“True Hermetic Transmutation is a Mental Art.”   The Kybalion

“Remember: The All is Mind; The Universe is Mental.”   The Kybalion

What if the magic key to your dreams was composed of seven sacred principles? Seven keys, not one. So sayeth The Kybalion. “The Principles of Truth are Seven; he who knows these, understandingly, possesses the Magic Key before whose touch all the Doors of the Temple fly open.”

What if we could learn to release negativity, master our moods and manifest new levels of abundance? I had thought, for many years, that I would one day read The Kybalion. I knew that this work would be difficult to understand because of its archaic and confusing language. I was aware that the original teacher of Divine magic was an Egyptian sage named Hermes Trismegistus. I knew that in 1908 three Hermetic students had written down Hermes’s teachings in a book called The Kybalion and I intuitively felt ‘called’ to read it.

What I didn’t know, in the old days, was that one day an Angel would land in my room and guide me to travel out to California to train with Dr. Doreen Virtue who in that same year, 2006, would publish a book called Divine Magic which would make The Kybalion easy to understand and therefore easier to put into practice. My autographed copy is one of my most treasured books on my shelf today.

We all know, from childhood, that we have magical abilities that are our birthright. Made in the image of our Creator we have unlimited creativity and Divine power. Once we harness these innate gifts then we are able to help and heal our loved ones and/or clients as we simultaneously take our own life to a whole new level.

The Kybalion is a practical teaching manual for utilizing our Divinely magical capacities. It has taught countless people – including me – how to activate Hermes’s principles. However, I never did read the archaic version. Instead, I learned, in person, from Doreen and the Angels, and then have continued to study and practice over the past 12 years the principles described in Doreen’s interpretation of this classic alchemical manual.

Doreen was guided to edit The Kybalion. She was deeply honoured with this assignment and did so “carefully & prayerfully… maintaining the integrity of its meanings and teachings.”

Scholars are not able to agree regarding the dates of Hermes’s life. Some believe he was a contemporary and perhaps even a teacher of Abraham the Patriarch. Others say he lived during the time of Moses. There are also controversies regarding Hermes’s teachings which have always been hidden in mystery (hence the term hermetically sealed) and were in the past only given to those who had undergone initiations of purification, learning and skill-building and they were mostly taught verbally to retain secrecy.

During my relatively short life as Hedra in the time of Queen Hatshepsut I underwent an initiation in ancient Egypt into the shrouded mystical teachings. After I remembered this lifetime I was guided to read Elizabeth Haich’s book Initiation which, to my surprise, described my experience during that lifetime and might have happened yesterday as my memories are so vivid. My initiation this lifetime began, I believe, at the age of four – and has been no less intense although the challenges have been very, very different. Such is the spiritual path.

Today the majority of us metaphysical students understand very well that our thoughts create our reality. However, learning to control and focus our thoughts so that our manifestations are consistently high can be challenging. The answer, though, is found within The Kybalion. Doreen found within it a method that “keeps my thoughts, and therefore my moods, health, relationships, finances, and such at a consistently high level.”

The Kybalion definitely requires some committed study. I have studied and worked with its principles since I met Doreen and have found it invaluable. My study, as with A Course in Miracles, will continue throughout my life.

Do not be surprised if studying The Kybalion brings up some fears from a past life where you were tortured and killed for using magic. During the Middle Ages Hermetists studied and practiced in secret and if discovered doing so were killed as a witch or heretic because it was not allowed for anyone to deviate from the reigning religion. The first act that Doreen performed with Archangel Michael at our Angel Therapy(R) Certification Course was to cut all our etheric cords in all directions of time to past lives where we were burned at the stake or tortured and killed for practicing witchcraft. Ask Archangel Michael to do the same for you. If you are now mostly in 4D then you are clearing away these things so you can move into 5D.

Because I trained with Doreen I find her writings accessible and clear. I am sure you will too. Take for example how she describes a Divine Paradox of us humans being both like God and not being like God: “When an author creates a character (such as Shakespeare’s Romeo), part of the author is in the character. In the same way, part of the Creator is in each of us. Yet, just as Romeo isn’t entirely Shakespeare, neither are we entirely the Creator. We retain some part of us that is not identical with our Creator – this is another Divine Paradox. We’re simultaneously made in the image, and not in the image, of the Creator. We would call the part of us that isn’t Creator-like the “ego” or our “shadow side.” (page 31)

Among Doreen’s many extraordinary gifts is the ability to take complex concepts and make them readily available to the general public. I still have not read the archaic version of these mystical teachings, maybe one day I will. However, the way Doreen describes the principles, particularly the principle of polarity and the principle of rhythm in order to be unaffected by the pendulum swings of life I have found to be liberating. Doreen also helps us to create our own “control panel” that helps us to keep our manifestations at a consistently high rate.

To further awaken our God-given powers of Divine magic we metaphysical students learn and master the 7 sacred principles of The Kybalion. Enter the Mystery School if you have not already joined. These sacred principles are: Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause & Effect, Gender. (Gender, in Hermetic terms, has nothing to do with physical sexual attributes, but rather, masculine and feminine energies that combine to create manifestations)

Whatever we wish to attract or create or banish or release, we can do more rapidly than we currently believe. In Divine Magic we learn to master the process of transmutation. Mental alchemy. “If the Universe is Mental, then it follows that Mental Transmutation must change the conditions and phenomena of the Universe. If the Universe is Mental, then Mind must be the highest power affecting its phenomena. If this is understood, then you will understand and work ‘miracles.’ ” (pg.107)

Intrigued? I hope so as that is my goal! The Angels asked me to write this blog today and They said one or more of you out there who reads this will employ this book’s information to dramatically change your life.

Is it you?

Love & Light,   Monica       (p.s. 2 more classes left (June 1st and 8th) in Angels @ Metaphysics in Kingston)





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  1. Gillian May 31, 2018 at 5:28 pm Reply

    Fascinating. I’ll certainly let you and your Readers know if/when I encounter the Kybalion and hope others will post their thoughts here too!

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