This past week I have been thinking about the power of prayer. There were two days where I added my prayers to those of tens of thousands of people who joined James Twyman (the Peace Troubadour) and his Spiritual Peacemakers in praying for peace in Syria and Egypt. A critical mass was needed for the prayers to be effective and we were instructed to use the Quantum technique.

Although I do not subscribe to television, and therefore am spared the daily barrage of what is considered ‘news’ , but, is actually usually ‘bad news’ I still get the news from the internet when I go on the computer to receive and send emails. Like so many people, I often feel like I wish there was something that I could do to help. Therefore, when I received an email from James Twyman asking me to be one of his 100,000 people in his prayer group that can be called upon to pray during periods of crisis anywhere in the world, I registered immediately. I made the commitment, because this is something that I CAN do. I knew that once I signed up that I had made a sacred pledge of service. Prayer is a form of service, and a very powerful tool for protection, healing and change. We all have anecdotal evidence in our own lives of its power and there are numerous scientific studies that demonstrate its efficacy.

A number of years ago my daughter introduced me to the works of Gregg Braden, and I read a number of his books including SECRETS OF THE LOST MODE OF PRAYER. I found this book to be not only fascinating, but of inestimable value. Braden guides us as to how to empower our prayer by using our senses and he teaches us how personal prayer is. He does this, in part, by telling us about his own journey and his search for evidence of a forgotten form of prayer that “has no words or outward expressions.”

Braden describes prayer as the “language of God and the angels. It’s also the language we were given to heal life’s suffering with wisdom, beauty, and grace. Whether we learn of prayer’s power from the Internet today, or from a first-century parchment scroll, the message is the same.”

According to Quantum principles, prayer is consciousness. Feelings are sincerely held in the heart and felt as already manifested – already answered.

As children, we knew we were magical beings. Braden reminds us that, as children, we had not been ingrained with limiting beliefs. We knew we could create miracles, and we can. The words in a prayer are the stepping-stones to the power within us – igniting the power – setting the intention and then letting the magic happen.

One of the Light Beings that sometimes instructs me is Merlin. A number of years ago I asked Merlin, as one of his students, if I should make or buy myself a wand to perform my magic. The reply I heard was “wand is anything – intention is everything.”

Prayer helps us to center our minds in our Higher Selves. It helps us to feel safe and also empowers us spiritually to send out our intentions to the universe knowing, as a child does, that it is already true!

The second time that I sat before my altar to join the Prayer Group, I had to explain to my small Reiki class why I was excusing myself for 10 minutes at noon that day to sit in prayer. I asked that they begin lunch without me and I would soon join them. Kindly, one of the participants reminded me when it was time. When I came out to have lunch with my class they asked me what I had felt. There are never words, I find, to adequately express these kinds of energetic experiences; however, it felt like a huge wave of warmth, of love and compassion and of peace that I was a part of.

When we pray for others, we also benefit, as we are all ONE. All sparks of the Creator.

In James Twyman’s most recent mass mailing, he indicates that he is hoping to attract one million people who will answer the call to prayer so that the critical mass is even more effective.

Until next Thursday, Prayerfully Yours, Monica

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