The pendulum is an ancient divination tool.  Divination means to bring information from the subconscious to conscious awareness.  The pendulum is an easy tool to use for obtaining yes or no answers to very clear questions.  It can be very helpful for aiding you in making decisions regarding healthy choices for yourself.  How you choose to phrase your question is very important.  Especially since it must be unambiguous and not too broad.  A further challenge is that you need to be able to keep your mind in a non-attached state while asking your question.

Many people choose to use a pendulum for healing choices.  For example, some people take their pendulum to the store when purchasing vitamins or health products.  They hold the pendulum over the product and ask if it is positive for them and if they obtain a ‘yes’ answer they will often purchase the item and then before using it again they will check with their pendulum to see if it is still for their best purpose.  Many people I know find that the pendulum is helpful for determining food allergies and sensitivities, the type of crystals to use, gemstone placement, chakras that have blocks, and positive herbal products.  Some people also use a pendulum to find which meridians are blocked and require a treatment such as acupressure.

Pendulums do not need to be expensive.  In fact, you can make one by putting a button on a string.  When I do not have my pendulum on me I have even used my door key on its chain.  However, many pendulum users like to find a crystal or a silver weight on a chain.  I prefer to let my pendulum ‘choose’ me.  When I am looking for one – with clear intention – it will start to jump and vibrate when I get close to it.  The only exception to getting my pendulum this way is when my close friend gifts me with one – then I know it is divinely guided!

As with everything else in life, practice is important.  You work with your pendulum to establish your connection and what the various movements of your pendulum mean.  Movements can indicate yes, no or maybe.  There are six basic ways that your pendulum might move: circularly clockwise or counter-clockwise, up and down, and side to side.  When you begin establishing your connection, you can determine the response as yes or no by asking questions that you consciously know the answer to – such as – ‘is ice cold? ‘

Remember that if you are using gemstones they need to be cleared every so often as they can become clogged with energies and therefore either not register an answer  at all or answer incorrectly.  There are numerous ways to cleanse crystals.  A simple way that some people use is to hold it under running water for a few moments and then place it in the sun to re-energize.  Some crystals may be damaged by water so Judy Hall recommends that you can store it in brown rice overnight.  Judy says that white or clear crystals also “enjoy being left in the moonlight overnight to re-charge, or you can place them on a windowsill.”  I cleanse my stones and crystals with Reiki and blessings and prayers from a variety of traditions.  Often I will request that the Archangel Michael cleanses my stones as after healings they may have absorbed energetic toxins.  It is recommended that you keep your pendulum protected – most people carry it in a little pouch.

If you are new to using a pendulum, relax, take your time developing your connection and ask your guardian angels to help you if you wish.  Dedicate it to your Highest Good and visualize it surrounded by Light.  Practice a little each day with no striving or straining.   There is no hurry.  I have found that most people are able to establish their connection within two weeks; however, we are all unique and there is no right or wrong amount of time before you are connected.  Whatever happens, the timing will be absolutely perfect for YOU!

Love,  Monica

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