“A man who knows everything and never dies.”   Voltaire

“Releasing anger from the past sets me free in the present.”   Gabrielle Bernstein

“The qualities I dislike in others are disowned parts of my shadow.”   Gabrielle Bernstein

Saint-Germain was known as The Wonderman of Europe, among other names. He is not a saint in the Catholic sense and therefore should not be confused with either “Saint Germanus” or ” Saint Germaine Cousin” who are two actual Catholic saints. Saint- Germain was a real man – a royal count of the French region called Saint Germain. Research of his background shows him to be the mystery man of his day. I have been consciously aware of St. Germain for the past decade; however, it was not until I received what I can only describe as an anointing from him that I began to use the Violet Flame.

It was on November 1, 2010, (which I remember as though it was yesterday) when I had been experimenting in my personal spiritual laboratory with the pools of energy said to be kept in Atlantis – especially the Violet Flame. Knowing from the work of Diana Cooper that the Violet Flame had been taken away from us at the descent of Atlantis I was reluctant to begin work with it and since I had been channeling Saint- Germain for messages for my clients for a number of years I decided to ask if I could employ it for my benefit and the benefit of my clients? I wanted Saint- Germain’s permission. I received it immediately as he told me that the Violet Flame is for all lightworkers so that we can help ourselves and others. I asked Saint- Germain how should I receive the ability to use this flame? He told me that he would help me to receive it and gave me a ceremony which I no longer remember but in my diary of the time I write “I was told by Saint- Germain to close with a cross above me, below me and to either side of me. I visualized that and to my surprise they all burst into flames!!”  I performed the ceremony for three nights in a row and in my diary I wrote “I felt someone drawing a cross on my palms !!! It felt like a kind of baptism as there was pressure – but it felt like a liquid!!!” Then, as I also wrote in my diary the night before I remembered that “I felt that someone was putting a liquid on my head?? It was being poured into my crown and rubbed in!!!” (you can tell from my personal diary writing that I use a lot of exclamations when amazed!)  At this time, I was going through what I can only describe as many trials and tribulations and so I asked to whom should I go for a further explanation of what was happening with me? I was directed to Kuthumi who confirmed that I was now able to employ the Violet Flame not only for myself but others and he told me that he would increase my clairvoyance. And so he did.

So, let’s back up a little because you are fascinated, are you not, by Saint- Germain? So am I, as he suddenly asked me to write this piece because someone out there reading this could benefit greatly from using this powerful spiritual tool.  So what do we know about Saint- Germain? Well, the quote at the top of this blog tells you what Voltaire said of Saint- Germain and that is a great summation. Doreen Virtue has done a lot of research regarding him (ARCHANGELS & ASCENDED MASTERS) and I have also done a little and he was indeed the mystery man of his time/s.  His full name is Comte de Saint-Germain. There are numerous conflicting reports as to his heritage; however, some say his mother was Marie de Neurbourg (widow of King Charles 11 of Spain) and his father was Comte Adanero  but those associated with Theosophy hold that his father was Prince Ragoczy of Transylvania – some even saying that he was Prince Ragoczy, while others claim that he was a Portugese Jew. Whatever his exact origins were – it is clear from history that he rubbed elbows with European royalty and high society. He was extraordinarily multi-talented and mastered numerous languages. He played the violin as a virtuoso and painted exquisite works of art and studied occult topics and alchemy and gave psychic readings and founded a number of secret societies. His prophecies were legendary as he gave Marie Antoinette information about the French Revolution 15 years before it happened. Some say he attained immortality and he is known to have told Madame de Pompadour he was 300 years old while looking 40.  Apparently he is known for never eating in public but only ever consuming a special oatmeal concoction that he ate alone at home. Louis xv provided him with laboratories and some say he was working on the Philosopher’s Stone that could be used in an elixir to make one immortal. He gave his friends elixirs to erase wrinkles and restore youth and reports confirm that he remained looking like a youthful middle-aged man throughout his life.  Saint- Germain loved gems and diamonds and carried many, painting them and also giving them out as gifts. Among the many, many stories is that he was partially responsible for Catherine the Great taking the throne. He, himself, however, kept the details of his birth and personal history completely private and it is rumored at some point he faked his death to avoid what was becoming unwanted attention. So, essentially, his origin is unknown and he disappeared without a trace.

Today St. Germain in New Age circles is regarded as being the Lord of the Seventh Ray – the highest frequency violet colour visible within the hierarchy of the spectrum of colour vibrations. An ascended master and the keeper of the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is a very powerful spiritual and divine tool that transmutes lower energies into higher energies. It can take darkness and confusion and lift it up and transmute it into light.  It is a neutral tool and can be used with any or no religious beliefs and can be used alone or combined with other practices to transmute all karma and negative thoughts in all dimensions and all levels and bodies and forgive any deeds and energies that stand in the way of your own divinity. The Violet Flame is a spiritual energy space where we can go to release and surrender anything that is no longer serving us because it is a space where higher frequencies consume lower ones. It is a powerful spiritual technology available to all.

Archangel Zadkiel works hand-in-wing with Saint- Germain when it comes to keeping the Violet Flame. Archangel Zadkiel’s name means “righteousness of God” and besides being a keeper of the Violet Flame (within the Angelic Realm) he helps us transmute any negative experience into a focus for love and learning. He has many specialties; however, as the Angel known to be the angel that prevented Abraham from killing his son, Isaac, he is the angel of mercy and benevolence. He works alongside Archangel Michael to help us to let go of judgment and unforgiveness of ourselves and others. He is widely known for his help with memory functions and I often invoke him for students who are writing tests and exams. When I asked for the Violet Flame I asked for Archangel Zadkiel to be with me and to help me receive it. I have called Archangel Zadkiel in at workshops to employ the Violet Flame to allow students of metaphysics to let go of their fears (negative energies) so they are able to use their God-given gifts.

We are all aware that spiritual alchemists, such as myself, seek ways to transform the lead of negative human energies into the gold of divine energies. The Violet Flame has this power and of course the colour violet has long been associated with spirituality. It can transmute cause and effect and even memories (Archangel Zadkiel) of past mistakes. All yogis know that full health is restored when energy flows unobstructed through the body.

Should you wish to use the Violet Flame in your own life and to employ it to help others – I will give you a very basic way to do it. It is a simple tool, so do not be intimidated by the false sense that some promote that these tools can only be used by those of us previously skilled and trained in numerous modalities. That is not true.  As Saint- Germain told me – “it is for all lightworkers”. (I employ the most basic decree used by Elizabeth Clare Prophet). I invoke Archangel Michael (always) to protect me. I then ask Archangel Zadkiel and St. Germain to be with me. I sit in the Egyptian pose (straight backed chair, spine and head erect and free)  and make sure my legs and arms are not crossed (blocks energy) and that my feet are firmly  flat on the ground. I rest my hands in the meditative position on my thighs palms open and facing upwards. I employ Saint-Germain’s mantra as used by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity of God’s desires.”  I do this while dropping my attention into my heart and taking slow deep breaths and remaining with the feeling of devotion and love received by Archangel Zadkiel and I say the mantra three times.  I then ask for the detox for myself and/or others as I visualize – let your own imagination guide you. Be creative. You can then use it to see it cleansing oil spills, the polluted air, send it to heal the ozone layer, war torn areas, animals, plants, etc.  Visualize legions and rivers of light going forth to all who need this – they are free to accept or reject it according to their own Free Will.

As you become experienced with it you can add to the basic tool as guided and eventually you may use it as the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame (see the work of Diana Cooper) . It is powerful so you may wish to add a colour to it such as pink (for love!) if you wish to tone down a bit its chimney sweep energy! As with everything in life – we become more confident with practice. This tool is helpful for those of us extremely sensitive people who are finding the news in 2017 to be of an especially harsh energy and yet watch it so that we may be informed, peaceful and helpful citizens of the world. If as a sensitive soul you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and wonder how you can help from home, turn off the television and employ the violet flame for the well-being of the entire planet.  We are all ONE.

Love & Light,    Monica


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  1. Gillian February 2, 2017 at 3:07 pm Reply

    I can attest to the efficacy of calling on Zadkiel for students during exams! Now I must try the Violet Flame exercise for the Trump administration… Thanks for the blog 🙂

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