“None of us is failing our mission. Your existence is the mission.”   Karen Curry Parker

“The universe reacts to who you are being.”   Waxela Sananda

The next right step is the one in front of us. It is often a baby step, but not always. Some of us are growing in leaps and bounds now and our desire to help others, as lightworkers, is as strong as ever. However, due to all the changes that we and the planet are undergoing – we may need to retool in numerous ways. Five or ten years from now the world is likely to be quite unrecognizable with regard to the world we live in at present. For those of us who have been able to isolate and sit on a couch for the past 16 months or so (many of us are not in that position) that may have been what we were meant to do. In fact it still might be! How so you ask? Well, according to the system of Quantum Human Design (discovered by Canadian Alan Krakower in 1987) you might be a Projector.

I had never heard of Alan Krakower or Karen Curry Parker until I listened to one of Waxela Sananda’s podcasts and heard Karen talk about Quantum Human Design and her remodeling and interpretations of it as she prepares to release some new books in September. They promise to be interesting. I found Karen’s explanation of the 5 energy types of this system (based on ancient as well as modern archetypes) to be fascinating and thought you might too. Here are the 5 types as described by Karen: (1) Manifester : This type is only 8 per cent of the population and the only type to take direction directly from their internal connection to Source/God. They take direction from the inner non-verbal flow and also initiate others to this possibility. (2 & 3) These are Generators and Manifesting Generators. This category is 70 per cent of us. We follow clues and signs in the 3D spiritual matrix. Some of us might find ourselves saying something like “I am so lost.” Then, a sign appears and leads us to our next right step. (4) Projectors. This relatively new type was apparently discovered within the last 200 years or so. Projectors often sit on the couch and hold the grid. They can see the potential in others and guide them to it. This is 20 per cent of us. We carry the energetic template of where we are going. The frustration for those of us in this energy category is that we have to wait to be asked to be recognized and to share our wisdom.  I have not looked at Karen’s chart but this sounds like it might be my category. Lightworkers in this category says Karen are often subjected to the equivalent of “Who asked you?” when they attempt to share their wisdom or else “Someone takes their idea and runs with it.” I had a Reiki practitioner who came to me and asked to collaborate with me on a programme for psychic kids. I created it – gave her all my ideas and notes and she disappeared. I hope she did something positive with them! But, that is one example of why I might be a projector.  (5) Reflectors: less than 1 per cent of us are reflectors says Karen. We take in the energy of the community and amplify it and reflect it back. Light or dark. I was told by a psychic that when I lived in Bath, Ontario, for 7 years that I was there to reflect the light of a community with a lot of dark history and amplify it and reflect it back. She thought I was a reflector.  Maybe I am a hybrid energy type.

Karen has run with this system that some describe as a version of numerology and others critique as “New Age babble.” She is the Quantum Alignment System creator. She helps us discern the answers to the questions: “Where are we? Where do we want to go? What do we need to do?” From listening to Karen, I think she must be an excellent coach for the question “What is my next right step?” In my practice, I employ Angel Therapy(R) to help clients answer those questions. As Karen says: “Go to the teacher/coach you resonate with.” The human story is multi-layered and complex and we often need to spend time unwinding the story before taking the next right step. Understanding our story is very powerful and Karen feels that there is plenty of information in the system to help you to actualize your potential once you replace your old system of beliefs with your new system of beliefs that support your new story. You essentially replace the story of who you think you are, which of course goes back generations to your ancestors and also previous lives at different eras and sometimes on a different planet.

On the Human Design chart of which Karen speaks, there are 9 energy centres that loosely correlate to the Hindu chakra system. In their discussion on the podcast Waxela noted that her root chakra was very open. She asked Karen about that. The root centre is the pulse for adrenaline energy and can indicate divine timing for moving forward and/or pushing against right timing by plowing ahead regardless as we are so focused on ‘doing’ in the Western world. Waxela noted that she does tend to push herself to do all the tasks on her list and needs reminders to take time for self-care and friends. Pushing ahead regardless is not productive. We are at the mercy of divine timing. Constructive waiting and preparation is the way to be. When timing is wrong, work on your self-worth and don’t push against the timing – if you do you are likely to burn out.  Often, the next right step is completely unexpected. Look at what is showing up and do it!

There are multiple interpretations of the Human Design. Dismantling this tool can create a template for moving forward, but to dismantle, you need to learn and understand the tool first says Karen. Karen has done this and has a few new books coming out this September where she re-languages (with a higher frequency) this tool. She renamed all the energy types that I have written about above. She did this after a lot of studying of the traditional tool. The Projector she calls “the Orchestrator.” She said the name Projector came with a heavy psychological background and she thinks that the Orchestrator best describes that this lightworker is unifying the energy in his/her environment. She renames the Manifester as the Initiator and calls the Manifester Generators the Time Benders. The Reflectors are now the Calibrators and the Generators are the Alchemists.  I love it!  Karen has rewritten the language of human design in a way that shifts into a higher frequency which then shifts us into flow synchronicity often known as magic. We all know that high quality language is very powerful.

Karen says that she recently put out a mini-guide about human design and the coronavirus experience. “All human pandemics start with the sun in the 44th Gate which correlates to the 45th Hexagram in the I Ching. The 44th gate is about breaking free of patterns of the past and telling a new story to construct new ways of being.” We are moving away from the old construct based on our seeing our value as based on the money we earn and instead we value wellness. What does it mean to be well? It is likely to be quite individual, although we are very aware that dis-ease, showing up in the body, has first worked its way through our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies before it has been able to manifest physically.

2020 was a rough catalytic year. 2021 is a transitional year. What might be the next right step for you in 2022?

Love & Light,   Monica


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