You (like everyone) deserve happiness, health, abundance, love, and success. The lower self (ego) is based on fear, so it’s threatened by happiness. The ego tries to persuade you that you don’t deserve to receive, and that success will bring about increased responsibilities, pressures, and changes in your relationships. Your higher self happily accepts support, knowing that this is sustenance for its life purpose.”   Doreen Virtue


What is your evolving relationship with abundance? Do you actively work with the Angels of Abundance to help you to overcome any “lack mentality” that may continue to block your pathway to abundance? The Angels of Abundance are members of the Heavenly team who help us to change any thoughts, beliefs or habits that are impeding our natural flow of abundance. These ‘specialty’ Angels can give us the courage and strength we need to heal any harmful patterns such as debt and worry so that we can allow and receive the abundance that Spirit is continually sending us.

The Angels of Abundance guided me today to do a general reading for my readers and to pull 3 oracle cards from my Angels of Abundance deck. So, after praying over my cards I asked the Angels to give me 3 messages for my readers that will help them to identify and clear away any remaining blocks limiting abundance.

Here are the 3 messages from 44 possibilities:


“You open the door to positive experiences and opportunities with your positive expectations and energy. Do not allow negative energy or temporary setbacks to interfere with the path that you are on. Keep the faith and keep going!”

When this oracle card is pulled during a reading the client’s block is worry. Therefore, the advice is to pray for help from your Angels in lifting away your worries and replacing them with an attitude of optimism. God always respects our freewill choices and so if you have been making negative statements about your finances then Heaven will not interfere. You will receive solutions to any abundance problems when you relax and are then able to hear the voice of God and your Angels.


“Complaints are affirmations of victimhood, which is never true on a spiritual level. Take back your God-given power by affirming that you have an abundance of choices and freedom. With your increased confidence and assertiveness, watch these positive affirmations blossom into reality.”

This message, when it comes up in a reading, is a powerful reminder that complaining about finances or the economy in general is the surest way to manifest worries about money because complaining is  an affirmation of victimhood. When we complain we are stating to the Universe that we do not have power and control – someone else has. So, to take back our own power, we need to avoid blaming &/or complaining. Obviously, this does not mean that we need to pretend that everything is O.K. but rather we ask the Angels to elevate our thoughts and feelings so we can receive the support we require.

As an abundance spiritual exercise can you go 24 hours without complaining? Complaining (due to the Law of Attraction) instantly attracts something new to complain about. And so it goes.


“The more you allow yourself to receive, the more resources you have available to share with others. Open your arms to receive and be a conduit for good coming to you and through you, as it blesses the world.”

This last message today is delivered in a reading when a client is worrying about ‘how’ his/her prayer will be answered. Worrying about ‘how’ is a big block because in spiritual truth, God, as omniscient, accounts for every possible variable in our lives and sees the whole picture. When we assume we know what is best this is usually coming from our ego-personality which has very limited angles of Truth. Believe that God/Source will provide exactly what you need to fulfill your life’s purpose and then give permission to God to shower you with divine abundance so you can use it to bring blessings to the world.

These messages today from the Angels of Abundance were delivered through the oracle deck cards created by Doreen & Grant Virtue and are meant to ‘land’ in your consciousness for your Highest abundance. These messages will help you to create an ‘abundance mindset’ to replace the ‘lack mentality’ that has been hindering you with regard to your manifestations.

These are your general messages – so – one or all three apply to you. Nevertheless, always take what resonates and leave the rest.

Wishing you abundance on your path,


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  1. Gillian October 12, 2017 at 7:34 pm Reply

    Coincidentally 😉 I went to a “Women & Investing” luncheon today at the invitation of a friend. All 3 messages are good for me. Thanks!

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