“The first step in making your dreams come true is having them.”   Mike Dooley

“Things do not become thoughts; thoughts become things!”   Mike Dooley

Understanding how the Universe works puts us into an empowering position while not understanding can sometimes lead us to a feeling of victimhood. Amazing and powerful manifester and author Mike Dooley calls understanding “the elixir of life.” Dooley demonstrates to us in his bestseller MANIFESTING CHANGE that luck has nothing to do with manifesting, neither does chance.

Dooley confirms what I learned when an Angel landed in my room a decade ago and I became an Angel Therapist(R) – it is much easier to manifest when you realize that you are of divinity. If you know me or are a regular reader of my blogs then you know that my web-site motto is “true self is a divine being.”  As a divine being we preceded time and space because we emerged from Source energy. The part of Source energy we are knows that time and space are illusions and that we need not be bound by them. If however you are conditioned to believe the illusions of time and space and matter as presented to you by your most basic physical senses and perception and consensual mass trance, then, it makes it difficult, if not impossible, to understand how the Universe works backwards.

We experience the physical world on a linear timeline, but, as Dooley points out, the physical world is not where things are constructed. It is all constructed in realms generally inaccessible, triggered by our thoughts of new end results. New end results, not old end results which are results we expected in the past when we were unaware of ourselves as divine beings and unaware that the control we do have is over the end result we choose. Because when we understand how to manifest deliberately rather then hit or miss then we know that it is our end result that marshals the forces of the Universe to figure out the hows and as long as we hold our vision of our end result and keep taking action in the general direction (forward motion) then the entire Universe will be inexorably  thrown into motion at our command.

If we don’t try to programme ‘how’ things are going to happen – which is based on our physical senses’ perceived illusions of time, space and matter – then we can put the image of what we’d like to experience ‘out there’ in thought and visualization and hold that vision even though the physical world seems completely unaffected – until our end result shows up in our ‘real’ world. This is sometimes called walking mastery, because to hold a vision patiently and with full faith and trust while all around you seems chaos or empty  of what you are seeking requires a high degree of self-mastery. However, this self-mastery is necessary in order to release the miraculous choreography of the Universe to happen that would not occur if you interpreted your personal reality with your physical senses alone. In fact impossible if you believe that circumstances are what give rise to more circumstances rather than understanding that it is your thoughts that force the circumstances of your life.

The Universe works backwards. The amazing secret taught in mystery schools is that to manifest deliberate change in your life you always have the end in mind as your starting point and then you must be willing to ‘show up’ as your authentic self to receive the miracles. “Thought forces circumstance” confirms Dooley, exactly the opposite of how our physical senses interpret events and manifestations.

Dooley gives a wonderful example of how the Universe works backwards through golfer Tiger Woods who frequently does the ‘impossible.’ Dooley watched Tiger on television when he played a tournament on Kauai, Hawaii. Tiger and other pros had just driven their golf balls off the coastline, over a stretch of ocean, and onto a tiny island that held the putting green, cup, and flag.  This day there were gale-force winds so strong that there was a roar in the camera-man’s microphone and the only other audible sounds were the men’s trousers flapping like flags.


Tiger Woods, as he always does, has an end result. All the time.  “I am a world-class, below-par professional. I am a champion. I am number one!”


Tiger is forty feet away from the pin. He lines it up as he always does and lets the putt go. Even over the roar of the wind you could hear the few people on the green gasp because the amazing Tiger Woods was going to be about fifteen feet off the mark. It was a terrible putt, “until of course, the ball rolled onto its first nearly invisible rise  and began self-correcting toward the hole. Then it suddenly began over-correcting. You could hear another gasp, as it appeared again to be a really terrible putt, about twelve feet off the mark in the other direction – until the ball rolled onto its second nearly invisible rise and began self-correcting , at which point everyone knew that this was going to be another classic Tiger Woods putt. The ball neared to three feet away from the pin and started slowing down… two feet and slowing further… one foot away from the cup and slowing down even more. With the wind gusting, that ball stopped two, maybe three, centimeters away from the cup. I was in complete awe, and all the people on the green were cheering. And then, suddenly, the wind blew the ball all the way in!” (page 43)


“I am a world-class, below-par professional. I am a champion. I am number one!”     is how he does it – starting with the end result – which starts the principles of the Universe working backwards from Tiger’s vision – putting Tiger in the right place at the right time. Dooley says of Tiger, “he thinks he chooses his tournaments, but I beg to differ; the Universe is riding shotgun. Its principles are micromanaging – steering him into tournaments; choosing the ideal clubs,  coaches, and caddies; and handling all of the other countless variables.”

The Universe works backwards, starting with the ball in the cup. Even though in our physical world the wind is gusty and unpredictable – the Universe working backwards – considers every detail from the direction of the grass on the green Dooley says as well as how far the swing should go, the heaviness of the club, the power needed and the angle of the face of the club when the ball is struck.

What the Universe does for Tiger (the virtually impossible) it will do for you if you can hold your vision of your end result/s and then move toward them in spite of it often seeming like absolutely nothing is happening.

Love & Light, Monica

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  1. Gillian January 26, 2017 at 10:32 pm Reply

    Lately I’ve given up on one of my visions as absolutely nothing is happening. Or maybe I was just blue because, it turns out, I was coming down with a whopper of a cold. As Black Elk said, “In this world of many distractions it is hard to keep to one vision.” And Lao Tsu, “Keeping to the main road is easy but people love to be side tracked.” Whew. Good blog!

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