“We want the ego in the backseat.”   Denise Marie

We want our soul to run our life – not our parents or our ex-boyfriend.”   Denise Marie 

Gaia and humanity is clearing out.”   Denise Marie


From a 3D perspective in the time of Covid-19 we are in a time of confusion and chaos.  Stuck in a third dimensional energy system. However, this is a prelude to the clarity of the 5D perspective as chaos and confusion precedes clarity as all of us who have gone through a ‘dark night of the soul’ in our pasts know. We are all being led to dis-cover the honey of life and to create Heaven on Earth.

We are clearing away all that is not Heaven. Just as that famous sculptor said that to create a statue of an elephant – all he did was to chisel away all that was not an elephant. We are clearing away all that is not Heaven. We are clearing out any remaining baggage in order that we may fully embody our soul. Our soul knows how and where to find the honey. When we move our ego to the backseat and put our soul into the driver’s seat – we discover ourselves as divine beings of the light fully equipped to bring New Earth into being.

At the 3D level of bickering and conflict and divide – an awakening is happening. Some call this time the Great Awakening. The people who were still asleep are starting to shake off their slumber. Just as a bear awakening in Spring shakes off the slumber of a long winter, those of us who have been largely unconscious are awakening to a recognition of humanity’s failure as a steward of the planet and all life on it.

My daughter texted me yesterday – she was very excited and she said: “A white grizzly was spotted in the Rockies!!”  Her excitement was at a minimum two-fold. When she was a child, we took numerous trips through the Rockies because we were living in British Columbia. We saw so many animals in the wild and we knew what a privilege we were enjoying. But, a white grizzly bear? That is a positive omen we all recognize on a deep intuitive level. Diana Cooper had predicted that as the New Age came on the horizon – we would begin to spot all-white animals upon the Earth.  It would be a sign. In 2018 I saw a white squirrel on my neighbour’s lawn in the village of Bath. I told my daughter who found it funny at the time. But, a white grizzly? Hey, who is not impressed by that – it made headlines.

Those of the purely scientific community will likely write about recessive genes and albino animals and things to ‘bring us down to earth.’  To reduce what they think are our “mystical illusions.” But, I don’t care – do you? We know in our hearts what this means. It means instead of bringing ourselves down – we are going to lift ourselves up. Rise up. Rise up!  From the period 2012 to 2032 our planet and everything upon her are ascending from the third to the fifth dimension as we rapidly change from a selfish and self-centered society to one where everyone co-operates for the Highest Good. An unprecedented shift is happening.

Lightworkers everywhere are doing their thing. Whatever their ‘thing’ is. Obviously people like doctors and nurses and transport drivers and grocery workers and sanitation workers and other first responders are being lauded for their work – as well they should be! However, we know that there are those of us who are largely undercover lightworkers who may be doing things similar to well-known spiritual teacher Denise Marie. Denise Marie got the call from Spirit a few years ago, before the pandemic, to go into nursing homes to help the elderly. She could ‘feel’ the energies of the pandemic coming in these institutions.  She experienced an overwhelming sense of panic as she immersed herself in this environment. The dark energies we are seeing play out now were attached to the coronavirus on an energetic level before it manifested in 3D.  The residents who were largely unconsciously tuning into this energy were in need of Denise’s help – which she gave as she worked to clear their Akashic Records as well as to administer/channel frequencies of love and peace.  As the largest numbers of those dying are those in nursing homes that have been notoriously negligent due to a society with little use for the elderly (believe me – I saw this first-hand as a nurse) – Denise’s hope is that the whole system will change.  “We might stop locking away the elderly.”

Yes, we need whole systems to change. That is why they have to collapse first. We are not served by tiny little ‘tweaks’ to out-dated and cruel systems that keep women, children, the elderly and all of those who have been ‘othered’  in places across the world – bound. We are not served by a world where animals and birds and all of Nature is disrespected and destroyed. We need to rise up and to find the honey of life.

Who knows honey better than bears?  Of course, one of the most famous bears is Winnie the Pooh – and I am having so much fun introducing my granddaughter (almost 18 months old) to Winnie and his search for honey.  All bears have a great fondness for honey. The keynote though, of bear, is “awakening the power of the unconscious.” (Ted Andrews, Animal Speak) Bears have stirred our imaginations so much over time that we have named a constellation for it – Ursus Major – the Great Bear. The Seven Stars of this constellation form the Big Dipper and have links to the seven great rays of the light of the Divine. It is also associated with the goddess Diana and is a symbol of alchemy. “For many, the bear and the wolf are the last two symbols of the primal, natural world, and many ecologists believe that how humans respond and protect their lands and their future will be the most honest depiction of how serious humanity is about preservation of our environment and the natural resources within it.”

During winter’s sleep – a black bear’s kidneys shut down completely and scientists are researching this as a way to discover how to allow human kidneys to heal. This brings to my mind one of the serious complications of Covid-19 which is kidney failure. Can we learn from the bear how to heal human kidneys? The kidneys not only excrete urine, they filter the blood plasma. “Metaphysically, the kidneys are symbols of discernment and discrimination.” Ted asks us to answer these questions when bear comes into our life – and – if you are reading this – bear has come into your life. “Is your judgement off? How about those around you? Are you not recognizing what is beneficial in your life? Are you not seeing the core of good deep within all situations? Are you being too critical of yourself or others? Are you wearing rose-coloured glasses? Bear medicine can teach you to go deep within so that you can make your choices and decisions from a position of power.”

As bear teaches us how to go deep and to awaken our potentials – tree serves as a reminder that we must bring what we awaken out into the world. So, I will pause to pull a message for you from The Wisdom of the Trees Oracle  (Jane Struthers) as guided by one of my spirit guides, the Green Man.  The Giant Redwood has a message for you today, dear reader. It’s key word is “majesty.” It’s Deva’s message to you is: ” I am renowned for my stateliness and my awe-inspiring size. I am majestic and I can teach you how to attain your potential too, so that you are able to create your own power in the world and express your true self… You have so much to offer the world that there is no need to feel inadequate or to lack self-confidence. Let me show you the way.”  Dear readers, let bear and the giant redwood be your good teachers. Embrace them as totems and learn from their wisdom.

Awaken your power, bring it out into the open, and discover the honey of your life.

Love & Light,   Monica



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  1. Gillian May 23, 2020 at 7:00 pm Reply

    Wow, what a blog! Here’s a coincidence ;-), last night I started a new novel called The Overstory by Richard Powers. It’s about trees.

    • Monica May 23, 2020 at 10:02 pm Reply

      I am glad you liked the blog! The novel sounds really interesting – let me know if I should read it when you finish it.

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