“Those who have developed ‘psychic’ powers have simply let some of the limitations they laid upon their minds be lifted.”     (A Course in Miracles)

“It’s important to remember that we’re not fixing anything.  We’re not trying to be different from who we are.  In fact, practice is simply returning to that which we always are.”  (Charlotte Joko Beck)

As a highly tuned piece of psychic equipment, I embrace the Law of Purification as part of my daily life as an (w)holistic therapist and angel communicator.  For God, my family, friends, clients and myself – I do my best to follow the angel’s divine guidance re purification in order that I may serve effectively.  I find that following the Law of Purification gives me increased mastery over my own mental energy.

I have found the Law of Purification to be of immense importance in my life.  Of course, I learned basic elements of this law while undergoing my training at nursing school in the late 60s and early 70s.  However, it was as a student and teacher of Hatha Yoga during the 80s that the Law of Purification took root in me as more than an intellectual exercise.  I became a vegetarian 30 years ago when my Yoga teachers taught me that when I was eating meat I was ingesting the pain and suffering of the slaughtered animal.  If that was not sufficient, they arranged for our classes to view a film about the brutal life of animals in North America as they are penned in over-crowded cages, force-fed chemicals and then inhumanely slaughtered.  Of course, they are filled with fear.  I did not watch the film, although, I saw the horror on my fellow student’s faces as they emerged from the auditorium.  Animals are sentient beings.  I gave up meat that day and have never regretted it.

Fast forward to 2006 when I was training with Dr. Doreen Virtue to become certified as an Angel Therapy (R) Practitioner.  Partnering to practice a variety of skills such as angel readings and healing sessions – a fellow student ‘saw’ the “cheese” in my aura and was appalled by it!  What was a clairvoyant doing eating cheese?  (Dairy products clog the psychic channels).  Her outrage was sufficient for me to give up cheese, and most dairy products, immediately.  And, the result was that the clarity of my clairvoyance increased tremendously.  I substituted hummus for cheese and with the angels help I do not miss it in my diet.  However, these last two examples are only small examples from my own life to demonstrate the ways in which our angels may guide us to purify and detox our lives.  There is so much more involved in the Law of Purification than meets the eye.

Nine years ago I became conscious of my ability to ‘feel’ and to ‘see’ (clairsentience and clairvoyance) the dark energy in a person’s aura and identify dark or shadowy areas in their chakras when I psychically scanned them.  This is only done, of course, with a client’s permission and upon request. However, I found that I could also ‘zero in’ so to speak on any negative energies or dark entities around a person.  Either in person or through remote viewing.  This is helpful to my clients because then I can work with the angels to perform spirit releasements, chakra cleansing and balancing, etheric cord cutting, psychic vacuuming, curse and dagger lifting, entity and implant extractions – along with a variety of other treatments under the guidance of the ascended masters and with angelic assistance.  I had already become aware of my increasing clairaudience (psychic hearing) due to the fact that it opened up quite dramatically before I went to study with Doreen.  Angels began calling me by my name and whispering in my ear and gently touching my shoulder.  My spirit guide Jo Jo made herself known to me and by the time I arrived (having been called) at Doreen’s course, I had established a conscious relationship with the angels and faeries and Merlin and a few other ascended masters such as St. Padre Pio.  (the Christ has been with me since childhood)

Following the Law of Purification is suggested for all of us who are developing our connections to our divinity.  We may not all wish to hang up our shingle as a professional psychic; however, don’t we all wish to purify our channels of divine communication?  To understand the Law of Purification is to understand the degree to which our thoughts, feelings and lifestyle actions affect our aura and the energy field around us.  We all have angels with us and their communication is easier to understand when we detox and purify ourselves.  It is somewhat like clearing the static from a telephone line or the blockages from a water hose.  Nevertheless, all the purification steps we take are best if they come from our own desire and willingness.  We do not need to ‘force’ ourselves or do something that makes us feel that we are ‘denying ourselves.’  There is no need to become fanatical about it as that interferes with the Law of Balance.

The central, and most important work of purification, I believe, is purifying our relationship with our Maker.  Our Source.  This is the relationship that we need to heal first in order to experience peace.  For some of us, we may have become estranged from God due to childhoods where we were taught (falsely) about an angry and a punishing God or a God who loved some of us more than others.  Or we may have been abused by a member of clergy or a member of a religious society or cult.  As children we were powerless and confused; however, as adults we come to realize that spirituality and religion are two very different things and that we can move way beyond our parent’s limitations in all areas of our lives and forge a ‘new’ relationship with God, an adult relationship – one in which we honestly express to God and the angels all of our fears, frustrations, disappointments and our anger.  God is unconditional Love and so when you have finished being honest with your Source – when you are truly ready to purify this relationship – tell God that you are now willing to exchange your fearful and painful thoughts for a more loving and peaceful set of beliefs. With your permission (remember the Law of Free Will) the angels will begin to start the process of healing this relationship and in Divine Timing you will find that your thoughts shift to a new perspective (the Law of Perspective) and when your thoughts shift – your feelings shift – and when your feelings shift – your behaviours shift.

Purifying our body is something we angel communicators are guided to do.  As we ‘attune’ to higher and higher frequencies we are often guided to eliminate foods such as meat, alcohol, sugar, gluten, dairy, caffeine , soda pop and especially chemical laden and highly processed and genetically modified foods.  Often these messages are answers to our prayers, even though we may not be conscious of this at the time.  Angels often intervene in our diet in order to prepare our body to receive higher-frequency communication.  Our nervous system can only handle the angel’s high frequency vibrations if our body is vibrating at a sufficiently high level.  Therefore, if you have a ‘hunch’ or a ‘gut feeling’ that you should see a dietician or nutritionist or buy a vegetarian cookbook it is likely that your angels are guiding you and helping you to prepare your body for higher-level communications.

Purifying our homes is something that the angels are guiding us to do.  Dark energy is brought into our homes in so many ways: fear-based and negative people, fear-filled television and movies, radio and newspaper broadcasts, dark left-over energy imprints from past occupants.  When clients come to angel cottage, most remark immediately about the ‘good energy’ in my home.  They sense it right away.  You will want to make sure that any room or office that you occupy is purified.  Obviously, physical de-cluttering and cleansing is a start and also painting.  Crystals, incense and sage are other familiar cleansing tools.  However, whenever I occupy a new space I always call in Archangel Michael and his Band of Mercy to circulate the house and to remove all dark energy or earthbound spirits to the light.  (I have had clients who have picked up negative energies from psychic’s offices because that psychic does not cleanse appropriately before and after every client.)

Purifying our relationships is a very important part of detoxing our lives.  Old pain from childhood, the teenage years and early adulthood can really hold us in the past.  Forgiving ourselves and everyone everything means to set ourselves free of negativity and darkness.  Forgiveness does not mean condoning any abusive behavior – it means we have decided to unload our burdens.  Forgiveness doesn’t mean continuing a relationship, unless we choose to.  It is letting go of pain.  As you move forward, always act with ‘purity’ – in other words – complete integrity – and only keep company with others living in integrity.  Surround yourself with people of a similar high-vibration.

Consult your angels as to how best to purify your actions.  This is the way you maintain your alignment with God and your Higher Self as well as your angels.  Purifying your actions will naturally lead to purifying your schedule.  An over-crowded schedule is one of the many ways we resist following our divine guidance.  We are just too busy to eat properly, exercise or meditate and contemplate and to receive our guidance.  Slowing down and clearing our schedule whenever possible allows us to identify things that we do habitually &/or from a place of fear rather than love.  Time alone and in Nature is invaluable for purification – and for becoming familiar with the ‘new’ you!

Purifying our fear-based thoughts such as those of victimhood, competition, jealousy, resentment, revenge etc. is one of the best detox and purifying things that we can do for ourselves.  I have seen these thoughts manifest around clients as literally dark clouds and blobs.  Our thoughts, held long enough, can become ‘thought-forms’ and take on a life of their own!  This is one of the many reasons that I became a spiritual teacher.  To help people become aware of these things.  If we are not aware – we create unconsciously.  We create what we think about most.  As an example, when I was living in Victoria, before I became the staff Yoga teacher at Monterey Centre – I taught private lessons in my home.  My daughter was 6 at that time.  So, that must have been 23 years ago in earth time.  One of my students was a very intelligent woman but very stressed and highly negative.  She knew this – therefore she was taking yoga!  One day my daughter was home when my student arrived for her lesson.  My daughter ran away up the stairs and did not emerge until my client was gone.  Even though she knew this woman well, as she was the Mom of a classmate.  When my student left, I went upstairs to see my daughter who was hiding in her room and really scared.  She told me, “Mommy, didn’t you see that scary, horrible dark thing with her?” (Those were my heavy cheese-eating days!).  I felt it, of course, and I had a chat with my daughter where I validated her experience and yet calmed and helped her feel safe.

Other purification tips include:

* proper hydration with pure, clean water.

* exercise regularly so that your body can fully assimilate the vitamins, food and water and also properly eliminate toxins.

* be faithful to your spiritual practices, walk your talk.

*detoxification, cleanses (always discuss with your health care provider – especially if you have any medical conditions)

* spend time in Nature and by the ocean/lakes

* open your windows and let fresh air flow through as often as possible

* decrease your television viewing and unplug all electronic gadgetry as often as possible

* plants, especially spider plants and ferns transmute heavy, psychic energy

*chant or sing sacred music

* meditate and call in angels and Higher Beings to your home

* enjoy frequent soaks in your bathtub with sea salt which pulls toxins our of your physical and energetic bodies

*use non-toxic and environmentally safe cleansing products for home and body


Here is a beautiful prayer by Doreen Virtue for you to detox from stress:   (ANGEL DETOX)

“Dear God and angels, please detox me from stress and all its effects.  I ask that, starting today, I begin breaking patterns of stress.  No longer will I become flustered, anxious or fearful.

Archangel Haniel, please bring me peace.  I ask you to show me how to live a calmer, more graceful life.

Archangel Jophiel, I pray that you surround me with love.  As my body and mind absorb your healing, I will feel stress disappear.  Please show me the beauty that surrounds me.

Archangel Michael, I ask you to release all negative energies from my life.  I know that the brighter my inner light shines, the less my ego can influence me.  I call upon your strength and courage to release fearful thoughts.

Archangel Metatron, please restore my life.  I ask you to clear my chakra system to balance my energy.  I trust in your guidance  and I will follow your messages.   Thank you.”


As we continue our ascension, some of us are still going though physical adjustments that relate to our higher chakras.  These can include a lack of mental clarity, forgetting things such as the day or what you had to eat yesterday or numerous other ascension symptoms.  Those of us going through detachment from what has been may be experiencing a feeling or energy much like sadness – and also a desire to be quiet and a decreasing interest in needing to be entertained.  Some of us are experiencing a sense of relief as we let go of a habit or a person.  Many of us are experiencing an opening of our hearts to a much greater level of compassion and a heightened sense of intuition.  Kara, of the Ascension Notes reminds us: “Don’t get seduced by outer events, form or even how your physical body is processing the changes.  Trust your heart and not your head.  Your heart speaks through feeling the present Truth.  While the mind speaks of the past and duality.”  Remember to be kind and loving to yourself and to use your own discernment (the Law of Discernment) regarding the Law of Purification.  Releasing physical and emotional toxins can be a gentle process with the guidance and help of your angels.

Love & Light,    Monica









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  1. Gillian June 18, 2015 at 7:52 pm Reply

    Yes, you are a “highly tuned piece of psychic equipment”!I was talking about you on Sunday to a shiatsu therapist who came into the store where I work and she said she once, just once, when working on a client, experienced herself as a “body of sparkling particles”. Then she added that it had happened after a particularly good cleanse. Great post with lots of details from your own life experience. Thanks!

    • Monica June 25, 2015 at 7:23 am Reply

      Thanks for your continuing interest.

  2. Christine June 22, 2015 at 4:59 pm Reply

    Thank you for this important and interesting information about The Law of Purification. As always I’m amazed at the information you share with us. I think” the Book” is almost written Monica, you could just put all your Blogs together, Et Voila ! This time I got reminded to cleanse my work space every time I have seen a client… not just when I remember to.Thank you.

    • Monica June 25, 2015 at 7:21 am Reply

      Thanks Christine! I am glad you found it helpful.

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