“Isn’t it time for you to play with time?”   Maureen J. St. Germain

“Time is a construct that you can manipulate. The first step is to believe it, and the second step is to be playful with it.”   Maureen J. St. Germain

Maureen in her work tells us that we can unhook from the mass consciousness experience of time. Based on the understanding that time is a construct that we can manipulate. Time serves us as an aspect of consciousness that we all agree on. Therefore, it is not what we think it is. Just as with any ‘idea’  – because time is an idea – we can learn to work with it. “Time is fluid. It is nested, spiraled, and convoluted in many ways. The past, present, and future are all happening and interacting simultaneously.” That is easy for me to grasp due to my work as an Angel Medium and as a Reiki Master. What makes it easy for you to grasp? I suggest answering this in your journal to open a portal. To create a shift.

In the third dimension time is linked to events and locations and such. To shift into fifth dimension we turn off our 3D button, so to speak, and move into our Higher Self. This is what I do on a daily basis in my work as a psychic medium and as a Reiki Master. I have a number of ways of doing this. Some are tools but Archangel Jophiel will always shift me into my Higher Self when I ask. When in my Higher Self, or aligned with my Higher Self, I am outside of time and therefore able to tune into what we label past, present and future. I see the past, present and future as places where we hang our hats – temporarily – so we can learn our lessons on planet Earth.

Once we have learned certain lessons then we can move on beyond our current concept of time. Could we call in the Lords of Time to help us? Maureen says we can. Maureen, it seems, did not feel free to talk about her understanding of the Lords of Time until around 2017. She was afraid of people misusing the knowledge. Recently however she has begun to share her channelings from these vast cosmic beings that she says “surround the expression of the time-space continuum.” (WAKING UP IN 5D)

Maureen shares her knowledge learned from the Lords of Time about the time matrix and the energy matrix. She shows us how when we are in integrity we are aligned with the energy matrix that allows us to capture and direct the flow of chi (life force energy). As healers we do this all the time – learning to direct and command energy. However, we can sometimes be unaware and out of alignment and sloppy in our ‘off-duty’ times and say 3D things like “money only comes from really hard work” or “my life is a mess” which can keep us financially impoverished in the first case and chaos in our life in the second as we are commanding energy.

I gather from Maureen’s work that we can call in the Lords of Time and do a reset! We have all experienced a reset by now haven’t we?  Write about one of your resets in your journal for insights. We were asleep, now we are awake, what is gone? For some, Maureen says it will be a grudge you held in the past. For someone else – a belief or even a set of beliefs. Suddenly, they are just gone. Evaporated. Where did they go? A timeline is likely to have collapsed. Energy became unhooked from time. I experience that when I practice Matrix Energetics(TM). When I am feeling tired and in need of a shortcut so to speak – I ask Merlin to use his Divine magic to unhook me from any time constraints. You can do this too. Ask. But, before playing with time – always consult your Higher Self &/or your Angels to check that what you are about to do is for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of everyone involved. Integrity.

Some people say that we do not stretch time but rather our experience of it. That is essentially the same thing.

Timelines are collapsing and converging say the Lords of Time as channeled by Maureen:

“We will play with you and give you an example. You go into the ice cream shop, and you want to have an ice cream cone, and you look at all the flavors and you really want chocolate. And then you remember you’ve got your favorite white dress on and if you spill a drop on it it’s going to make you look funky. So you opt for mint instead, because you figure you’re not as likely to drop it and even if you do you should be able to get it out, or maybe even vanilla because you want to be on the safe side. All those versions of reality now exist: one with you choosing mint, one with you choosing chocolate, and one you’re experiencing in the moment with you choosing vanilla… all those versions exist until they’re no longer needed… and each one of those gets integrated back into the present. So you do take more than one path… As Frost would say, “The road less travelled or the road not taken?” And we would say, “Well, they’re all taken” by you!… For a time… For a cycle…” (pages148-149)

My current understanding is that as timelines collapse we use the Law of Attraction in any new timelines we create. I have written 50 blogs with 100 tips regarding the Law of Attraction so that you can create timelines that all involve receiving much joy. Please review the titles and see what calls to you!

In the third dimension we often say, “we can’t change the past, but we can learn from it.” However, we can change the past and we have certainly learned from it and from changing it. In the past-life work that many do and that I have done with some of my clients – we time travel back and change a decision we made that has haunted us in this lifetime. This helps us to merge multiple timelines as we simultaneously become fifth-dimensional. There are multiple groups of timelines all based on their relationship to one another. Soul family groups etc. Every change we make affects everyone in the group and so we always check-in with our Higher Selves and our Angels before doing this – in order that we stay in integrity and that everyone benefits.

Under hypnosis with an amazing hypnotherapist in Victoria, B.C. (who turned out to be part of my soul group) due to the guidance of Archangel Michael I went back to a lifetime I had in Egypt as an initiate of the goddess Isis. I had no idea why Archangel Michael wanted me to do this but I have total faith in Michael. It turned out there was healing for me there, but, it was not for me – it was to free my father of that time for grief he has carried for centuries due to my death as a young woman. I came back from the future – he now knows I am alive – he (I assume) has now let go of what was an extraordinary depth of grief (I felt that grief in my (Hedra’s) heart) and he is free to move on. I suppose you could call this a form of multidimensional travel or time travel or many other things – but whatever we call it – it was a very memorable moment in Time.

Maureen believes that we are all merging and compressing timelines as we move through this cycle of becoming 5D. She believes we can move about in multiple parallel timelines, heal our pasts and thereby change our present and futures. I also believe this – due to my own experiences and the experiences of my clients.

As we heal, our old story changes in many ways. It no longer ‘triggers’ us.  We have more than survived. We have become wise. We are now on the road to thriving! Why? Well, for so many reasons both personal and collective. One reason being – we understand the time and energy matrix and we are telling a new story!

Love& Light,   Monica






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  1. Gillian March 7, 2019 at 5:40 pm Reply

    I think it was in one of your blogs that you wrote something I’ve printed out and pinned on my dresser: I forgive everyone everything in all directions of time. Now I just have to fake it till I make it 🙂

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