“My intuition tells me that intuition is going to be the skill of the future. And that moving into the intuitive way of life and the Intuitive Age in history will bring profound transformations in our personal and societal worldviews, in the ways we relate to each other and manifest reality. To create the future and enter it gracefully, we must be able to know directly, now, without distortion. We must become transparent and fluid in our consciousness so we can dive in and swim with the universe’s quantum particles and energy waves – like dolphins leaping alongside the prow of a fast-moving ship.”   Penney Peirce

“If you trade your authenticity for safety, you may experience the following: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addiction, rage, blame, resentment, and inexplicable grief.”   Brene Brown

The Angels have guided me today to write about the intuitive way of living your life. I started thinking about it and realized that, whether they are aware of it or not, my clients/students often come to me and the Angels to help them to activate and appreciate their authentic selves – and then they begin to understand how intuitive their authentic selves actually are.

For those of you who have, in the past, kept yourself ‘safe’ it is now time to become transparent. To be transformed, as you likely know, is actually to become transparent. Last week, if you are a regular reader than you know that dragonfly had a message that some of you are still using masks of illusion to protect yourselves, to stay ‘safe’. Those days are largely over. As Penney Peirce notes in her amazing book Transparency: “When you’re transparent, dividing lines melt, and all that’s left is the true self – and it’s everywhere, in everything and everyone, and that is a life-altering revelation that blooms and blooms.”

The motto that I chose in 2006 for Awakening Spirit is the assertion that the true self is a divine being. That choice was made a year after an Angel landed in my room in full glory and taught me that we humans are also divine beings when we operate from our true selves. I realized that when we humans do not understand our divinity, that we do not act divinely. In fact, that is the reason we are currently in such hot water now – because we have not yet reached the critical mass of awakened humans who know themselves as divine and behave accordingly. Jesus, and other Ascended Masters, knew themselves as divine as well as human.

You will learn how to identify your transparent state when you embody it and learn to stabilize it. It involves being so open and vulnerable that you are seen (by those with the eyes to see) for who you truly are – both human and divine. This means that you also now choose the intuitive way to live your life.

When we open up to living the intuitive way we know ourselves, others and everything as energy and consciousness rather than as solid bodies divided by empty space. Of course, this means we are vibrating at a high frequency and we can feel other forms of life vibrating too. Since there is no space devoid of energy & consciousness, and since energy, consciousness and time are all interconnected – then when frequency rises – everything accelerates.

Most of us are able to feel dissonant or resonant vibrations. However, in case you are not or need some practice, Penney gives you an exercise which is very helpful. “List 3 places you’d like to visit. Imagine you’re actually there, in each experience, feeling the energy of the place. Read your body signals and the vibration of the land and people. How much resonance or dissonance do you have with each place?” Remember to journal your notes for your own development.

When we are our authentic, transparent selves our soul is no longer a concept but a felt reality. And, as our identity evolves we actually become the ‘new’ human that everyone is talking about! This new kind of human being is one with hugely expanded capacities and access to completely unlimited love and knowledge.

There comes in our evolution a turning point where we finally truly give up the idea that we can control everything. At this stage, we learn to stop and just be. A human being rather than a human doing. I have spoken about this many times.  This is the time, as Penney articulates so clearly where “we let go of our left brain’s dominance and shift to the right brain, where their is no language and no need to be successful. By being still, we allow the space for new developments to occur that are in tune with our destiny. This is the experience of ego death, where the phoenix (soul) rises from the ashes of the old reality.”

All of us at Awakening Spirit are in a wonderful place to move into what some are calling the Intuitive Age. We are conscious of the fact that psychic abilities are a natural part of our lives. They are talents, innate abilities and skills that are present in every human being if we want to develop them. Our religious affiliation, or lack of one, has nothing to do with our psychic potential. Psychic abilities and experiences are a natural part of being human and it behooves us in this Intuitive Age to continue to explore our own potential.

I began to explore my own psychic potential in the early 1970s although by then I had experienced many spontaneous (what were then called) “supernatural” happenings. My first teacher was Geraldine Smith. My mother took my sister and I to a Psychic Development class with Geraldine – who was then a psychic who was not only teaching psychic development but also helping the police with her intuitive skills. I have written about this before, however, stay tuned for the twist in the story which happened this strange year of 2020! So, the class was very large and held in a hotel. It was one full day. By day’s end, each of us got the opportunity to perform psychometry for someone we did not know. We could not ‘read’ for anyone who came with us or whom we knew.  We were invited to do the classic form of psychometry which is a pretty simple process of holding an object of a person. You ask for a personal object and through your natural psychic abilities you just begin telling the person what you see, hear, feel, sense, without censoring yourself. That is all Geraldine told us – although she had opened us up with relaxation exercises throughout the day.

I was going to look for a partner when a woman (let us call her Miranda, it is not her real name) who had been sitting in front of me turned her chair around and asked if I wanted to be her partner. I was so happy to accept. We faced each other and I asked her for a personal object and she gave me her ring off her finger. The first image I saw clairvoyantly was of a young pretty child (female) with long blonde hair. I described the child and asked her if she knew who this was? Her eyes opened very wide and she said, “yes, she is my daughter.” So, let’s call her daughter Shelby (that is not her real name). It was clear Shelby was the joy of her life. I carried on – there was a train trip coming up – I clairvoyantly saw the train. Yes, said Miranda. The trip was booked. However, I said, “you are very worried right now about an insurance problem – do not worry – it will all work out okay!” She smiled with relief. I saw Miranda working in the garden planting flowers and she confirmed this was a favourite hobby and when I saw her in the sewing room she confirmed sewing was also something she really enjoyed. And so on…    Miranda confirmed for me that I was very accurate with my psychic information, because, I had never seen her before in my life and could not have known anything of what I told her. She told me she was amazed by my accuracy and began telling others who had gathered around us listening.

Approximately fifty years later, 2020, I get an out-of-the-blue email from a woman I don’t know. She has found an aura booklet with Geraldine Smith’s name on it that her mother, now deceased, left in her chest of things she treasured. She writes to me that she doesn’t even know really why she is writing but she had come across my web-site (the Angels of course!) and seeing that I had mentioned Geraldine Smith – wonders if I might have taken this class her mother had gone to but didn’t really talk about because it was against her religion – and she was a devoted Catholic who wasn’t supposed to be dabbling in such things. I said to her, that I doubted that I knew her mother as I only met one person other than Geraldine and there must have been a hundred people in the class. I wrote to her – the only person I met was a woman I did a reading for – she was a woman (I described her appearance) who had a little daughter with long blonde hair, and she enjoyed gardening and sewing.  The next day I received another email. She wrote, “OMG! I am that little long-haired blonde girl!!”  It was Shelby. I was elated!

Of course, I read for Shelby, at her request,  a number of months later – by phone – due to our pandemic. When I first heard her voice – I could have, but didn’t,  (I had an Angel reading to do!) burst into tears. The voice was Miranda’s! I remembered that voice from almost 50 years ago – as though it was yesterday – a woman I spent 20 minutes with but whose unique impression on me had stood this test of time.  I said to Shelby, “You sound just like your mother!” and she said, “I knew you would say that!”  We both laughed.  We both understood our bond is a sacred one – through Miranda and the Angels.

If I wrote a fiction novel and told this story  – it would be seen as a strain on credulity… but truth (authenticity) is stranger than fiction.

Love & Light,   Monica     p.s. I wish you all health and peace and will post again on January 2, 2021.



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  1. Gillian December 19, 2020 at 10:53 pm Reply

    What a great post to end 2020 with! Here’s to an authentic and intuitive 2021 to Monica and her Readers 🙂

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