“We are shifting from a matrix where money has been about ‘me’ to making money to serve the awakening”  Corrina Steward

“There is so much abundance when we risk questioning the unquestionable.”   Ariella Indigo

Corrina Steward is one of the spiritual teachers that helps us to activate our quantum wealth.  She often talks in terms of the old money matrix which is coming from fear, survival and limitation and is coded with the sense that there isn’t enough and therefore we must possess things. As we drop density and move into our cosmic self we shift our ideas about money in order to serve the awakening.

In 3D we view money, which is energy, as if it is limited. A limited container of energy taps out. As we begin to shift we surrender our old money ideas and the idea that we can lose it – or that it isn’t enough – because to get into the new matrix and activate our quantum wealth we must get over it being about ‘me’ and/or how it looks. Money is changing and eventually the old system will die out. When will this happen? Corrina says that “there will come a time when Earth will be a galactic citizen again.” She says that there are 4 cosmic laws of the new money: (1) The first rule of cosmic law is that you must be of service other wise the door will be shut on you because you are only focused on your own needs (2) The second law is that money is love and Corrina discusses Earth as a cosmic structure with its system of ley lines and that our own meridians line up with the currency of love and then money will flow through love and be love. (3) The third law says that money is truth and we are seeking truth. As we embody truth abundance will flow our way and our money increases. (4) Money is god is the fourth law.(Some are triggered by this. I am not triggered by it, well maybe a bit!  But it makes me feel uncomfortable.) However, this is not the god of our old religions.  It is not that at all.  Rather it is “the frequency of the I am.” Spiritual teachers like Corrina say that “the guardianship of these laws is coming back into the Light.”

To have access to all time and space is a vast spiritual shift. The spiritual teachers like Corrina who teach us how to activate our quantum wealth code – say we are activating our service’s light. We ask ourselves 3 questions. (1) What is the calling? (2) What is the plan? (3) What is required? And, it may take quite some linear time to come up with these answers. We have been, on Earth, more committed to our darkness than to our light. But, we are now going galactic. Our Higher Self is clear about any intentions that are not serving us. A lot now is happening while we sleep. We can ask for clearings while we sleep.  As to the plan – it is not a linear plan, but rather the language of our soul. We are beginning to understand that our brain is being rewired to understand light language. Remembering and patience with ourselves is important to let our process unfold. We ask ourselves in meditation about what is required for our calling? These are steps Corrina teaches as she has learned how to embody quantum wealth. We need to be open to being surprised and just “do it” she says. She needed to move to Puerto Rico and so she moved her entire family there because for her – it is a rich portal.

The old way we used to think was that abundance and spirituality did not go together. If we were spiritual then we were poor.  In fact there were poverty vows taken in past lives. I have cut the cords to past poverty vows for many of my clients. Mona Naidoo  is an abundance activator and human rights advocate from South Africa. She points out what most of us know – that abundance is not just money but it deals with our relationship to ourselves and others, health, wellness, time and energy. Most of us have been taught to think of money negatively and yet money is neutral. As Mona says: “Money is a tool and is amazing in the hands of conscious people.”  Yes, it also represents a level of choice and freedom.

Our limiting beliefs often bring us gifts of initiation. We often call these trials and tribulations but quantum wealth activators realize that our gifts often lie in our shadows. There is a certain way in which I feel that I am becoming a quantum wealth activator or catalyst when I help people have a vision of themselves that is stronger than their fears. That is part of my spiritual counselling work.

How do we activate this quantum wealth? Sally Griffyn calls herself the Millionaire Yogi.  As a certified yoga teacher – while that does not trigger me –  (hmmm.  maybe a little! – it definitely makes me uncomfortable.) I am getting comfortable with being uncomfortable because the more uncomfortable I am the more I grow. Sally is a High Priestess in the U.K. and has made a sacred pact to herself. She asks us to give ourselves permission to reset. I listened to an interview that Ariella Indigo had with Sally (Sally is Ariella’s mentor) and she said that when you are in flow with money you attract money. Sally related a true story about a client she accepted. Someone called her up and asked her if she was willing to work with the super rich? She was told about a potential client who had so much money he was offered the right to hunt and kill one of the last black rhinos on the planet. Sally is an animal rights activist and aims to protect rare animals from extinction. So, she took this client even though she considers the action of killing animals “wicked”. She took him because she may be able to enlighten him – bring him to the Light. Sally says: “Your current (flow) becomes your currency. ” The old way was to be in debt and we were taught to endure. “Debt was a concept created to keep people in slavery.”

Inspired action but not efforting is part of the 5D experience. If you are experiencing contraction then do not take action from that place – rather take a nap or a walk or journal. We now now that who we have learned how to be is about 5% of us. “Being” means empowered from the inside. Guarding our identity says Ariella can be a huge block to abundance. When we stop doing that – we can tap into the bounty already present within us. Ariella identifies some blocks:” (1) Criteria of false measures : keep moving the bar because abundance is an experience not a measurement. (2) Competition = comparisonitis  (3) Compromise as the sell out – usually because we want to be liked.”

Some codes of new money.  Money is love. Money is light. Money is gratitude.  Those are a few.  Everything is already inside of us. Can you feel into others? Food for thought about abundance in our New Earth.

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian November 28, 2019 at 9:39 am Reply

    Whew, yah thanks for the trigger warnings! 🙂 Very hard not to see all those camels trying to squeeze through the eye of a needle :-)) Very deep. On the other hand, something big is definitely going on. Late stage capitalism isn’t pretty. I think of Star Trek and how money was never mentioned in those episodes (Original Series anyway) and wonder how we’ll make the warp drive leap to that state. Very interesting. Thanks!

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