Matrix Energetics (TM) which I learned in the U.S. from a friend who is a practitioner and student of Doctor Richard Bartlett whose Spirit Guide taught him quantum healing. Once people understand that everything is energy and that waves of energy are not solid, they are able to turn waves of illness into waves of wellness. It is a very creative, very playful practice of healing.

Kimberley Snyder, quoted above, tells people to never tell anyone your age or your weight. It reminded me of my mother who wrote me while I was in a boarding school as a teenager and signed off every letter with “Love from your old, fat, over-forty Mum.”  Isn’t that sad? That is how she saw herself till she died at 63.  She was partly a victim of a North American society that values youth over age and does a lot of fat-shaming of everyone.  That is how she saw and talked about herself. What is your self-talk?  If you are saying, “I am so old or I am so fat or I am so skinny” so you shall be over time.  We manifest with our speech.  Our body is listening.

Now, maybe you are working on some healing and you did not get to hear and be part of Doctor Hamilton’s meditation for quantum healing. So,  I will type out for you what he did with us. We each picked an area of the body we are working on healing:

“Take your attention to the part of the body that you want to focus on and imagine that you are inside your cells and imagine what they’d be like (all of us imagine our own way, some of us are high def, some not) and imagine going into the cells to where the DNA lives, like the yolk of an egg, the DNA is in there. See, sense, and/or feel, then from DNA imagine going into the atoms, and then the subatomic particles, the protons and electrons, you can picture them like the night sky because that’s what it would look like if you could see them. Then, imagine going inside the star, electron or proton and dropping down to this field of pure energy  and then imagine the waves of illness, sensing, then imagine them POOF gone! And replace them with waves of wellness, imagine what these are like and bring your attention back to the stars and the night sky, but see them coloured with wellness. Pay attention to the atoms, coloured with wellness (whatever colour you associate with wellness) . Attention goes back to to the DNA so imagine DNA coloured with wellness, same for your cells, back to where we started imagining that part of the body in complete wellness. ” (Doctor David Hamilton)

You see it is a simple process, make it your own as you are guided. It is based around easy steps. Enter the body, down to the quantum field, change the waves, come back out of the quantum field to where you started. You can lead others through it, or tape your own version to play for yourself as you heal.  I learned energy healing and intuitive skills because I learned to believe and trust I could do it and I was willing to allow it to be easy. That is my big tip today.

I sat this morning and asked the Green Man which tree deva has a message for you. It was “Sweet Orange.” (The Wisdom of the Trees Oracle by Jane Struthers).  “I am here to add zest and sweetness to your life. The fragrance of my flowers will lift your spirits and remind you of the beauty of life, and my luscious fruit will feed you, helping you to live each day to the full.”  Oranges are high in vitamins and minerals as we all know. However, they are treated with caution in traditional Chinese medicine because “they are thought to increase hyperactivity in children and aggravate skin conditions.”  The key word of sweet orange is zest!

I hope something in this blog adds zest and enthusiasm to your day.

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian February 20, 2021 at 4:01 pm Reply

    Wow, what a lot to take in today! Coincidentally 😉 I just finished reading Dr Joe Dispenza’s “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.” As Monica’s Readers likely know, Joe had a horrific bicycling accident and was told he’d need a rod in his back, etc. Long story short–he didn’t. Using the techniques above. I’m going to try your visualization on a shoulder issue I’ve had for a year now…it’s time! Thanks.

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