” In their search for authenticity, the transformationals are quietly, yet definitively, gaining a level of spiritual freedom and power that has not been experienced in the West for almost two thousand years. In short, this quietly and steadily escalating social phenomenon has all the appearances of a spiritual revolution.”.     Sandra Ingerman & Hank Wesselman 

We agreed to incarnate at this particular time on the planet to participate in a spiritual revolution. We are writing a new story – a new cultural mythos – as such – we require a new and upgraded perception of divinity as well as a re-write of how we view ourselves and our relationship to the cosmos.

As contemporary spiritual seekers interested in spiritual liberation, we are not drawn to the repressive or rigid dogma of religions with their organized hierarchy but we do, most of us, believe in Source consciousness and whether or not we have a psychological affinity for Christianity, we consider Jesus of Nazareth to be an important spiritual leader.

We recognize many other spiritual leaders also. White Buffalo Calf Woman came to me in a dream in the 80s, (Gillian told me who she was, I had not heard of her) a few decades before I dis-covered that I had had a past life as a Lakota Medicine Woman who now assists me with healing. She rises up when my client needs her. Research tells me that Black Elk spoke of “the mythic story of White Buffalo Calf Woman and of her gifting of the first sacred prayer pipe to the people (the Sioux).”

We are at the end of a cycle as has been predicted by a wide range of ancient prophets from various cultures. According to Sioux philosophy, at the beginning of this ‘cycle of four ages’ a buffalo was placed in the west in order to hold back the waters. Every year the buffalo loses one hair, and at the end of each age, he loses one leg. When all the buffalo’s hair is gone and it’s four legs, the Sioux believe the waters will rush in once again and the cycle of ages will come to an end. (AWAKENING TO THE SPIRIT WORLD,by Ingerman & Wesselman)   This indigenous prophecy is quite pertinent as the polar meltdowns are very much in progress and we see the predicted catastrophic rise in sea levels.

As a cycle comes to an end, I am witnessing two Earths. So is Lisa Transcendence Brown: ” If you don’t see two Earths then you are still functioning with one version of Earth.” I see the 3D version and the 5D version operating simultaneously. 3D and 5D are polar opposites. Many of us in the transformational community are using the challenges and obstacles of 3D to create our 5D lives and world. Coming from our Higher Self perspective we recognize 3D as being populated with, as Lisa says, “a bunch of little children who never grew up.” In 5D we hold space for those still doing their inner work. We support them, however, we don’t get caught up in their story. We do need to live in the present moment though as folks in 3D whose hearts are just awakening, need to be able to trust and share with us. We have gone through the deep cleanse and the deconstructing of ‘old Earth’ beliefs and can help others cross the bridge. Of course, we can’t do their work for them but we have immeasurable help for them.

We in 5D do not play out ego realities anymore as is done in 3D. That is because we love and respect ourselves. It does not mean we never slip into ego, we are still human, however we deal with our ‘stuff ‘ immediately as we are not in our heads but our hearts. We realize we must be present in every moment, completely off autopilot and when someone around us has a closed heart our response will be determined by whether or not we have done our own inner work. When we have done our inner work, we care about everyone and everything. Sometimes ‘tough love’ is the response that will help another open their own heart, but, only in the moment and with 5D compassion and intuition do we know. Every person is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all way to awake another, nor are we necessarily here to awaken everyone – except by shining our light as we came to do. That is enough for many of us.

God is not angry, and God does not hate – so if you are angry and/or think God is – you are not in 5D. That is helpful to know, is it not? I am currently in the Ottawa area visiting my daughter. While here it was reported by the media that a drag queen was offering storytime to kids when protestors disrupted the happy scene and a few were yelling “God hates you!”  The protestor/s who yelled that is clearly still living in 3D, ‘Old Earth.’ Side by side 5D.

We in the transformational community see everything as a gift and opportunity if we have chosen to hold that belief. And so it is.

We are conscious of the fact that the universe is within us and is vibrational. We are deconstructing 3D programming and expanding our frequency bandwidth in order to create a new reality. Some say it is all an illusion anyway and Lisa says to that, “then create a new illusion!” What illusion would you like to create? Whatever it is – you must clear out your old story before you can write a new one. I did that with my kid’s books, “the Moose Lake Chronicles” – the new story of my childhood. I needed a new childhood to create the ‘new’ Monica. There are a multitude of ways to clear out old programming – not all of it was as much fun as writing for children but it was all worth it, as I am sure you are finding out for yourself as a lightworker.

Pay attention to your fearful, lonely inner child. Re-parent yourself for 5D living. We are returning to the pure Source consciousness of children newly arrived from Heaven. I am spending time with my 8 month old granddaughter who wakes up smiling and happy every day. Yes, that is how you came onto this planet too – and you can recapture Heaven by dreaming it into existence. It is inside each of us. One breath away.

We have all been in 3D, but we are re birthing ourselves into 5D. Who do you want to be? What world do you want to live in? When you offer everything from a place of love – you will receive everything you need. Not always everything you want (sometimes what we want is not for the Highest Good of All), but everything you need.

Namaste,   Monica!




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  1. Gillian August 22, 2019 at 6:16 pm Reply

    This blog reminds me of the musical Rocketman which is now gone from cinemas. Spoilers: Elton John goes down into his unconscious, meets his 5 year old self and, in the end, gives him the love he needed. Sniff sniff. A 5D rock musical fantasy for Monica’s readers. Enjoy your granddaughter! 🙂

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