My first conscious work with the human aura began in the late seventies when my mother and my sister and I took a memorable class together in Oakville from well-known psychic, teacher & lecturer, Geraldine Smith.  At that time, Geraldine was living in Brampton and was a professional psychic teaching people to become “their own best psychic.”  She was also a psychic consultant for the police force and an inspirational teacher.  We learned a great deal from Geraldine.  One of the things I learned besides psychometry was how to structure a class so that a student’s E.S.P. is most likely to reveal itself.  Maybe I subconsciously knew then that I would be interested in offering metaphysical workshops some day in the future?  We all had our auras read and I was not surprised to discover through Geraldine’s readings that my mother’s aura contained purple/violet, “the most psychically precognitive colours of the spectrum: they have an inner ‘knowing’ that extends far beyond accepted parameters.”  This is the psychic colour, Geraldine said.  So, it will not surprise you when I tell you that this whole day of psychic development was my mother’s idea!

This blog today on auras is also my mother’s idea as we spent some time together in dreamtime Tuesday night and she suggested, quite strongly, that I write about the human aura.  (As you may know, my mother crossed over to the Other Side at my current age 33 years ago).  My mother told me, after this course with Geraldine, that if there was any way to communicate from the Other Side that she would come back to me or my sister.  Naturally, I never forgot her telling me that – if you saw her penetrating blue eyes and Joan Crawford red lips neither would you!  Although my mother appeared to me briefly a few times following her death in 1981, my own psychic mentor Grace told me she was no longer around me soon after (which I knew, of course).  Grace said she was at peace.  It was while reading the works of Sylvia Browne that I realized my mother was likely cocooned on the Other Side for some time (by earth years) as I did not feel her around me again until 2014 when I turned the age she was at her death.  She returned ‘big time’ to become one of my guides today.  I now call her Audrey!  Sometimes, like today, I follow her suggestions because she has a unique perspective on things and this continues on the Other Side.  However, I never forget that we are all responsible for EVERY choice that we make and our own discernment.  Crossing over in and of itself does not automatically make us any wiser than we were when we were ‘alive’; however, in an atmosphere of ONLY Love and infinite opportunities to study from ‘the greats’ in so many subjects – just as on Earth, it is a CHOICE to take opportunities that arise.  Anyway, Audrey likes to occasionally ‘dabble’ in my psychic life and that is fine with me.

So, back to auras.  Geraldine introduced us to auras (not an introduction to my sister and I as we had attended a Kirlian photography lecture and demo at Oakville library previously) by describing the aura very simply as “a colour energy vibration that surrounds the entire body.”  It extends from our physical body, (generally about arm’s length but can be much longer) and is noticeably more intense in colour and vibration in the head (mental) area.  All of you will recall paintings of saints and their halos.  You will also know from your metaphysical studies and experiences, that the aura has a series of ‘bodies’ (or layers)  – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.  All, with the exception of the last, are etheric (meaning that they can’t be seen by the human eye as they are less dense than is our physical body).  Each body or layer has a significant impact on each other and they need to be treated in an holistic way in order for us to become completely ‘healed.’  We are very fortunate today in that ancient healing arts and sciences are now popular in the West and we have access to ancient processes that focus on clearing and releasing the flow of the aura.  Some of these are: shiatsu, reflexology, cranio-sacral therapy, acupuncture, Reiki, acupressure, & Indian head massage.  These holistic processes all work (directly or indirectly) on the energy meridians to keep the essential life force flowing through and around the body.

Many healers call the aura the barometer of our spiritual health and emotional well-being.  Geraldine described to us in our workshop that as our thoughts and emotions change so too does the colour/s and shape of our aura.  For example, when we are depressed our aura appears muddy, reflecting the bleakness of our mood.  Yellow indicates that we are energized.  As a clairsentient, I ‘feel’ the colours of a client’s aura initially and if it is necessary, my clairvoyance ‘kicks-in’ so to speak.  One of my specialties, I have found over the past 9 years, is to dis-cover psychic intrusions in a person’s aura and then help to clear the aura with the angel’s guidance.  The angels guide each of us according to Divine Order.  For those of you who wish to, you can usually get a Kirlian photograph of your aura at psychic fairs and expos.  I have done this many years ago and it can be fun and informative.  However, I still prefer to have my aura assessed by a human psychic or healer who reads my energy signature.  Psychics such as myself do not need to be in a room with a client to ‘read’ the aura.  We can perform distant readings just as many healers are taught or learn distant healing.  However, as Ted Andrews rightly cautions: “Learning to see the aura is a commitment to you and others.  Approach the exercises with sincerity and keep in mind that you are embarking on a life-long process of self-improvement.  You are initiating a process that will enable you to know yourself and others more intimately.  You are stepping out into areas that lead to sacred perceptions.  Treat the process with respect.”  (HOW TO SEE AND READ THE AURA by Ted Andrews)

I only see auras when I CHOOSE to.  Or, when my angels choose for me!  Usually it is when a friend or client asks me to ‘tune in’ to them during an Angel reading or Angel healing.  I have the openness to receive a great deal of information & can ‘take-on’ the problems of others (I am an empath ) so a big part of my journey has been learning about boundaries and also how to balance living in many ‘worlds’ simultaneously and remaining grounded, centered and balanced.  Doreen and her pod leaders helped me with techniques to switch on and off my psychic channels and also to “turn down” the communications when necessary.  For me, this has been invaluable because it helps me focus  and feel peaceful as I complete this Earth walk that we are all on.  However, I no longer turn my emotional feelings on and off as I had to as a child in order to survive.  Because, holding feelings in consumes a great deal of energy.  When we hold in feelings, for the sake of another, the communication becomes more and more ‘blocked’ and these blocks are visible in our auras.

Blocks are reinforced, as Geraldine emphasized, every time we stop ourselves from expressing a major emotion.  Geraldine says: “The only way to remove them is to DO whatever you feel threatened by; allowing yourself to accept the feelings and most of all allowing yourself to express them.  The risk might seem great but the rewards are greater.  Remember the first time you tried to tie your shoes or the first time you attempted to write?  What was once so difficult has become so natural.”  (HUMAN AURAS by Geraldine Smith)

I believe that anyone can learn to see the aura if they wish to.  We are born with this innate capacity and it is a choice as to whether or not we choose to develop it.  Children see and draw auras all the time.  They only stop talking about “the colours around people” when adults shut them down.  However, I notice today that many aware 21st century parents are allowing their children their natural expressions of their own ‘being’ and their own creativity and this bodes well for the future of our planet and the survival of humanity.  Many of us adults are now ‘awakening’ and seeing auras perhaps for the first time since childhood.  This can happen spontaneously or you can learn to develop your auric sight.  Some of the past  frustrations for me is that I have not been able to successfully communicate to people that ALL the metaphysical workshops I offer lead, safely and slowly to the opening of the psychic senses, whether or not a class is called a class on auras… One could begin to see auras after an animal totem workshop.  Everything is energy.  However, that particular frustration is something that I personally needed to release, and I have!  I practice what I preach, as do all good teachers.  For those of you looking for a class specifically training you to see auras, I am sure you will find one.  Seeking is finding.  My advice if you are working with a friend on learning at home to see auras, is that you choose a friend who genuinely believes in auras and not just going-along to get along because their disbelief can possibly adversely affect your development.  You can also teach yourself alone in your room with an instruction manual and your guides and angels; however, ALWAYS remember to protect yourself before you begin by calling in Archangel Michael and surrounding yourself in Light.  Some of us are being told that this is not necessary anymore as we have come so far and are filled with such light; however, look around the world and judge for yourself!  It is sensible.  Whatever way you decide to learn, remember that more power is more responsibility, so choose wisely.  Sometimes the teacher will just ‘appear’ in your life at exactly the right time or a book on auras will suddenly appear in your life.  Synchronicity begs you to open up to your own divinity.  You will know if developing your auric sight is part of your own personal development or journey.  Ask your spirit guide.

Here is a lovely simple exercise we often do at healing workshops to ‘comb’ the aura & sweep away negative thought forms:

Sit down in a comfortable place and begin to completely relax.  Let your shoulders drop down and away from your ears.  Take some nice deep breaths without any straining and feel your body become limp and soft like a ragdoll.

Comb through your aura from the outside towards your body.  Start above your head and sweep down to your feet if you can do this without straining.  Otherwise just sweep to your knees and then flick away the energy being careful not to direct it at anyone as nobody wants the old negative energy of another.  Throw it into a bowl of salt water, because, as you will know from my previous pieces, salt absorbs negative energy.  If you have no salt, then visualize the negative energy burning away in a violet flame.  Do this combing exercise for a few minutes if you feel guided to.  As the blocks begin to clear you will notice you are feeling lighter and also more relaxed.  You may notice your head becoming clearer too.  Like one of my favourite teachers, Sylvia Browne, I always advise people to take away what works for them or resonates with them.  Leave the rest.

Becoming aware of all your energy exchanges helps to keep your aura strong; however, there are numerous ways to cleanse, strengthen and protect your aura should you have been drained by a ‘psychic vampire’ or your own careless thoughts.  With time, sincerity and practice we can all learn to consciously control our aura and interact with other energy fields.  However, that is more advanced knowledge and a more advanced stage that has links to shamanic practices such as shapeshifting.  We begin at the beginning and see where our journey takes us.  Enjoy your own journey as the destination IS the journey!  Everything flows into place.

Thanks Audrey for the topic suggestion.  It was FUN!!

Love and Light,          Monica



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  1. Hayley January 22, 2015 at 3:02 pm Reply

    Thanks for this interesting explanation of human auras through a very human story! The combination of personal narrative and metaphysical principles was much appreciated!

  2. Christine January 22, 2015 at 6:41 pm Reply

    Another fun topic . Thanks for your interesting information . I had a Kirlian photograph taken a few times, once the atmosphere was crazy around me in the place it took place, it was quite noisy. So when she looked at my photograph and said” wow you must be very tense or angry your Aura is red” ! I explained how the noise affected me, and she said “sit and meditate for a few minutes, and we’ll see what happens”. After ten minutes of me going within , I felt much better.
    The photograph had changed , there were some red areas, but mostly orange and green. Interesting for me to be able to observe.

    • editor January 26, 2015 at 2:52 pm Reply

      Thanks for sharing the great example!

  3. Andrea January 27, 2015 at 7:01 pm Reply

    Great article. I have printed it out so I can read it whenever I feel the need. I did the aura exercise and immediately felt so much lighter.

  4. Gillian February 2, 2015 at 2:40 pm Reply

    (Monica’s sister here.) I remember that session! Geraldine told me I was “blue, double gold, green” and when I asked if I should pay closer attention to the blue (as it is first) or gold (as it is doubled), she said “gold.” Dum de dum dum. Thanks, Monica, for the blog.

  5. Diana Buck May 11, 2017 at 11:14 am Reply

    Haven’t seen Geraldine in many years and remember her with great affection
    My aura was originally triple orange and became double blue, green and gold.
    Don’t know what caused the change.
    Is she teaching any courses now?
    Diana Buck

    • Monica May 19, 2017 at 2:07 pm Reply

      You are the third person who has contacted me about Geraldine. I do not know where she is now. Nobody else that has contacted me knows either but we are keeping a watch out! Thanks for writing!

  6. Karin Vetere April 28, 2018 at 12:44 pm Reply

    thank you for this post. Brought back a lot of memories. Brian and I took several classes/coursed from Geraldine in Brampton in 82-83 Essential Training-for instructors… there was another lady, her partner in teaching don’t know what happened to her either, Nell Thompson. Don’t know what prompted Brian to think of her just now and google her and I cam across your post. Nice trip down memory lane.

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