“Since the Other Side is a thriving paradise, everyone there is aware of the trials and tribulations that those of us in incarnations on Earth have to deal with, and they’re so willing to assist us whenever possible. Yet, I’ve discovered that a lot of us have no idea how often we seek relief from the Other Side. For example, most of us take astral trips there three or four times a week, and we often communicate with that dimension in our dreams. There are many avenues of help that we can seek from beyond the veil, and these include all of its edifices.”   Sylvia Browne

We know that we are all on the spiritual evolution path of Ascension. The temple path. This is the spiritual destiny our souls had in mind for this particular lifetime. Whatever we are going through now (many are having accidents, relationship breakdowns, illnesses, death of a loved one, loss of a job/career) is all part of our soul’s process. We know this although we may not yet be consciously aware of this on a daily basis. However, we are all on the karmic path headed in the right direction. The choices we make now are so important for our personal growth and life lessons.

None of us are alone in this journey. There are many spirit helpers with us: family members, friends, Angels, ascended masters, guides and elementals. Some of us, myself included, have even experienced a visitation from a benevolent E.T. We are learning as we ascend. Deep surrender takes courage and practice. None of us know everything and we don’t pretend to – however – we each are holding a piece of the puzzle and sharing, besides being joyful, is service. We may go through a variety of physical symptoms as we ascend because we are releasing old negative patterns and deeply held beliefs that no longer serve us or the New Earth. Our interests change. There are changes in families and relationships. In general the energy is high through March. I experienced this for myself last night when suddenly my pendulum levitated ( another first!). We are moving forward at our own pace. Lori Ladd says, “moving into 5D is like watching your hair grow. Suddenly, you notice your hair has grown.”  Yes, we often forget that this is a natural process and not something to be forced.

There are two earths now. I am sure many of you are aware of this. There is still a 3D Earth and there is New Earth. When we are in New Earth we live and are present in every moment and conscious of our humanness. Higher Self is in control although ego is still there. This physical realm is where our self-mastery is being forged. While being embodied on Earth at this incredible time was part of our plan, as we dis-cover ourselves as multidimensional many of us are beginning to become conscious of our astral trips to the Other Side. We are also communicating  with that dimension in our dreams. Before we may have been largely unaware of this.

To date, while having had numerous amazing encounters with Angels, faeries, ascended masters, spirit animals and guides and a visitation from an Arcturian, Eularia, I only have one memory of being on the Other Side (Heaven) and it was before this incarnation as Monica. It is very brief. I remember sitting on the steps of the Hall of Wisdom and talking and playing with the Angels while God’s Love and Being permeated everything. This memory returned following an Angel visitation on November 15, 2005, that I discuss frequently in these blogs. The reason I am discussing it here again is because I remembered the Hall of Wisdom and its glorious Romanesque structure over two years before I read about it in Sylvia Browne’s fabulous book Temples on the Other Side which was published in 2008 five years before Sylvia returned Home.

Since the Angels guided me to write about this today I believe that there are those of you out there who need to know that you can obtain solace, knowledge and healing on the Other Side and that we are doing it while we sleep. Sometimes I wake up in the morning these days and have an extra spring in my step and I know I have travelled to the Other Side because of the heavenly feeling that I have – the feeling I have when as embodied I work with the Angels and my clients.

There was a period of ten years in my life (2006-2016) when a close friend and I gave each other treatments and shared our knowledge with each other on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. It was intense. We both grew tremendously and we challenged and supported each other to become more of who we are. We both knew and remembered many previous lifetimes together. The most significant being a lifetime in Egypt during the reign of the first female pharaoh of Egypt, Hatshepsut. Although her reign is described by historians as being relatively peaceful, as priestesses during that time we were not fans and had many giggles about this! One life was in England where as sisters we drowned together as teens. So, in 2008, when Sylvia’s book came out I recommended that Christine read it and we both then took some visits to some temples on the Other Side together as well as our solo excursions. We both began using Sylvia’s meditations as in her book and then we just asked Archangel Michael to take us there in our sleep.

I gather the Angels want me to step up my travels again. And they want you to know how much help is available to you on and from the Other Side. You are so deeply, deeply loved. If you are currently suffering an illness I suggest you ask Archangel Michael to take you to the Hall of Healing while you sleep and request that Archangel Raphael be there with you also to see that you receive everything you require for your Highest healing. Since no ailments exist in Heaven this Hall of Healing is expressly for those of us still in a physical vehicle. Obviously, this is never a substitute for the care of your physician or your psychologist but rather another tool in your toolbox and a supplement to the medical care you are undergoing. In her book Sylvia tells us that we can ask that an ailing loved one be taken there by the Angels and they need not know about this. I have done this for a family member but only after checking with their Higher Self for permission. There is always a lesson in illness and when we receive the lesson we heal.

Sylvia reminds us to always take care of ourselves first. I have learned this the hard way by sometimes draining myself of energy in order to help another. As a lightworker you likely have too. We learn best through experience: “In the same way that a flight attendant will tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping another in an emergency, you can’t be of much use to others if you’re sick yourself. So while you’re in the cubicle at the Hall of Healing, ask that all of your organs be healthy; for your hormones to be stabilized; and for all of your other systems, such as glandular and vascular, to be in perfect working order. If you’re aware of a particular problem with your heart, lungs, kidneys, or what have you, concentrate on that, but then ask that your entire body be brought to health and that any pain disappears.” (page 165) I am going to the Hall of Healing tonight! “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” as my grandmother always said. Hey – maybe I’ll see you there in an adjacent cubicle?

Those of you who know me know that Sylvia is now one of my guides. I don’t feel her around all the time, but usually when I work with specific clients. I have had a few clients who tell me they feel her around me. It is usually clients like myself who greatly admired Sylvia’s work while she was on Earth. As you know, a dream came true for me when I got to hear Sylvia speak in Toronto a number of years before she crossed. She has a wonderful sense of humour and kept us spellbound with her presence. I continue to be an admirer.

It was Sylvia’s spirit guide, Francine, who told her that there are over twenty halls and temples on the Other Side. Until then, Sylvia had been aware of four or five. Each hall and temple has a different purpose. Might one of these halls or temples be on your temple path?

Love & Light,   Monica    www.monicahemstock.ca






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  1. Gillian March 15, 2018 at 1:59 pm Reply

    This blog reminds me that I used to send daily messages to my glands, hormones, muscles, skeleton, circulatory system, etc. and have completely dropped that practice lately! Yikes, better get back to it. Thank you!

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