“What do you need to let go of before 2019 ends in order to make space for a new story to emerge within your life for 2020?”   Ariella Indigo

While there are commonalities – ascension is a unique path for each of us. There is not a one-size-fits- all way of ascending.  Some of us have been on this ascension journey for decades and therefore we can certainly offer clues and help for others to follow. However, we all have our own individual path and each of us is a spiral dancer.

Like Thoreau – the spiral dancer moves with her own rhythm and steps to the music only she can hear. The journey of the spiral dancer is winding and circular reminding you as you go that you are not retracing your steps or going backward but rather are going up and around. Just keep dancing! One of my oracle decks has a spiral dancer card. It is meant as a reminder that the path of destiny is seldom straight.

For those of us getting ready for the next portal of 12/12  and prepping for stepping into 2020 we are tidying up and letting go as old timelines collapse. Astrologers tell us that after the portal and the solstice we have a solar eclipse on Christmas (25/26). Things are falling away and we need to point now in the direction of our new stuff. Even if we have no label for our new stuff.

I  have been taking a free online course from Ariella Indigo (U.K.) whose work resonates with me.  She is picking up similar energies of moving out old stuff. For lack of a better word. Most of us have done a lot of clearing now but we may want to take an inventory she says before stepping into the energies of 2020, although most of us are already there!

If you feel there is more clearing to do before 2020 ( and she recommends clearing by December 1st) she has a few exercises that we did in our classes.  (1) Looking for themes and patterns: write out your decades to date, example: 0-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, etc. Set your timer for 10 minutes and write next to the decade the major events in that decade. These are major events to you. Major events are things such as death of a loved one, divorce, a birth, marriage, illness, assault, or any other happening in your life that you experience as an event. It doesn’t have to be what another person would consider an event! These can be happy or otherwise. After ten minutes, look for themes and patterns. Some people find patterns of abandonment, betrayal, addiction, rejection, money, love. There are many more.  (2) 10 minutes. Write out your strengths – your super powers. Some are : great communicator, non-judgmental, great networker, catalyst for others, great channeler, great astral traveler etc.  You can write your 3D powers and your 5D powers. (3) 15 minutes, 5 questions: (a) What makes you come alive and absorbs your interest? (what activities make time disappear for you?) (b) If you didn’t need to earn money, what would you do with your time? (c) What did you feel passionately about as a child? (d) What are your innate talents? (do not think of them as to how they fit into a career) (e) Who inspires you the most and why? (These people are divine mirrors). There are latent talents.   As you can see – this should not take long – we can all clear quickly now – so just do a quick inventory to see if there is some tweaking to be done and/or pivoting before we go through the 12/12 Gateway.

I am already feeling the 2020 energies and they are fast-paced energies. Meditation, journaling, walks in Nature, help to keep us balanced, centered and okay with the uncertainty. While we want to remain grounded and centered we also want to spend time visiting the Higher realms. Ascension, like everything else, takes practice and is practice.

Many of us are now past the basic awakening phase and are at least beginning the embodiment phase. We are feeling into the New Earth, training ourselves to pivot in the direction of our joy, and aware of losing density and becoming more light. You will find as you climb the ladder of ascension that it takes you out-of-time and realms may pass through you. I feel the past and present and future around me all the time; however, some are feeling it passing through them.  My experience at present is as if the past, present and future were a hula-hoop around me spiraling. All is well.  Trust your own experience. Have you noticed an increased capacity to focus as your brain and heart become more coherent? I predict that you will if you have not already. Archangel Metatron is asking me to suggest you prioritize so you don’t go into overwhelm.

Okay my dear spiral dancers, I am going to now ask for 3 messages for you today to support/guide you at whatever stage you are at on your path. I am asking Spirit. What do my readers need to know most today?

Card 1 “The moment I embrace my peace within and surrender the outcome is the moment that the universe can truly get to work.” (oracle deck The Universe has your Back, by Gabrielle Bernstein)

Card 2 “Smooth & Easy: “You’re on easy street, my friend. The Red Sea has parted, and you are now free to roam the planet. All obstacles have disappeared. Doors and windows are flying open. There is not one thing that can stop you.” ( oracle deck The Oracle of E, by Pam Grout & Colette Baron-Reid)

Card 3 “I measure my success by how much fun I’m having.”  (oracle deck Miracles Now, by Gabrielle Bernstein)

We are truly ready to step through the 12/12 portal and sail into 2020 knowing miracles lie ahead and that the Universe has our back.  Just keep dancing!

Love & Light,   Monica


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  1. Gillian November 22, 2019 at 11:20 am Reply

    I was asked yesterday to contribute a favourite quote to a friend’s project and Monica has used the second line in question a) ! Here’s the quote by theologian Howard Thurman: Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is for people to come alive. Thanks for pulling those 3 cards for us!

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